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Daniel Crespo Repara, auto repair

Automotive mechanic, very good, very timely, and good price. I have been using them on my
American made Jeep and my Chinese motorcycle.

Experienced, friendly, and speak English. You will be pleased.

Address: Av. 3 de Noviembre y Dio XXII Just downstream on Ave 3 de Noviembre from National.

Contact information: dan-crespo@hotmail.com 098 485 7890

Recommended by Gary Pack: 099 269 0313.

Seven Corners Inc., health insurance

Since I began living out of the US twelve years ago, I've had Seven Corners' Reside Worldwide Health Insurance and have been extremely happy with the coverage and the service. Several people have asked for information about my insurance, so I asked Seven Corners to forward information.

For those of you looking for coverage throughout the world (not just Ecuador), including the US and Canada, I'm forwarding their information.

Resede Worldwide

Resede Prime

Contact information: policy@sevencorners.com 800 335 0611

Recommended by Bobette Jones:  bobettejane@yahoo.com

Angel Quintuña, truck driver

I have used Angel on several occasions over the past two years. He has a large pickup with extended sides and a tarp covering if needed. Angel has lived in the US, so he speaks some English. He is a safe and careful driver, and is always on time.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 597 9410

Recommended by Tom Larsen:  tomlarsen365@hotmail.com

Synergy Cuenca, fitness studio

Ana and Edison are two young, dedicated, certified fitness instructors who are committed to providing the best fitness programs at very reasonable prices. They offer hour long, supervised sessions tailored to your personal needs, stamina, age and ability. From cardio to weights to dance therapy, they offer it all at very affordable prices. Only $2 for each visit or $30 per month, and for this price, you can attend as many sessions as you want during the period.

They have two studios, offering sessions Monday thru Friday in the morning at 6, 7, 8 and 9 AM and evening sessions at 5, 6, 7 and 8 PM at each one. The studios are both fully stocked with all the necessary equipment and facilities.

The studios are located in:

1. Totorochocha on Av. Hurtado de Mendoza (the Main Street) 4-111 y Antisana
2. San Joaquin sector on Av. Carlos Arisaga Vega in the Sede Horticultores de San Joaquin building.

They are on Facebook under Synergy Cuenca or Energy Sala or you can email Ana at energym_saladeportiva@hotmail.com.

Whether you want to lose weight or just stay in shape or tone your muscles, give them a try.

Address: Totorococha and San Joaquin

Recommended by Dan Thompson:  dandaec@gmail.com

Paúl Tacuri, interpreter, personal assistant

Experienced multi-lingual (Spanish and English) facilitator and personal assistant

I highly recommend Paúl for everything Spanish to English. Paúl has helped my husband and me for over 3 years in Cuenca. He is professional, courteous, and trustworthy. He will get the job done. Below are his words, just to show you his excellence.

"I have extensive contacts with expat and Ecuadorian communities. I will be happy to provide professional services to facilitate your needs, and work as a personal assistant. Services include SRI or IESS assistance, legal translation with attorneys and other business transactions. I can also help with personal needs such as shopping, house sitting, pet sitting, cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning pick up, paying bills, helping with banking, running errands, etc.”

Very energetic with a great personality. He can supply references upon request.

Address: Ordóñez Lasso, Cuenca

Contact information: estebanpaul_tacuri@hotmail.com 099 947 1905 Whatsapp

Recommended by Susan Tarpley: ecuadorgringos@hotmail.com

Canaima Venezulan Cusine, restaurant

The food is excellent, even for a foodie. Canaima is a family run business of engineers and lawyers from Venezuela who happen to be foodies. The fusion cuisine makes the best $2.50 lunch in town.
Between Presidente Borrero and Hemano Miguel on Honorato Vasquez .

Eat there twice and you will feel like family.

Address: Honorato Vasquez entre Hemano Miguel y Presidente Borrero

Contact information:  099 531 0371

Recommended by Craig Kelly:  nevada650@yahoo.com

Edvi Limpieza, total cleaning

Edgar showed up on time to give us an estimate to clean the windows in our condo. He showed up the next day to do the work for an excellent price. He and his wife worked for 3 hours and left everything spotless.

They also do floors, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Edgar does not speak English very well, but his work is top-notch.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  099 382 0014.

Recommended by Tom Larsen:  tomlarsen365@hotmail.com

La Distribuzione, prepared food

Ben and Maluchi cook, display, and deliver food ready-to-eat. We ordered Thanksgiving for two, and when we opened the box, we were amazed at the presentation. Honestly, their stuff could be on the cover of a foodie magazine. We ate turkey with gravy, sweet potatoes, and stuffing made like Grandma did it. The pecan pie after was incredible. I have been saving bites of it for three days, to make it last. They have so much food on their website that you can find something for any occasion, and it will always come with a smile from both of them. We highly recommend this couple for times when you want someone to spoil you. You can see pictures of their works of art on their Instagram page, ladistribuzione. Tell them Penny sent you.

Address: www.instagram.com/ladistribuzione, or Common Grounds every Sat

Contact information:  +593 93 926 8649

Recommended by Penny Kelley: 099 767 1706

Brassa Restaurante grill

Wwo, I had one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Cuenca last night at the new restaurant Brassa and I highly recommend it. I ordered the chicken breast with mushroom sauce and it was fantastic. My taste buds thought they were in Paris or New York. The meal included a complimentary appetizer of two small cheese empanadas and when I took the first bite of the first empanada I knew that this was going to be an exceptional meal. The empanadas were wonderful and I could have eaten a dozen of them for dinner and been happy.

Janet Crumley, canned goods

"Janet´s Just Delicious" offers a variety of canned items, many of which are sugar free. But you would never know because the products are flavor infused using aromatic spices. Her pickles are crunchy and yummy. She offers: Pickled Carrots, Dill Spears, Dill Slices, and an amazing Dill Relish which is delicious as a side condiment pared with many meat dishes. The dill products are all sugar-free. Besides this she carries sugar-free applesauce, jalapenos and Italian Tomatoes. Also for a special treat, Cinnamon or Mint Pears (Christmas is coming).

I have tried all of these items personally and highly recommend "Janet´s Just Delicious" products.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: jingles1945@icloud.com

Recommended by Barbara Beaulieu:  bob_barb742@hotmail.com

Su Merced, hacienda, Quito airport hotel

My wife and I have used Su Merced Hacienda for all of our overnight stays when we have a layover at the new Quito airport. The quiet and beautiful surroundings, comfortable bed with breakfast included and10 minutes from the airport make Su Merced an ideal place to relax before our next flight.

See for yourself, watch their youtube video: youtu.be/d3aq4PJpBXU

Contact info:
Su Merced hacienda turística  www.sumerced.com 

Calle Julio Tobar Donoso, casa No. 12, Puembo-Ecuador, Tlf: 02 389 5351 / 02 389 5213, extensión 0 or 107. Celular: 098742 4224

Rafael: rafael@sumerced.com 098 536 0545 

Elisabeth 098 931 7643 

Address:  Calle Julio Tobar Donoso, casa No. 12, Puembo-Ecuador,

Recommended by Jim Kowske:  jimbeark@gmail.com

Garden Seeds, accessories, retail gardening supplies

Just a note about a little shop at 6-40 Padre Aguirre, just down from Plaza San Francisco, which has no name, but isn't hard to find. There is a large, rather gory Purina Dog Chow sign out in front, and they display seed packets in the window. The older people in the shop are usually sleeping, literally, but there is a younger guy who is helpful and very much alive. Spanish only, but pointing works, and labels aren't hard to decipher. Most everything they sell can be seen in tidy glass cases, but if you're buying pet food, you probably have to ask.

They usually carry Bonanza Seeds, from California, but they just got a big shipment of Japanese seeds by an old seed company in Kyoto, Takii. Gardeners interested in having a nice variety of hybrids, especially, to choose from might wander in.

Address: 6-40 Padre Aquirre, 1/2 block from Plaza San Francisco

Recommended by Wendy Allen:  cuencanawendy@gmail.com

Marimar Lavanderia, laundry

A couple of months ago, I moved into an apartment in a charming casa patrimonial (no place for a washing machine, just traditional outdoor washing stations), and asked around for a laundry service where I could take my laundry. On the second try, I found Marimar Lavanderia. It's a brilliant find. You take your laundry in in the morning, she weighs it--50¢ a pound, and gives you a receipt. Come back in the afternoon, the same day. Everything is very carefully folded, tucked into itself, ready to be put away. There is no perfumed scent, no sneezing, no itching. Just clean, fresh clothes, sheets, and towels. The only thing she doesn't do is iron, so crumbs for my linen shirts.

Marimar Lavanderia opens at 7 AM, so drop-off is easy; return later that day or the next: all done, extremely well and very cheaply. Easy to find: she's the bright yellow bars on Estevez de Toral, a couple of doors from Mariscal Sucre.

Address: Estevez de Toral and Mariscal Sucre

Recommended by Wendy Allen:  cuencanawendy@gmail.com

'Rubin' from Peru, incredible original paintings...

While strolling through Parque de Calderon I came upon a fine lad carrying his artist's leather portfolio who was traveling from Peru to sell his art throughout the major metropolitan areas of Ecuador. Rubin shared that he was in near completion of his Fine Arts degree out of university in Cusco - and decided to travel abroad to test the market, so to speak, relative to his work.

Although I personally have no formal training with regards to fine art, I have to say I am well-experienced with what stirs my heart, and this young brother's paintings did just that.

Momuco, Patricia Ortega, furniture design

Patricia's design and production expertise helped us create a beautiful home environment. She and her designer met with us to understand what we were envisioning and then made it happen. We are thrilled with the results.

She speaks English.

You can see more at her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/momucodeco/

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: momuco1@hotmail.com +593 99 615 7129

Recommended by Sandra Melseth:  smelseth1@gmail.com

Sunflower Cafe, restaurant

We have eaten there four times now and looking forward to going back again. Had the cinnamon rolls and omelets for breakfast on two occasions (meat and vegetarian). Tried the cheeseburgers (with real cheese), soup and chicken for lunch on the other two visits. The pies and scones are fabulous. Great food, staff, and service. Good prices and quaint location with convenient parking right out front.

Address: 13-31 Estevez de Toral y Vega Munoz

Contact information: speakcuenca@gmail.com

Recommended by Ron Borders:  ronwilliamborders@yahoo.com

Los Pinos restaurant

I had a great lunch at Los Pinos restaurant at 824 Calle Larga between Benigno Malo and Luis Cordero. Winston Pinos is a returning Ecuadorian who worked in the New York City Restaurant Industry for 20 years. The Restaurant is just open a week so they are waiting on their menus. But, you should not wait to enjoy this new Restaurant. 

Their choice of cuisine will be Italian. I had Asparagus Soup, Langostino Shrimp and salad with juice and dessert. He has a special introductory price until the menus come. The food was outstanding. Run, don't walk to get a great meal.

Address: 824 Calle Larga, Cuenca

Contact information: wilsonpinos@yahoo.com

Recommended by Lenny Charnoff:  graygeek@gmail.com

Joe's Secret Garden, restaurant

In case you haven't heard, Joe's Secret Garden is under new ownership by Ken and KP. They've been partners in the restaurant business for years and are now in Cuenca sharing their talents with us. Last Saturday night we went for the BBQ dinner (our second time with them at the helm) and it was just as good as ever. Ken was telling us about some of their favorite dishes to make and we're looking forward to when they begin to offer those, too. Don't wonder how they're doing, go find out for yourselves.

Address: Los Pinos y Tres de Noviembre

Contact information: eat@joessecretgarden.com

Recommended by Jane Miner: 096 821 7809

Franklyn Machado, window screens

When I saw Franklyn was recommended here on the GringoPost, I almost did not contact him because the recommendation was so outstanding. I mean, no person can be that competent and trustworthy. But finally, I did contact Franklyn and I am lucky I did. He is very good at what he does. He works fast, neatly and solves problems with style and craftsmanship. He installed custom screens for us in a few hours. I then asked him to install track lights we brought from the US. Again, perfect. If you need a true craftsman, one you can trust, Franklyn is the man.

Address: Saraguro s/n y Manuel Arturo Cisneros

Contact information: franklincon1982@gmail.com 099 886 3961

Recommended by J P Cobb:  jacksonpluscobb@gmail.com

La Petite Crêperie, restauant

On our first trip to Cuenca in January 2015, my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting the chef and owner, Melissa Maher, of the Black Olive Bistro in El Centro. She is a charming French Canadian, with a wonderful talent for creative cooking and a master in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, when we came back to move here this year and tried to look her up, we found that the Black Olive had closed. Imagine our pleasure when exploring our new neighborhood in the El Vergel area, when we came around a corner and there was Melissa, setting up her new restaurant La Petite Crêperie. Just across from Parque de la Madre at 1-34 Federico Malo near the corner of 12 de Abril, we couldn’t wait to come back and try her new cuisine. Downstairs of her home and making use of her garden patio, it’s a perfect set up across from the park. 

Karla Sánchez Arismendi, pet care

Karla with Dog Walking Cuenca is wonderful. I contacted Karla about taking care of my dog while I'm gone. She got back to me promptly and her English is excellent. Karla showed up at the agreed upon time prepared and ready to go. I was particularly pleased with Karla’s willingness to learn and continue my dog's particular training program. My dog loves Karla, and I am thankful that I have found her.

Pet sitting services are:

• Walk dogs on private neighborhood, on-leash walks. Twice a day.
• Feeding
• Administer pills
• Overnight pet sitting
• Taking in mail and newspaper, plant watering, cleaning pet bowls (when clients are on vacation)
• Supervision of indoor play, feeding and watering, clean kennels, do laundry, wash dishes.

Phone number is: 098 954 6281 Facebook Page: Dog Walking Cuenca E-mail: dogwalkingcuenca@gmail.com

Recommended by Mary Helfrich: rubyvango@gmail.com

Marco G, driver/facilitator

Marco has years of experience helping expats with their transition to the city. He spent years in the US, so he is bilingual.

My wife and I have had his help with many “routine” tasks: how do we pay our Etapa electric bill (he does it); where can I find another cord to recharge our tablet (he did); how do we get Puntonet fiber optic Internet (he brought the sales rep to our home and translated); we need a plumber (he made the appointment and translated); how can my wife get her weekly shopping around town done (Marco accompanies her); my wife was having what looked like a heart attack in the middle of the night (he got us to the Emergency and stayed to translate).

When we were recently at the Guayaquil airport with 4 oversized suitcases (yep, he picked us up and drove us back). We wanted to tour the local sightseeing spots (he knows them). If we “name it” he knows it. And, his knowledge of the city and being bilingual has made Marco invaluable.

He is also available for Guayaquil Airport trips either to there or back to Cuenca.

Try him, you will be recommending him next.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: cuencadriver@gmail.com

Recommended by Bob Gordon:  info@incamint.com

Daniel Estudillo, PC Guru, computer service and repair

I had a problem with my computer just shutting down. I brought the computer to PC Guru, after reading recommendations for them. Dennis worked on it for a good 1/2 hour to 45 minutes - found the problem was the settings, it was set to go into hibernation mode. He disabled that and only charged me $10. I will definitely bring my computer to PC Guru anytime there is a problem.

Address: Vargas Machuca 5-43 y Honorato Vasquez

Contact information:  098 606 0863

Recommended by Glen Stevens:  glenstevens19@gmail.com

Clean clothes, La Quimica Automatica: laundry service

I was a new customer and called this laundry service, which has pickup and delivery service. Two shirts were picked up and two dress slacks. One of the shirts received a bleach spot on the bottom of the shirt and I was contacted when this occurred. The owner/manager, Caty, was very apologetic and offered to not charge for the entire cleaning. I refused and we decided that she would not charge for the shirt that had the bleach spot. BTW, I am able to wear the shirt as it is a dress shirt and when tucked in the spot is not noticeable. Other than the bleach spot, the shirts were as professionally done as any shirt I have had laundered in Texas. Customer service on top of a job well done on the shirts and dress slacks. They have two locations, provide one day service and pickup and delivery.

Full name of the business: Clean clothes, La Quimica Automatica.

Address: 4-46 Guayas Street y Remigio Crespo : Jose Astudillo y Eduardo Crespo Malo

Contact information: mariojar@etapanet.net

Recommended by Paul Wallace:  paulb_01@msn.com

Alarm Stop, home security

If you need a security system for your home don't look any further. From the owner (Hugo Davila), to the sales representative (Christian Duran), technician Holder Vele and the installers (2 of them Christian and starts with a M) this is one top notch company. Most speak only Spanish, but Holder knows enough English that all of my questions were answered. They are very reasonable, quick and do a masterful installation. The installers liked their job and took pride in the install. Making sure that they would hide as much as they could. With anything that was hung visibly it was done to perfection being straight. And they were here from 9 to about 7 with a small lunch. Now the only drawback is that my house was thoroughly cleaned the day before. So, think what drills do to concrete? Even after the installation there were two follow-up visits from other supervisors making sure I was satisfied. I have only had the system for two days now. But this morning the alarm sounded for a few seconds (my fault). Within 5 minutes my wife and I received a call on our cell phones. And within 20 minutes an individual drove up in one of their trucks leaving a note.

Address: Cacique Chaparra 2-11 y Guapondelig

Contact information: gerencia@crimestop.ec 07 411 0035, 07 411 0038

Recommended by Nathanael Jackson:  jackjajunk@gmail.com

Marwinth Mata Marcano, custom metal work

This Cuencan is an artisan treasure. I absolutely recommend to everyone the superior metal work of Marwinth Mata Marcano. Welded sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, Marwinth is a superior steel and sheet metal guy who makes custom-designed and welded gates, fences, artwork, avant-garde furniture - and many other special metal items. A true craftsman in Cuenca.

He repaired a defective Ecuadorian swiveling office chair for me with some very intelligent welding work, steel plates, etc., so it works like new. I went to his small shop on upper Borrero to see his other work. His shop is called Konceptos Metal Art & Design.

Natural Green Ecorket, natural foods

This charming natural and organic eco market offers a delightful variety of condiments (chutney) juices, probiotics, artesanal salts and spices, and much more. They just opened, and I would love to see them succeed. Open every day. Let's support this fantastic little market. Fifty meters from Parque La Paz.

Address: Calle Imbabura y Napo

Contact information:  098 904 3602

Recommended by Jessica Vineyard:  redchemistgirl@gmail.com

Puerto Monje restaurant

While walking down the street, Luis Moreno Mora today around lunchtime, we happened upon a restaurant/bar called Puerto Monje. We stopped in for lunch and were pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was. They have a full menu from Ceviche and Seafood to Beef, Chicken and even Salmon. We had the chicken with salad and fries and it was a treat for the palette. The service was great too. Their prices are mid-range but you will not leave hungry, just wanting more as it is so delicious. One of the owners speaks English as well. The seating and ambiance is wonderful with American music playing as well. We highly recommend it and plan on making it a regular stop whenever we can. Their hours are Wednesday-Saturday, from 11 AM to 4 PM and 7 PM to 10 PM. On Sunday, they are open from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Address: Corner of Luis Moreno Mora and Cornelio Merchan

Contact information:  099 280 4241

Recommended by Cindy Tesno:  cjtesno@hotmail.com

Creación Muebles, furniture maker

I would like to highly recommend furniture maker, Fernando Córdova, and his company, Creación Muebles. We took photos of furniture that we liked in the United States, and asked him to make similar furniture for us here. The results were beautiful, and it was nearly identical to what we had taken pictures of. His craftsmanship is excellent. So far he has made a complete set of living room sofas and chairs and a king-size bed with a beautiful headboard. We liked them so well that we have now asked him to make nightstands for both bedrooms.

Address: Urbanización Río Sol C-14 en la Av. González Suárez

Contact information: CreacionMuebles@gmail.com 099 682 3249

Recommended by Bruce Engle: 099 626 7402 

Dr. George Cabrera, naturopath

I'd like to recommend George Cabrera M.D. homeopath and naturopath as an alternative to Western medicine in Cuenca. He speaks Spanish and English and is conveniently located blocks up from Parque de Calderon. Using a machine called CT Evaluation Resonance allows him to assess overall health. It is noninvasive, doesn't draw blood and only costs $40 for your initial visit and the follow-up, where he goes over your results. The analysis covers all major body systems and organs. He also offers electroacupuncture therapy without needles for pain management, cellular detoxification and infrared German technology for arthritis, circulatory deficiencies, diabetes, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendinitis, stiff muscles, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal conditions in general.

Address: 12-27 Benigno Malo

Contact information: georgecabrera@doctor.com 099 299 2546

Recommended by Madelaine Barry:  imfortune8@yahoo.com

Diego Serrano Piedra, cardiologist, pacemaker specialist

First, thanks to all the people who made recommendations for local cardiologists and pacemaker information here in Cuenca. After considering everything and getting a second opinion, I had Dr. Diego Serrano Piedra implant a Medtronics SureScan Model A3DR01 pacemaker at Monte Sinai on October 13, 2015. (I chose this model, because it can be programmed to allow MRIs, which I need every few years.) It has been 30 days and I have also had the reprogramming of the pacemaker. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Serrano and the care at Monte Sinai. Dr. Serrano is a specialist in pacemaker implants. His primary language is Spanish, although he does speak some English.

Address: Hospital Monte Sinai Torre II, Miguel Codero 6-140 y Av. Solano, 2nd Piso, Suite 204

Contact information:  281 4813, extension 1204

Recommended by Lee Shrader:  lmshrader@roadrunner.com

Seven Spices restaurant

I’ve eaten at Seven Spices, a new restaurant on Remigio Crespo, twice and the food is really excellent. They have a varied menu serving Indian and Chinese right now and are adding Mexican, Ecuadorian and other cuisines soon.

I had Indian dishes both times and the food was authentic and wonderfully flavorful – the best I’ve had in Cuenca. I also had a mango lassi both times and they were the best I’ve had anywhere. The décor is elegant, the lighting is well done and the service is excellent – the wait staff all speak English.

I highly recommend Seven Spices for a great dining experience. They are open for lunch and dinner are located at Remigio Crespo 1-34, between Solano and Proaño.

Address: Remigio Crespo 1-34 y Solano

Contact information:  099 579 0392

Recommended by Alan Hochman:  alan@stoneandwater.com

Sofie Saint-Hilaire, translator, translation bilingual

If you need the quick and reliable translation of English language documents or forms into Spanish, I highly recommend Sofia Saint-Hilaire, who is bilingual and formerly lived in the United States. She works in the Acropolis Edificio building (3rd floor) near the rondondel at Av. José Peralta y Av. Paucarbamba. Sofie has a software program to copy the exact design, layout and printing of English documents, yet translate all of the words into Spanish. She then patiently assisted me in getting a next-door notary office to then officially notarize the US. federal government form, which they will accept. Her services cover visa applications, apostilles, immigration procedures, and legal forms and paperwork.

Address: Acropolis Edifico building, 3rd floor

Contact information: sofiesainthilaire@gmail.com 098 512 5798

Recommended by Bartley D'Alfonso:  bdalfonso.ec@gmail.com

Miriam Drake, emotional wellness

I wasn't asked to do this but I am offering a suggestion to those out there who might recognize some of what I write here as being issues for themselves as well. I have been working with Miriam now for about a year and a half and feel so much better and calmer, Miriam is simply a wonderful person who is very caring and an excellent therapist. My final session with her was a deep relaxation one and afterwards I have noticed how there is a feeling of extreme calm about me right now and boy I need it with everything I have going on in my life. I know I will be returning for more of these relaxation sessions which seem so very necessary to get through trying periods and it is with that, that I put her name forward to those out there who need some way to relax which is lasting and ongoing. She will offer you regular sessions as well for getting at more troubling issues and her technique is down to earth and extremely helpful.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: miriamdrakefineart@gmail.com

Recommended by Barbara Suderman:  barbara.suderman@yahoo.com

Jenny Vallejo, carpet, furniture cleaning

The name of the company is Mr. Clean. I just moved into a new home in Cuenca, which was furnished. It looked like somebody had actually died on the couch, so I looked up Mr. Clean on FaceBook and gave them a call. The results were nothing short of miraculous. They used steam cleaning equipment on my nasty couch, my chairs, my carpet and everything looked brand new when they were finished. Plus, now the smell of god-knows-what is gone and its much fresher in my house.

Anyway, give them a call for sure if you want top notch furniture cleaning, carpet, beds, and they said they also do car interiors, but since I don't have a car I wasn't able to test that.

Facebook group: www.facebook.com/mr.clean.service.lavadoadomicilio/

Gringopost URL: www.gringopost.com/search?q=mr+clean

Cheers, y'all

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: mr.cleanservice@hotmail.com 099 885 0468

Recommended by James McStevens:  user5@protonmail.com

Juan Valencia, lawyer

I would highly recommend Juan as a man with integrity and honesty. My recent experiences with him have re-established my faith in the legal system where it is not all about the fee - rather the results. He has gone above and beyond what was required of him on my behalf and it was very obvious that he was earnest in his desire to assist in any matter asked of him. What impressed me the most was if there were a matter that he was not confident in he would say so and recommend a professional in that area (which is very rare these days in a materialistic world) - He has many contacts in many areas in departments of Ecuadorian Government and judicial systems who can assist in areas not usually encountered.

Address: Juan Iniguez 2-48 y Gonzalo Cordero Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information: juanfvalencia@outlook.com 098 385 8478

Recommended by Angela Barwick:  barwickangela679@yahoo.com.au

Pablo Deabru, sidewalk artist

For my Birthday, my very wonderful girlfriend gave me a unique and special gift. Her nephew came to our apartment and from a single photo, created what you see in the photos in about 4 hours. It is all done in soluble chalks so there was no problem with the building management as it will wash away with the rain.

Andres is a very likable and talented young man and his prices are very reasonable, based on size and number of colors. He does not speak much English and has no cell phone so we are trying to help him out. If you are having a birthday, anniversary or just want a unique photo opportunity, then this is for you if you have the space for him to work.

Please contact me for more information:

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Bryan Babcock:  bryan.babcock1@gmail.com 096 945 4318

Nico Lukin, Pilates instructor

The Pilates class I had, was just what I needed. Nico is a very intuitive and professional instructor. I had a great time. He made feel comfortable and confident. He is very respectful. After the class I felt relaxed and happy.

I highly recommend Nico.

PS: he speaks perfect English

Address: PhysioGym - Aurelio Aguilar 2-79 y Federico Proaño Cuenca

Contact information: nicolaslukin@gmail.com 2888088

Recommended by Alexandra Molina:  marialexmolina@hotmail.com

Dr. Karim Meza, neural therapy

Painful elbow and upper back: I injured my upper back and elbow in October 2015. I didn’t pay attention to it because I thought it would go away after a few days, but it didn’t and it got worse. I went to see a doctor, who then referred me to a physiotherapist. I went for about six treatments with acupuncture and laser as part of the treatment. But after all that, the pain didn’t go away. I was disappointed and frustrated at the same time, until one day I met a friend of mine. She recommended a chiropractor she was seeing at the moment for her neck and shoulder pain. She was very impressed and happy with the result. She told me to go see him, and so I did. I went for treatments, but again the pain didn’t go away. We went on vacation to Ecuador just 4 weeks ago and a (Cuencano) friend of mine, told me to see Dr. Dr. Jenny Karim Meza, who is a medical surgeon, she treats all types of pain with the combination of two orthodox and traditional Chinese medicine. I was hesitant about the treatment, called neural therapy, just because I hate needles. But then I thought, it was either I would have it done or I would have to live with it. So, I went on with the treatments. I had about three or four injections in my elbow and on my upper back. After the first treatment, I had noticed very much improvement, so I went on for another treatment. The pain was totally gone after the second one. I was amazed with the result. I was so happy and thankful; after a year, I was able to walk without pain and normally and do weight lifting again and went on with my normal life. Since then I highly recommend Dr. Karim Jenny Meza to everyone in pain.

Contact information: karimmeza@hotmail.com -  drjennymeza77@gmail.com

Recommended by Mary Paulgard:  m.paulgard13@gmail.com

Arturo Hartfield, repair of appliances

Arturo Hartfield makes house calls to fix appliances such as caliphons, stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, as well as small electrical appliances. He came to our house in Paute on one day's notice to fix our caliphon. He called to let us know what time he would arrive and was courteous and prompt. It took him ten minutes to fix the calaphon. His price was reasonable and he speaks good English. We feel we found a gem.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  099 965 8066

Recommended by Magdalena Herreshoff:  mherreshoff@icloud.com