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Dana Cameron, visa facilitator

So, on Tuesday I went to Guayaquil to apply for my residency. The whole thing at the immigration office took all of 15 minutes. 

I cannot praise my visa facilitator, Dana Cameron, highly enough. Her associate, who is also her daughter, met me at the bus station and took me across the street to get my movimiento migratorio. Then we cabbed it over to the Immigration office. We first stopped to get me a passport photo, then hightailed it to across the street to the immigration office. We had no sooner sat down then it was our turn. 

The woman behind the counter flipped through Dana's file of my documents to make sure it was complete: documents, apostilles, translations, and notarizations. Dana arranged for the translations and notarizations. The immigration office took my photo, I paid the office 50 bucks, got my receipt, and then we were out of there. Dana even accompanied me back to the bus station.

There's tremendous value in not going it alone. Dana was on top of everything, thought of everything, took care of everything. I can't praise her enough! Her phone number is listed below. You can also find her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/dana.cam?hc_location=ufi)

Address: 1828 Ryan Court

Contact information:  098 059 0930

Recommended by Dena Jo Kanner:  denajo2@yahoo.com

Area Focal, graphic design

Hello Everyone, I want to recommend Area Focal, a graphic design and advertising company. They help me with advertising for social networks, advertising video and web page for my travel agency.
They are excellent in everything they do; very professional and know how to recommend you the best way and at a lower cost.

They work with photography, advertising videos, web pages, social network management, and are working with some companies in Cuenca such as Containers Park, BTL Shock, Body Care, Alma Paca, Liberi Unsion TV, etc.

Area Focal: Facebook Page
Oscar Bravo, he speaks English.

Address: El Batan y Los Rios

Contact information: info@areafocal.co

Recommended by Andrea Montero:  alma.paca.ecuador@hotmail.com

Vilma Lazo, maid service

For about a year, we've been having Vilma clean our house every other week. It's just the two of us and the house stays fairly clean, but Vilma comes for about 4 hours @ $5 an hour and does a fantastic and thorough job. It always feels and smells fresh and clean when she leaves. I can't imagine a more honest and trustworthy person. We've often left before her and she always locks up for us. She's got a great sense of humor and is a joy to be around. She doesn't speak English, but understands quite well and with my very limited Spanish, we do just fine. As a bonus, her sister sews and we've had several things altered for us as well as pillow covers made, pants shortened and a waterproof grill cover made, very reasonably I might add. I asked and believe she has time for additional work. You won't be disappointed. Maybe have a Spanish speaker make the introductions the first time you meet.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: vilazo101@hotmail.ec 098 222 4241

Recommended by Greg Goodwin:  ggoodwin704@gmail.com

visiting nurse, in home nursing

Recommendation for Poulin Jose. A registered nurse from India.
She has been certified by SENASYST to practice nursing here in Ecuador.

On June 21st, I had full knee replacement surgery. Thanks to friends, I was able to borrow the necessary physical equipment that I would need in my recovery but I really did not have any idea what my actual recovery would be like. Nor was I aware of the ancillary illnesses Í would contract along the way, after all I was only in the hospital for 30 hours.

This is where Poulin stepped in. She is an Expat and speaks both English and Spanish.

Cuenca Animal Clinic, vet, pet boarding

Dr. Oswaldo Cobos and his partner Francisco are wonderful, caring vets in the SuperMaxi El Vergel area. they will come to your house for pick-ups if you cannot get to their office. They have looked after our three dogs (no only one) and have sadly helped us put three pets to sleep (one poisoned, the other two old and very ill). They also buried all three pets for us.

Dr. Oswaldo speaks English. I have not found more attentive vets in Cuenca (6 years here). they have a lot of room for boarding where the pets can play outside too.

They are on Miguel Cordero near Cornelio Merchan. Dr Oswaldo cell is 099 597 9719, office phone 07 288 0608. Give them a call, you will not be disappointed.

Address: Miguel Cordero 1-180 near Cornelio Merchan y Av Paucarbamba.

Contact information: osxacovi@yahoo.com 099 597 9719

Recommended by Remy Koch:  uptake@mail.com

John and Puntonet, Internet

I highly recommend John, who translates for Puntonet representatives. You can email John to make and appointment. He will set up a time and date to determine if the service is available in your area and notify you 15-30 minutes before his arrival. Installation is extremely professional. There is a call to set up the time and date. The time is given within an hour of arrival. An email is sent to verify the date and time mentioned in the phone call with the name of the installer. They arrive on time and call 15-20 minutes prior to arrival. Puntonet is great, professional and I couldn't be happier. Thanks, John.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: paul123john@gmail.com

Recommended by Bob Wilkins:  bellowdad@gmail.com

MAIX Tortillas Mexicanes, specialty food

Fantastic Tortillas, both flour and Corn. Plenty of Queso and Salsas for sale. If you get the green salsa, I guarantee it will be hot, hot, hot. Hector carries medium and mild salsa as well. Tortillas are sold in different sizes as well as various size bags of chips. They are fresh.

Address: Av. Huayna Cápac 3-92 y Cacique Chaparra

Contact information:  098 060 7060 or 403 4845

Recommended by Jake Popejoy:  jakepopejoy@gmail.com

Bleecker NY Pizza, pizza restaurant

I pass Bleecker Pizza on my way to catch the bus and was curious as he was not there before. So when I stopped in I was pleasantly surprised and pleased. In my short stay in Cuenca I had only tried 3 other pizza places but Beecker is now my #1 place to go for good delicious New York style pizza. Wilson and his wife Lisa just opened last week.

Wilson spent the last 20 years in NYC learning his trade and decided it was time to return to Ecuador. So glad he chose Cuenca. 

While his main item is pizza, he has other offerings like chicken wings and French fries. If you don't want just one kind of large pizza, he will split the pizza and make 2 different kinds on one pizza plate. As a single guy, that's a great option for me.

His prices ($13 and $14) are very reasonable for his 2 ingredient pizzas which also come with a drink.

Two more nice services that he provides are catering and delivery anywhere in Cuenca.

Address: 5601 Laguna Park Dr.

Contact information:  916 684 1621

Recommended by David W Chinn: 098 764 6593

Dr. Francisco Heredia, root canal--dentist

I just had a root canal done by Dr. Heredia. Great job and I had no pain. Reasonable cost and excellent post care. He speaks good English. Feel free to call him direct: Cell#
099 597 3021

Address: Monte Sinai,Torre-ii

Recommended by Dodd Sheikh:  doddsheikh@aol.com

Francisco Yanza Mendez, fine wood furniture

Furniture in fine wood. Francisco is a very responsible person, punctual. The furniture that he makes is of excellent material and quality is guaranteed.

Furniture made to measure, the model you prefer.
He makes the deliveries and the adjustments.

Address: Avenida las Americas 10-02 y Vencedores.

Contact information: mueblesartecto@live.com 099 916 2362

Recommended by Nancy Wilmot: 099 475 9107 nan_ya22@hotmail.com

Angel Pánchez, Transport Limo Service

Recommendation for Angel Pánchez - limo service. My family of four had the opportunity to have Angel drive us from Cuenca to the Guayaquil airport at 2 o’clock in the morning. The fantastic thing is that he chose to go the northern route instead of the socked-in and rainy Caja route. We were at the airport 3 hours later, minus the angst of a curvy, blind, and slow Cajas trip. Angel arrived on time, drove steadily and safely, had a very comfortable and clean SUV that fit four passengers comfortably. We were at the airport in plenty of time. Angel speaks English, is a gentleman, an excellent driver, and is on time, even at 2 AM. He does local tours and I’m sure he will go anywhere you want. We highly recommend Angel for all your transport needs.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: anhelp.68@gmail.com 098 589 9643

Recommended by Edwin Jordan:  sfeddie@yahoo.com

Windy City Pizzeria, restaurant

If you want the real deal, Chicago style pizza, you have to try Windy City Blues Pizzeria. The pizza is so thick and packed with toppings. Truly a gastronomic experience. They also have a thin crust that is quite delicious. The brothers who own the place spent many years in Chicago. So, make sure to ask them about their favorite sports teams and favorite memories of Chicago.

Address: Ave 12 De Abril 5-77 (1 block east of Unidad Nacional)

Contact information:  281 2512

Recommended by Sarah Turosak:  sturosak@gmail.com

Roger Laya, Chinese Traditional Medicine

Roger Laya, a 27-year old Venezuelan young man, now living in Ecuador, has 15 years of experience in Chinese traditional medicine and martial arts. When he was a child, he suffered from acute stuttering and for that very reason, he was bullied in school. After the age of 12, he did not have the desire to interact with other people because of his linguistic limitations. However, at that age, he met a Master in Chinese Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine and music who used a method to move stagnant energies via specific and strategic points in the body. Roger was cured and started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in July Mendez’s school « Escuela Herencia Luminosa » (Luminous Heritage School), where he learned acupuncture, osteopathy and Diem Cham. Roger is also a percussionist (oriental music) and a martial arts instructor. He has had a lot of success healing his martial arts students and for that very reason, he has decided to offer his expertise to the community. 

I highly recommend Roger as i have received a healing session from him and the results were flagrant. In just a few moments, I felt the changes in my body. I had a sprained ankle (left one) and received a Diem Cham session. I felt the electrical currents in my left side, the shifts and adjustments right away. That session allowed me to recover quickly. I also felt emotional changes. So, the sessions worked at all levels, at the same time.

You can reach Roger at 099 975 5910 or by email :  layaroger19@gmail.com

Address: Loja and Cuenca

Recommended by Christine Poulin:  artista.christine.poulin@gmail.com

Olger Avila, private driver

We are recommending a wonderfully kind and safe driver that speaks English and Spanish. He has taken us on several day trips from Cuenca, and helped us get people to and from the Guayaquil airport. The trips have always been very enjoyable, and his prices are most reasonable.

You will find Olger interesting, pleasant and a joy to travel with. He knows Ecuador well, and is very generous in sharing information and experiences with you. He has shared so  many things with us that we would not have found on our own. He is a great resource for shopping. He is not just a driver, but a tour guide.

Olger is also very skilled with carpentry work, maintenance work, or over-seeing construction. He is a one stop and trust-worthy guy for many expats needs!

Address: 4-86 Calle Larga

Contact information:  098 431 5433

Recommended by Cheryl Baldwin:  cherylandmary.ec@gmail.com

The Cheesecake Express, desserts

The Cheesecake Express bakes the best cheesecake I've tasted since moving to Ecuador. They have classic cheesecake and an additional flavor of the month I believe. Rich and creamy with a classic crust, it's like a taste of home. With the option of home delivery, there really is no reason why shouldn't try these delicious desserts. The owners speak both English and Spanish, so depending on your preference there will be no confusion.

Address: Gonzales Suarez y Ramayana

Contact information: avilan.gianni@gmail.com

Recommended by Raeven Oropeza:  raeveno01@gmail.com

Kathy Gonzales, real estate professional

I want to highly recommend Kathy Gonzales for any real estate needs. My husband and I have known Kathy since 2009 when she helped us find the perfect ranch house and negotiate the price down to our budget. We have since bought and sold other properties through her company. She is bilingual from growing up in the US and she is well respected in Cuenca from years of running her company, Cuenca Real Estate. Kathy is very conscientious and understands what North Americans are looking for. She will drive you to see as many properties as it takes to find the perfect one. After we moved to our ranch house Kathy took me shopping for a washer and dryer and also for Office furniture. She has excellent connections for any and everything you might need after moving into a new home. Kathy knows Cuenca and the surrounding areas better than most because of her years of experience and she will help you find what you are looking for , whether you are in the market to buy or sell a house , a condo , a farm, commercial property or undeveloped land. You will not regret choosing Kathy as your Realtor. ( not to mention her husband, Gustavo Castro ) who is the nicest man you will ever meet.

Address: Cuenca, Azuay,Ecuador

Contact information: kathy@cuencarealestate.com

Recommended by Susan Allred: susan4@me.com

Livia Sagbay, maid/housekeeper

I would like to recommend Livia Sagbay as a maid/housekeeper. We and several friends have used her services and found her to be incredibly thorough and hard working, as well as friendly and trustworthy. She can be reached at 099 327 9499. She doesn’t speak English – if that is an issue I would be happy to make the initial arrangements with her for you. Email me at jnvanpelt@gmail.com.

Contact information:  099 327 9499

Recommended by Jeff Van Pelt:  jnvanpelt@gmail.com

Bernan’s Cannedoods, Food

Bernie's chicken in broth is a lifesaver. I have a cold (''tis the season) and the best medicine I have found is Bernie's chicken over rice with a dash of his sweet corn. Best medicine since Gramma's chicken noodle soup!

Contact information: bernan_10304@yahoo.com

Recommended by Suzanne Ward:  swardred@gmail.com

Chef Yasu, special event dining

Last Sunday evening we had the pleasure of attending the special dinner event featuring Chef Yasu at the Vegetable Bar. It far exceeded our expectations.

For the event, the Vegetable Bar was transformed into a cozy, warm restaurant. All the tables were beautifully set and we dined by candlelight.

Our waiters provided wonderful service from the moment we stepped through the door until we left.

The Asian five course dinner was delicious and we enjoyed each course. By the time we left we were very full.

It was a wonderful dining experience and we look forward to the next dining event with Chef Yasu and the Vegetable Bar.

Address: Paseo 3 de Noviembre y Jacaranda

Contact information: thevegetablebar@yahoo.com

Recommended by Kathy Knight:  kathy@generalmail.com

Incoa, doors and windows

We just installed three new exterior doors from Incoa. We now have lovely European style sliding doors that are tight fitting and have eliminated all drafts. You will have many choices in selecting style, color and you can also select different thickness of glass including sun blocking or double panes. The service we experienced was professional from product information, being on-time for measuring and installation and receiving quality products.

Patricio Avila is the manager and speaks English.

Address: Miguel Cabello 2-88 y Av. de las Americas Cuenca

Contact information:  099 941 9136

Recommended by Brenda Sweetman:  brendasweeetman@outlook.com

Paul Ing HandyWorks, Home Repair

When I moved into a new rental house, I quickly discovered major problems, both structural and cosmetic. After spending considerable time seeking contractors and bids, I hired Paul to do a series of projects for me.
1. He diagnosed the problem and custom-built a new gutter for my laundry, stopping the copious rainfall covering my laundry room and kitchen floors each time the heavens let loose.
2. He replaced cracked roofing tiles, caulked leaking roof segments and installed a new roof covering to prevent future wall damage and leaking, past evidence of which was visible in my kitchen.
3. He patched cracks, restored wall water damage and repainted previously cracked and stained walls and ceilings.
4. He re-keyed locks for which I had not been provided keys and which occasionally and unintentionally got locked, creating a need to "break in" to rooms in my own home.
4. He found someone to fix my hand-made pendulum / chiming clock that had been damaged in transit somewhere / somehow between here and the US. I had been unable to find anyone capable of doing this work for 1.5 years.

On a personal level, he intervened on several occasions between me and my landlord / owner who consistently insisted that "reality wasn't real"  related to the need for repairs.

As a US-trained architect and fluent English-speaker, I have been grateful for Paul's partnership and willingness to work with me. He performed as promised, something I have not frequently experienced here. When problems occurred or mistakes were made, he "made them right.”

I recommend Paul Ing / HandyWorks as a man / company of integrity and good work.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: menworking67@gmail.com

Recommended by Jari Buck:  jari@majesticwolf.com

Cafe Guayayo, restaurant

This gem of a restaurant is a new favorite place to visit. The comfortable, modern, well-decorated restaurant is located on Primero de Mayo at almost Ave de las Americas. The Venezuelan owners make delicious Arepas with multiple choices for fillings. They have delightful green salads with lots of topping choices: Ceasar, vegetables, etc. They also have a nice selection of sandwiches, served on their home baked bread. They sell the bread to go, as well. The desserts are delicious, creative and homemade...all the way down to the mascarpone cheese in the tiramisu. Breakfast is our favorite meal and we will not be disappointed here. They also have the best cup of coffee I have had in Ecuador.

Address: Primers de Mayo y Avenida de las Americas

Contact information: guayayo.ec@gmail.com

Recommended by Erin Lee:  erin32_1999@yahoo.com

El Charrua Restaurant, Uruguay restaurant

I've been wanting to go for a few years now. 3 of us went tonight (Thurs) at 7 PM when they opened. First impression was parking. The sloped driveway is lined with planters full of colorful flowers. The parking lot in back of the house was clean, flat, and impeccably maintained. Then, we walked to the front of the house/restaurant via a walkway lined with dozens of potted plants.

The three primary areas of dining were large. All the tables were preset with linens, plates, glasses, and cutlery which looked rather elegant.

Angel Pachez, limo service

I hired Angel to drive me to the Guayaquil airport and it was a very nice experience. He speaks excellent English and an excellent driver and also very prompt. He also does city tours, short and long trips to Gualaceo, Chordeleg, Ingapirca, Cajas,etc. Travels all over the country Guayaquil, Quito, Lora, Salinas, Montanita and Banos (Ambato) as well as shopping, etc.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: anhelp.68@gmail.com 098 589 9643

Recommended by Donna Daneault: zhucay@icloud.com

Dr. Vinicio Espinoza, veterinarian

Recommendation for the best Canine Veterinarian in Cuenca

I have had sixteen months of experience with Dr. Vinicio Espinoza of the “Trauma VE M” Canine Vet Clinic on Avenida 24 de Mayo and Los Chugos (third street east of University of Azuay) under normal services and emergencies in the middle of the night. And I am here to tell you that I consider this man to be the best in Cuenca. He has a well-equipped veterinary facility in a most convenient location, charges very reasonably, and is a qualified trauma surgeon if your dog needs one. All services including grooming are offered.

My King Charles Spaniel is the only family I have left in the world and I would trust him to no other. ‘Nuff said!

His card is attached but in case you have trouble reading it, it’s:

Dr. Vinicio Espinoza
Trauma VE M
Calle Los Chugos y Avenida 24 de Mayo
098-454-3166 (mobile)
07-410-1031 (land line)

Please feel free to call me for further information.

Address: Calle Los Chugos y Avenida 24 de Mayo, Cuenca

Contact information: vini_24-76@hotmail.com 098 454 3166 (mobile) 07 410 1031 (land line)

Recommended by Bill Glover:  gemstrucksc@gmail.com

Royal Palace, Chinese Restaurant

We had a fantastic lunch at Royal Palace, Cuenca this Sunday. Excellent food (best Chinese we've had in Cuenca) good prices and large portions. The owner speaks excellent English and was more than accommodating. The restaurant is large, clean and inviting. They will also prepare American food upon request.

Follow them on Facebook:

They deliver: 280 5609 or Megabite.
Near the airport, just a few blocks from Kywi and SuperMaxi Miraflores.

Address: Avenida Gil Ramirez Dávila 593 y Laderas

Contact information:  280 5609

Recommended by Tom Larsen:  tomlarsen365@hotmail.com

Doris, caregiver

I am writing to recommend my caregiver, Doris. Doris is a young Ecuadorian woman. Doris has cared for me, for over a year, since I suffered a serious illness. I am now able to care for myself and no longer need her assistance. She has done everything for me from helping me after I shower, helping me dress, cleaned my house, purchased my medications and made sure I took them when needed. Literally she will do anything you need and always with a smile. She is always prompt and very trustworthy. Doris doesn't speak English, but we have communicated very well through google translated. I think of her as my daughter and you will too. Contact me and will arrange for you to meet her.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 343 3687

Recommended by Ray Mink:  rmink2017@yahoo.com

Cuenca Bridge Club, bridge

I would highly recommend the Cuenca Bridge Club, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You will meet some of the nicest people, and none of the players are the least bit intimidating. They are offering free bridge lessons an hour before the game, and if you are coming solo, they guarantee you a partner. They play Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, all at 1 PM, and all in all it is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Address: Reginaldo Arizaga y Ricardo Darque a Grande

Contact information: latebloomer@gmail.com 098 382-8828

Recommended by Pedro D: 098 382-8828

China's Private kitchen, restaurant

I went to their home to have a birthday party last week. The hostess who is a Chinese chef cooked a great dinner for us. It was an unforgettable feast in my life. The table was full of seafood. Beef. pork. Fresh vegetables and so on.

She said that if you like Chinese food and need to have a party. She can go to your house to cook a meal for you. You can also choose your favorite food first.

I am sure it will be a wonderful memory in your experience.

Address: Av 12 de Abril

Contact information:  099 558 0500

Recommended by Juhana jo: 1020417196@qq.com

Moy and team, window washing

We hired Moy and his team to clean our windows. Our appointment was for 7 am. They showed up promptly at 7 and worked diligently. They cleaned up and did a fantastic job. 100% satisfied!

They also did our neighbors who also said their windows are perfect.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: moymals@gmail.com

Recommended by Jim Cuenca:  nyland02@live.com

Yanua and Antonella, misc. work

I answered an ad titled "Hardworking Mother looking for Work". 

"My name is Yanua Ayui. I lived in the jungle before moving to Cuenca so my 17-yr old daughter, Antonella, could get a better education. I want her to have more options for a better life. Unfortunately, we have no money and are living in a single room with no furniture while we try to find work. We will clean your house, work in your yard, weed your garden, walk your dog – whatever, to earn some money. If you or someone you know has a need for two hard-working people."

We needed our garden weeded and needed our dogs walked. I am so glad I answered this ad, Yanua and her daughter Antonella came on time and I have never seen such hard-working gals. They weeded our garden to perfection and Antonella walked our dogs with great care and love.

Both speak a bit of English, both have great attitudes, great work ethics and they are both sweethearts. Antonella now comes twice a week to walk our dogs (she absolutely loves animals). 

But they still need more work. Their story touched us and we are so happy to be able to help them even in a small way.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: mariaayui@yahoo.com 098 758 2757

Recommended by Debi Quilty: 096 799 4373

Bodhi Burgers, restaurant

I have eaten four times at Bodhi Burgers, and I'm loving it. The French fries are particularly great as they are not cooked in that usual cheap toxic rancid vegetable oil, which doesn't remain stable at the high temperatures of frying. I hadn't had a coke in decades, but the sugar-free coke was sweetened with stevia, rather than the extremely toxic aspartame, so I enjoyed a small one that came with the combo. (They have a variety of soft drinks.) I also found the hamburger to be very tasty--with caramelized onions. The whole experience and ambiance reminded me of the purity of food from the '60s, before burgers were cut with soy, and before cows were factory farmed and fed toxic GMO corn. Even the mayo is homemade, using olive oil instead of the deadly GMO canola. The music playing is always from the '50s and '60s and the ambiance is the '50s-style soda/burger shops--even the costumes of the workers. For dessert, try the homemade ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce. Best of all, these are for Ecuadorian prices.

Address: Mariscal Sucre 17-80, on the curve near San Sebas plaza

Contact information: BodhiBurgers@gmail.com

Recommended by Susan E Schenck:  LiveFoodFactor@yahoo.com

Arte-Sano gourmet grill, grill-juice bar

A delightful little place that serves terrific grilled sandwiches - including several kinds of grilled cheese - juices, homemade small pies and lots of other goodies. It's owned by a chef from the US, so it is US style food and it really is excellent. I had a plain grilled cheese that had a hint of balsamic vinegar and was delicious. It came with coleslaw and fries. They have a long list of specialty fries and sandwiches, and a variety of pies - apple/strawberry, apple/blueberry/ apple crumble, as well as homemade biscotti and peanut brittle!

They speak English and are open late - Luis Cordero 5-72 y Juan Jaramillo.

Address: Luis Cordero 5-72 y Juan Jaramillo

Contact information:  099 652 8483

Recommended by Alan Hochman:  alan@stoneandwater.com

San Sebas Cafe, Vino and VanGogh

I do not consider myself an artist, but decided to go to the Vino and Van Gogh night last week. I have to say, I had such an amazing time. First of all, Amelia is a fun, energetic, inspirational and supportive instructor. She takes you step by step from the beginning to the end of completing the intended painting. She encourages everyone. In addition, Adam and Lindsay prepare and serve delicious meals that are not on their regular menu. The menu was Asian inspired and everything was so good. The vino also added to the fun and creativity. It was a good opportunity to meet new people too. It was interesting walking around looking at how different everyone's painting was. I highly recommend trying it out, whether you consider yourself an artist or not.

Address: San Sebastian Square

Contact information: www.SanSebasCuenca.com 072843496

Recommended by Jeannie McGann:  jeannie01@sbcglobal.net

Ohlala Pet Spa, pet grooming

Olala Pet Spa came to our rescue yesterday, yes, on Sunday! They are open 7 days a week.
Our dog, a standard poodle, needed, shall we say, a repair job. They arrived to pick the dog up when they said they would, worked their magic, and returned him 2 hours later.
They have very reasonable rates and their customer service is awesome.

Alba Torres, does speak English

Address: Primero de Mayo y Solano Ave. Riberas del Yanuncay Bldg

Contact information:  099 808 0667

Recommended by Dar Einerson: 099 898 9952

Bunker Sport Gym, gymnasium

Owned by Javier, who does not speak English, and Stalin, who does speak very good English. They both are very friendly and knowledgeable. Enough equipment to satisfy most all gym goers. Gym is kept clean. Not open on Sunday, so after Saturday gym goers it may be slightly cluttered with a paper or two on Monday. Gym is cleaned by lady that comes about 7 AM weekdays. If you are looking for a nice clean gym without the normal noise, this is the gym for you. One block from Remigio Crespo and 1/2 block from Solano.

Address: Remigio Tamariz 1-95 y Frederico Proano

Contact information: bunkersportgym@gmail.com

Recommended by Jaimito S.:  jaimito.san@yandex.com

Charvel entretenimiento, Bouncy Castle

We contracted with Charvel for a large Bounce Castle with a slide inside of the Castle. The company delivered on time and set up the castle. Two polite and experienced employees remained with the castle for 4 hours and assisted the children as needed. The employees then deflated the castle and took it away. We were very pleased with the price and the service and recommend Charvale for anyone looking for a party castle for a party that includes children.

Address: www.facebook.com/Charveleventosinfantiles/

Contact information:  099 445 4676

Recommended by Jack Pennock:  jackincuenca@outlook.com

Vilma Vega, Spanish language lessons

Vilma Vega is an excellent, brilliant Spanish Language teacher. She is skilled in discerning what tools to provide for whatever level, from beginner to fluency. She uses English when necessary to support the level of her students. Her teaching style is always kind and encouraging Not only does Vilma make learning fun, she comes to our home. My husband and I are each taking lessons and our Spanish continues to improve.

I see she is offering this wonderful discount now. Give yourself a gift and try her out.

Spanish classes 25% off
Limited-time promotion, from July 17, through August 28.
4 hours per week: $30 (2 grammar hours and 2 conversation hours). Make an appointment right now with Vilma Vega: aula.hummingbird@gmail.com

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Monica Hiatt:  monica@onespiral.com

El Patio Urbana, restaurant food court

Listen up folks. You're gonna like this one. The city has developed two sites where multiple cuisine vendors round up their wagons and circle around a central seating area so you can have your own experience which may be different than the person(s) you're with. 

Example: El Patio Urbana is located about 100 feet from the Tres Puentes bridges, on 27 de Febrero. An empty lot has been converted into an 18 trailer (or wagon) eatery. Yes, you can choose from (very modern and clean) trailers offering up sushi, pizza, desserts, gyros, ribs, burgers, and many other styles. So far, my favorite is the $3 arepa sandwiches (from Columbia) in the trailer nearest the bathroom. 

Gladys Cajamarca, clothing repair seamstress

I have used Gladys on multiple occasions and she provides quality work at very affordable prices with a quick turnaround. She has helped me by repairing holes in pants (darn dogs) and hemming jeans, but I was most impressed by the custom dog beds she made for me. I bought the material and the plumen (stuffing) and she made the beds (including zippers) for $6 each. Since I moved, she is no longer around the corner, but well worth the trip. You will need to speak some basic Spanish, but a picture is worth a 1000 words and google translate works.

Address: Av. Don Bosco 3-115 y Fernando de Aragon

Contact information:  07 403 4844

Recommended by Cherrie Windfeldt:  cwindfeldt@gmail.com