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Romulo y Remo, restaurant

Romulo y Remo is on the north side of the Stadium. Shared a salad of arugula and sun dried tomatoes and we each had a pasta dish. The salad was delicious and plenty for two people. I had a carne ragu and my friend a fettuccine with bacon in a cream sauce. The pasta was cooked to perfection and the homemade sauces were outstanding - Best I have had in years.

Address: 3-14, Florencia Astudillo, Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:   07 245 5565

Recommended by Gertie Italiano:

Dennis, computer repair

I would like to recommend PC Guru. I spilled a soda on my keyboard and then saw their post. I also liked the idea of bringing my computer to them and getting a discount. When I brought my computer to them Dennis just took the battery off waited a little while and amazingly enough it worked and doubly amazing there was no charge. Their address is Vargas Machua y Honorato Vasquez and phone is 098 606 0863. My experience was great and yours will be too.

Address: Honorato Vasquez y Vargas Machua

Contact information:

Recommended by Dennis McBride:

Instituto Cuenca, Spanish language school

For those seeking to learn Spanish, I heartily recommend Instituto Cuenca. Located in a house near Parque Paraiso, it has a dedicated staff of highly trained professionals who are willing to accommodate your schedule and language needs.

At break time, there’s a friendly atmosphere in the kitchen, and the school offers a range of extra activities (included in the fee of $10/hr.) These include iron working at a family-run forge, hiking and cultural activities.

Address: Calle Liribamba 1-36 y ave 24 de Mayo (1 block from the Parque Paraiso redondel)

Contact information: 099 581 3182

Recommended by Nancy Galloway:

Artist, Santiago Sutton, custom art

You may be familiar with some of the wonderful trees that were sculptured in Parque de la Madre. One of the artists is the talented, Santiago Sutton. I recently turned one of our rooms into a Bisto and it looked great but I had a 7-foot high glass door that I wanted to use to finish off the room. We commissioned Santiago. He did a great painting on canvas and glued it to the glass. It is marvelous and finishes off the room perfectly. I highly recommend Santiago for sculptures, commissioned paintings and murals. He is fast and reasonably priced.

Contact information:

Recommended by Susan Moore Vault:

Vanessa Coronel, landscaping, architecture, construction

After Vanessa's company did a fantastic job on landscaping our new home and putting grass, plants and trees on our quarter acre, I asked her about a water feature in our home. We put our heads together to decide what would look good and work. It is beautiful and adds so much to the home.

I would highly recommend Vanessa's company for all your needs. She has offices in Challuabamba and Cuenca. Below are daytime and nighttime photos of finished feature.

Address: Espacio Verde, Challuabamba and Cuenca

Contact information: 099 593 7996

Recommended by Susan Moore Vault: 098 083 4851

Hermanos Calle, carpentry/ furniture making

Joel and Roman Calle are extremely talented and conscientious workers. They custom built a wall unit with doors and shelves and a matching cabinet for under our TV where we can store stuff in the drawers, etc. Both pieces are beautiful and they spent 1 ½ hours at our apartment installing and making sure everything was perfect. They also installed shelves in a closet to make me a pantry. Next week they are building me a smaller cabinet for my kitchen to hold my pura agua on top and to hide my laundry products. Gorgeous and prices are more reasonable than the sub-par, pre-fab furniture you buy at Kywi and Coral. You better hurry and hire them before I think of other things for them to build for me. Email me if you'd like to see pictures of my furniture.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information (Roman speaks English):  093 910 9764.

Recommended by Becky Davis:

Mt. Sinai personnel, hospital

Upon our arrival in pouring rain and with difficulty mounting the tile steps, we asked a passing doctor where to find the doctor with whom we had an appointment. He told the front receptionist to call said doctor. To our surprise, Dr. Marlo Palacios, an internist, soon came to the main lobby to greet us. After spending some time with us, this very kind doctor understood our confusion and referred us to Dr. Gustavo Vallejo, an orthopedist in building 2 across the street.

As soon as we arrived at Dr. Vallejo's office he took us right in; treated us both for a total of 30 minutes for a very low fee, even in EC, though neither of us had an appointment with him, and he was already busy. It was still pouring rain when we left to get a taxi but unsuccessfully. A hospital guard who noticed we had only one umbrella that had blown inside out in the strong wind, vigorously motioned and successfully called for a nearby parked taxi to come. 

Wilson Talbot Insurance

Recently I needed an emergency heart procedure. In my approximately five years of business with Andres of Wilson Talbot Insurance, I have received excellent service. This last hospital stay was no exception. Although policy is excellent, unless one has an agent that can perform, there could be many challenges with insurance claims. The deductible was already paid when entering the hospital and there was no other effort by me to have hospital bill paid at the end of the hospital stay.

I highly recommend Wilson Talbot for all your insurance needs. Reliable, honest, efficient staff.

Thank you.


Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Alisha King:

Sofy Glocal Cuisine, restaurant

Had brunch this past Sunday at Sofy's with three friends. Cheese and squash ravioli, roast beef sandwich, smoked trout sandwich and shakshuka (a dish of eggs poached in tomato, peppers and onions), along with artesanal beer, coffee and raspberry/vodka mojitos. I lived in Manhattan when I was younger and Sofy has some of the best food that I've eaten anywhere in the world.

They are open Wednesday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday 9 - 3 or so for brunch (although I think they are considering being open 7 days a week). Wednesday nights they have a special 3-course dinner - last week featured Argentinian food, and the week before was German. Not sure if you need to make reservations for these so I included the phone number just in case.

The outdoor patio is dog friendly and they have homemade treats for your pet. A great place to eat or to just relax in the afternoon over a beer or coffee. Highly recommended.

Address: Benigno Malo y 3 de Noviembre, just north of the Tomebamba, Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:  099 955 4901.

Recommended by Penny Manelli:

Isaac J. May, realtor

We recently used Isaac to list and sell our property in Cuenca. We were very impressed with his professional manner, work ethic, responsive communications and realistic take on the current market. He put our property on several sites, posted flyers, networked with other realtors to give us the best advantage to sell our place. We had to leave before we closed, however we gave Isaac a power of attorney, and he handled everything to include the closing in a smooth, professional manner. If you are thinking of buying or selling you should meet with Isaac first. He has been involved in real estate in Cuenca for several years so understands the market trend. He is very positive and was a pleasure to work with.

Address: Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information: 099 973 0658

Recommended by Mick Mekkelsen:

Gregory Kluyskens Marcelaravobad, Casa Azul Cafe

Sometimes great things come in small packages. That is exactly what we found out when we ate at Casa Azul in Plaza San Sebastián. Although the area Cafe Azul occupies is small, their food is great and is something you will definitely remember - especially their Club sandwich and their omelets. I have also heard their crepes are fantastic. The setting of the cafe exudes beautiful art, nice music, and seating both inside and outside. Do yourself a favor and try Cafe Azul. You will be very pleased.

Address: Calle San Sebastián 1-86 y Sucre - Casa Larrazabal

Contact information:

Recommended by Judith Collins:

Fernando, handyman

I hired him to tutor my daughter for me, but was so lucky to have met him. He has a degree in engineering. He is very handy. He can do electric, plumbing painting and fix anything. He is honest, fun and hard working. He tutors my daughter in math for $8 an hour. He also cooks. He came from Venezuela with relatives in Ecuador; is well educated fluent in English. Call if you need anything done. No job too big or small for him. He is like a husband for hire.

Address: Avenida Solano and Doce De Abril

Contact information:  099 733 8978

Recommended by Beth Gavilanes:

Café Lojano, cafeteria

This place is great to enjoy the best Ecuadorian coffee. You will have, for a cheap and reasonable price, a great and good coffee from Loja. They offer Capuchino, espresso, Americano and you can join your coffee with typical small dishes, such as: Bolón, Empanadas, Humitas, Tamales. etc.

The owners are friendly and nice people.

Address: Mariano Cueva and Simón Bolívar / City Center. Cuenca.

Contact information:  099 284 8704

Recommended by Pedro Ramos B:

John Nicholas Zech, piano tuning/repair

I have been tuning and repairing keyboard instruments since 1969, and have worked on behalf of many celebrities in the US as well as my numerous other customers at home. My work has been admired by many of my associates in my line of work, and I have been asked to substitute for them occasionally, or to repair things that they didn't feel able to do. I would like to be available here in Cuenca to any people who would like me to help them maintain their pianos. I plan to live here in Cuenca part of the year before traveling back alternately to the US. My phone number here is 098 743 2203.

Address: Cuenca down town

Contact information:  282 5890

Recommended by Jorge Astudillo:

Prickly Pear, restaurant

If you are looking for food with a little spice I would highly recommend Prickly Pear. It is located on Calle Larga across the street from the main stairs and bus stop. They are open every day. The owners are from Venezuela.

My husband and I ate there one Sunday. He ordered a burrito and I ordered a nacho chicken salad. They had a delicious homemade salad dressing that had some spice to it which is rare here in Ecuador, the lettuce was fresh and tender. My husband's burrito was delicious. He asked them to add a medium spice to it and it turned out great. They also had a ranch type of cream and guacamole that was good also. This is a small new restaurant that has only been open a month. I was unable to submit this a couple of weeks ago because I did not have an email address for the restaurant; and since then I have eaten at Prickly Pear two other times and ordered different items and the food was delicious each time.

Address: Calle Larga Y Hermano Miguel 

Contact information:

Recommended by Shelia Hoyt:

Soledad Maldonado, Spanish teacher

I was recently lucky enough to enjoy Spanish classes with Soledad for a few months and learned a lot in that time.

Classes were well structured, usually covering a single topic; be it grammar, vocabulary or speaking practice but also always flexible to adapt and change these plans when necessary. Sometimes there would be less students, or more, and the well-prepared activities worked, no matter what.

Always smiling, Soledad is friendly and approachable with any question or issue. We laughed a lot in our classes and I looked forward to them a great deal. I could not recommend a Spanish teacher more highly in terms of how enjoyable classes were or in terms of productivity - I learned so much that my only regret is classes could not continue further. (Unfortunately no longer in the country) I wish her all the best and as many students as possible.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 773 0401.

Recommended by Jonathan Wilson:

Tostao, coffee shop

My wife and I were quite pleased to discover this little place on Cordova. Good coffee and great sandwiches. They also do juices and desserts. Reasonable prices and a staff that goes that extra mile.

Open 8 AM until 10 PM. Closed Sunday

Address: Presidente Cordova 8-54

Contact information:  07 282 1983

Recommended by Cary Riggs: 097 970 1995

Alma Cuencana, restaurant (lunch only)

This restaurant continues to exceed the expectations of my taste buds at every visit, which, as of recently, has been several times a week. The restaurant used to be called Alma Bendita but it was purchased and is now run by a different owner. I have to say, I think it is considerably better than it was and even then it was the absolute best value for a lunch in this city at $3.75. There are 3 choices of the main course (one vegetarian) and for $4 you can have a pick of two. The last time I ate there I had the "broasted chicken" and the "shrimp stir-fry". Chicken was perfect and the shrimp were juicy and big. If you don't believe me take a look at the photo. For some reason the quantity of people eating there has gone down since they switched ownership. It could just be b/c of the vacations Cuenca's students have been on but either way this is my favorite place to eat lunch and I really would like to see them flourish and stay in business for many years to come. Part of me wants to keep Alma Bendita my private little gourmet lunch miracle but really it just needs to be shared. Try it one day and you will delighted you did. To find the restaurant: it is in the middle of the block on Presidente Cordova between Benigno Malo and Luis Cordero and it is right next to a computer shop called Giga Computer. It is a big large entrance with white and orange signs and you walk up to the second floor. Enjoy.

Address: Presidente Cordova between Benigno Malo y Luis Cordero (2cnd Floor)

Contact information: 099 973 0658

Recommended by Isaac May:

Jeff Schinsky, VanGo

Jeff is offering a variety of services and I took advantage of his Cuenca overview driving tour. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Jeff as he was just getting his business going, and enjoyed the opportunity to be one of his first clients. I was pretty overwhelmed by the complexities of Cuenca at first, and the driving tour provided me with a great overview of the layout and insight into specific neighborhoods. He knows the city very well and is even able to navigate his way around all of the construction. Jeff is a wealth of information on what to look for in a rental, common pitfalls, and how to really hone in on the best place for you. He will provide you with a variety of handouts which you can refer to later. As I have learned, finding a rental is not difficult, but finding the right rental is a real challenge, and Jeff’s guidance can help you make an informed choice. I understand he’s available to help with other services and I would not hesitate at all to call on him for assistance.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Maeta Kaplan:

Cyrene, Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant

Cyrene is a new Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant in El Centro on Sucre between Presidente Borrero and Hermano Miguel (2 blocks east of Parque Calderon). The almuerzo lunch was amazing, the baba ganoush was full of that wonderful smoky flavor, and the tabouli salad was excellent. In every dish we could taste the distinct spicy flavors. The interior is bright and clean and the service is excellent. This is going to be our new hangout.

Address: Calle Mariscal Sucre 6-46 y Hermano Miguel

Contact information:  099 535 3339

Recommended by Carolyn V Hamilton:

Ayamcoco coconut oil, organic coconut oil

"New in town" service, Daniela Ayala, delivers organic coconut oil each week to Cuenca. She will even deliver it to your door for a very small fee. Her prices are better than any I have seen in Cuenca ($20 for 700 ml). She also sells smaller and larger quantities. It is a great find. One orders it ahead of time and arranges either home delivery or pick-up in town.

The company website is: 
Daniela's contact info is: Daniela Ayala

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Andrea Lyman:

Michael Pinchera, Star Wisdom course

I took this course b/c it looked interesting. Wow, what I actually found was beyond simply “interesting.” Evolutionary Astrology is an amazing field of study. The teacher of this course, Michael Pinchera, is incredibly knowledgeable on this and many other esoteric subjects. He has a background in the famous Ruldoph Steiner School. He was patient with us, as one student was a novice of astrology, and I had even less background. I learned so much and I'm looking forward to the next class. If you would like to learn about the Cosmic Midnight of your life, what you brought from a previous life into this one, your objective(s) for this life, your potential handicaps or trigger areas, I'd say this course is a must. If you'd just like to learn about Evolutionary Astrology b/c you're curious or perhaps asking the question "why am I here", I'd highly recommend taking this or any of Michael's courses. A wonderful house setting, in a great location, with access to at least 3 different bus routes. Michael is also an incredibly talented artist and offers classes for all ages.

Address: Near Loja y Remigio Crespo

Contact information:

Recommended by Theresa Price:

Persépolis, burgers and Persian

Sam Nourizadeh runs a small but really good burger place, and he's planning to introduce Persian/Iranian specialties soon. Lots of choices, excellent fries too, at good prices. Ask for Sam's special sauce. Look for the red Persépolis sign, north side of Remigio Crespo.

Address: Av Remigio Crespo Toral 3-54 (frente de las pistas de bicicross, y Sorbetto) Google Maps (?)

Contact information:  099 512 8237.

Recommended by Pete M:

Expediciones Apullacta, travel, tour, agency

Hi everyone we would like to recommend this agency that help so many of our friends with tours.
We just came to get my sister check with the dentist when a buddy recommended taking a tour and told us to go to this agency.

They took the time to explain in full detail what the tour was about, what we were going to do, what to bring even what clothing to wear in case it rains.

The best thing is, they speak English, so this is not just a personal recommendation is also a group of friends thanking this agency for all they have done for us from showing us the amazing history in Ingapirca, opening our gringo eyes that Ecuador has much more to offer than just the Galapagos.

So if you are planning on taking a trip to Ecuador contact them.

We are a group of elders that are happy with the tours we had.

By: Kent, JT, Debra Sullivan

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: (593) 07-283 7815.

Recommended by Debra, Sullivan:

Feijoada, new Brazilian

New Brazilian restaurant is really a must try. My wife and I tried the lunch special last week and it was excellent. We then went back and tried the dinner a few  days later and were even more impressed with the dishes. The owner and chef are both from Brazil and try to offer authentic fare. They are located on Jose Astudillo, but it’s easier to just go to the top of the steps next to “Thai Connection and Common Ground”, and they are located on the right.

Address: Jose Astudillo

Contact information:  099 903 5525.

Recommended by Mike Dodson:

Andre Hair Salon

Just one word: amazing. Ask for "blindado capilar" you will love it.

Address: Cuenca, Simón Bolivar y Miguel Heredia (Esquina)

Contact information:  099 517 6358

Recommended by Anna Halliwel: 098 434 7296.

Mrs Rosa Morocho, housekeeper

I know Mrs. Morocho. She is an excellent housekeeper. She cleaned my office and did it well. She is looking for a part time job in the afternoons because she works in a house in the mornings. If you are interested in her to clean your house, apartment, office, etc. just give me a call or write to my email. 

I'd like to help her.

Address: Honorato Vasquez 4103 y Mariano Cueva

Contact information: 098 410 2566

Recommended by Dr. Juan Vintimilla: 098 410 2566.

Recommendation for Ecuador Organics, beauty/skincare

I have been using these all natural and organic products made by Robyn Luck for about six months, and I highly recommend them to anyone who has concerns about chemicals and toxins found in most commercial skincare products. I use the facial cleanser, turmeric toner, and body lotion (which can also be used as a facial moisturizer). I just bought and can't wait to try a couple new (for me) items -- moisturizer without SPF and Bentonite clay mud mask. All the products feel so good on your skin and they smell great, too. They contain a natural preservative so they'll last up to six months. Other products include facial and body scrubs, sun block, shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, Robyn will be leaving Ecuador the end of October, so get your products ASAP. 20% discount through September.

Address: Mariscal Sucre 7-70 y Luis Cordero, Cuenca (4th floor of SkyFit building)

Contact information:

Recommended by Roxanne Thompson:

Dr Ponce Vásquez, extraordinary ophthalmic surgeon

Dr. Ponce Vásquez M.D. Ph.D. is an extraordinary ophthalmic surgeon who has more than twenty-six years’ experience and performed more than 20,000 eye operations. With a Ph.D. in Microsurgery and another Ph.D. in Ophthalmic Microsurgery.

He has state-of-the-art redundant surgical equipment in his four surgical suites with uninterruptible power backups. He provides retina surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, refractive surgery and corrective surgeries such as: myopia and astigmatism with Excimer laser, farsightedness treatment, vitrectomy (specialized treatment of hemorrhage of diabetics), Corneal transplant and Corneal-crosslinking a.k.a. Keratoconus treatment.

I have had four appointments with him since living in Cuenca. He is the best and speaks great English.

Address: Roberto Crespo 1-203 y Av Esatdo, Cuenca, Ecuador,

Contact information:

Recommended by Jack Bracewell: 099 722 0365

Tugyana, panaderia and pasteleria

This is a wonderful sit-down eatery and bakery. They supply an amazing variety of breads, pastas, tarts, fabulous lemon pie and a large variety of pastries and delicacies. Also, Cuban and chicken sandwiches, quiche, and more. The coffee is the best we have found in Ecuador.

Sadly, the long-lasting destruction of Ordonez Lasso may soon put them out of business, the same as many other small businesses on this street. However, it need not be since the street is now functional and soon to be re-connected to Las Americas a few blocks away. Those of us in Gringolandia need to support these very good people, owners Jose Emilio and Susana Ochoa, his wife. Very hospitable, they are doing their best to keep this neighborhood business afloat when so many others have already lost all. (By the way, the nice, new tienda across the street from the newly opened Banco Pichincha, keeps us supplied with priced-right fruit of every kind, cheeses, and other grocery items, and is conveniently located nearby.)

Tugyana is open 7:30 AM to 8 PM Monday through Saturday. They are located across the street from Hotel Oro Verde. See you there,

Address: Av. Ordonez Lasso 7-62

Contact information:  409 0123 / 099 816 3218

Recommended by Sylvia Z.: 098 817 3239

Dr. Pepe, restaurant

This new restaurant features classic gringo fast foods and Ecuadorian fare. The waffles with fruit, with or without ice cream are "muy rico." The restaurant provides an intimate setting for conversation. Call or email your order for pick-up, or enjoy the river view while eating  in.

Address: Tres de Noviembre 3-10, between Presidente Cordova y Juan de Dios Corral

Contact information: 098 241 9003

Recommended by Janet Crumley:

Recommendation for Chinese Dumpling House, take out

Very authentic, delicious, hot, fresh dumplings. They made special vegetarian with egg for me. They have chicken and shrimp and others as well. They come 10 to an order for only $5 which is a bargain. They also speak English. This is a great addition to Cuenca.

Address: Near Cristo Rey on Cordero

Contact information: 093 998 2856

Recommended by Phil Kennemer:

Jenny Beltran, cleaning, etc.

Jenny has cleaned for us for over a year. Does good job and willingly redo if you are not happy. Punctual, always in a good mood and honest. We pay $6 per hour and she takes care of any taxes. She is looking for more apartments as all the gringos keep leaving. She has also helped with shopping and food prep. She is part of our family. Call her and give her a try. 099 075 7186.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  099 075 7186

Recommended by Andrew Jordan:

Juan Diego Gomez, travel specialist tour

We have known Juan Diego almost 4 years. This is the first time we are commenting or doing something like this. We met him for the first time in Hotel Oro Verde where he helped us with almost everything he could, like finding a nice apartment, without charging us anything. Now that he has changed to a travel and tour agency he finds us the best deals out there which is amazing.

Best thing is, he speaks very good English since he grew up in Boston and lived there for 20 years. He is a very honest person and does not take advantage of people.

We recommend Juan Diego. He would help you with anything from the best prices for airline tickets, Galapagos cruises, Peru tours, Ecuador tours, transportation with a legal professional driver.

Give him a call. He will help you. 

We recommend him 100% on whatever questions you have.

Contact information:  099 265 2385

Recommended by Jason Wickets:

Mercedes Ortiz, house cleaner extraordinaire

Mercedes has worked for us for almost 2 years. She is very efficient, does a thorough job and is a joy to be around. Up until this week, she also cleaned for a good friend, who went back to the States to live. So now I find out that she has 3 days a week open for new clients. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are available. She charges $5 per hour. I can arrange for her to come and look at your place and let you know how many hours it would take. She speaks only Spanish, but she knows what you want, so all you need to do is say hello when she arrives.

I am putting her phone number, but my email address in case you need me to get the ball going. Her husband does handyman work on the weekends too, very sweet couple with 2 darling children. Thank you for considering her.

Address: Cuenca and surrounding area

Contact information: 099 899 0289

Recommended by Laura Inks Bodine:

Maria Juaman, housecleaning

Maria has worked for us, cleaning our penthouse for the past 2 years. She has proven herself to be reliable, thorough, honest, and very good at what she does. Her English is not much better than our Spanish but that has not proven to be a problem. She has a very sweet deposition. I can highly recommend her. We are returning to the States soon so she has an opening for those seeking such help. If you would like to give her a chance I think you will not be disappointed.

Address: Feria Libre El Batan

Contact information:  098 874 0780

Recommended by Rick Ruzicka:

Giovanny Vallejo, driver/translator/facilitator

I very highly recommend Giovanny Vallejo for driving, translation and facilitator activities. Giovanny speaks excellent English, having lived in the US for several years. He is extremely responsible, smart, and knowledgeable, and he knows his way around the various gov’t systems. Giovanny helped me apply for IESS and SRI, open a bank account, and run errands. His charges are very reasonable. He is also available to take passengers to the airport in Guayaquil and Quito.

Giovanny will be an exceptional help to anyone who uses his services.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  099 966 6699

Recommended by Roger Swier:

Nancy Toledo, house-cleaning, dog-sitting

I have hired Nancy for the last year and she has been a very good housecleaner and very reliable (she has a set of my keys and waters my plants when I'm gone). She speaks some English, having lived in the US. Her rates are reasonable. 

She can also take care of your dog when you travel and she has an 11-yr-old daughter who loves dogs. They have a fenced yard and will also walk your dog and she'll keep you posted with updates and photos of your dog. 

Address: Yanaturo via Sinincay

Contact information:  099 916 0003

Recommended by Denise Miney:

Lucas Avil, household help

Man Friday: He cleans, he fixes, he assists

I’d like to recommend Lucas for his help as a Man Friday about the house. As a single woman, Lucas has been an enormous help to me in doing all those little things in the house that are difficult when you are on your own or not in the best of health. 

He started work for me as a cleaner. He is an excellent cleaner, fast, meticulous and very reasonably priced. But over time, for a small extra charge, he has also undertaken other jobs around the house for me, like fixing lights, hanging pictures, shifting heavy objects and even driving me to the supermarket and helping with carrying the bags. As a native Cuencano, he is my “go to” person whenever I need advice about where to get specialist items or if I need to negotiate something that is beyond my limited Spanish. His spoken English is not perfect but communication is easy and his understanding of English is good. In addition, Lucas is a professional driving instructor and would be very happy to drive you, in your own car, to anywhere you might want to go. He can also help you with car registration or repairs.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 677 8807.

Recommended by Ruth Hensley:

Recommendation for Dr. Juan Ordoñez, Dentist

I was in Ecuador on vacation visiting family and one of my front tooth fillings that I had done in the States decided to break. It is my last day in Ecuador, I had reserved a flight for 5 AM the next day. Luckily my Cuencano nephew has contacts / friends and called Dr. Juan Ordoñez. We called in the morning to see if he was available and gave my son, nephew and me consecutive appointments that day. He is very cheap and thorough with his examination and cleaning as he is a periodontist who studied in Brazil. He cleaned our teeth and made the filling. I cannot express how happy I am with the results. It looks like a natural tooth again. He has very steady, firm hands. From now on, I will go to him as I feel he is very professional and honest. His wife works with him. She is an endodontist; if you need a root canal. I am very grateful to have met this wonderful, dedicated couple.

He does not speak fluent English, but understands. You could have a translator with you. I guarantee you he is so good.

Address: Av. 12 de Abril y Jose Peralta, Edificio Paseo del Puente, office #103

Contact information: 098 775 0719

Recommended by Clever Zambrano: 1 224 383 8629