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Rene Cabrera, AirBnB

I recently stayed for 2 weeks at Rene's 1 BR, furnished penthouse AirBnB. It is on the 4th floor, with spectacular, 360-degree views of the city. His hospitality and that of his entire family are unparalleled and for less than $30 per day - includes a fully equipped kitchen.

It is very centrally located, close to Parque de la Madre and the Tomebamba River. I used this apartment as my base of operations as I sought out a condo to lease and begin the translation process of apostilled documents.

If you have anyone coming into Cuenca who needs a very nice apartment, I highly recommend Rene.

Address: Calle Jose Alvear 1-77

Contact information:  +593 99 086 0154

Recommended by Walt Bayless:  Doc.W.Bayless@gmail.com

Monica Coronel, house cleaning, etc.

Monica has been my housekeeper for a few years. She is a great worker, honest, dependable, always smiling, completely trustworthy and meticulous.

Two of her clients have recently moved back to the USA, so she has openings in her schedule.

If you're looking for a fantastic housekeeper, please consider Monica. She is willing to help with all kinds of other jobs as well. She does not speak English, but she understands a lot. I've never had a problem with my limited Spanish and using the translator on my phone when necessary.

Monica is a great person and a great find.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 051 2141

Recommended by Debra Budny:  CuencaDeb@yahoo.com

Tech Guy Cuenca, technical support

Just wanted to give some kudos to Bryan Little, owner of Tech Guy Cuenca, who in no time, setup my iPhone with local service. Professional and personal service put some fears away from this newcomer to Ecuador. I highly recommend him for any technical needs you may have.

Address: El Centro, Cuenca. 2 blocks from Parque Calderon

Contact information:  098 738 8993

Recommended by Fay Binning:  faybinning@gmail.com

Red Angus Grill, restaurant

The Red Angus Grill is our favorite restaurant in Cuenca. The food is great and the service is really good, too. They have promotions every day, and now they have added Rib Eye Steak. A great cut and absolutely delicious. And I love the salmon, too. Drink specials every day.

Check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/redanguscuenca/

Address: Remigio Crespo 3-20 y Agustin Cueva (next to Jep Cooperativa)

Contact information: redangusgrill@gmail.com 099 817 0262 / 099 282 0782

Recommended by James Crowder:  jimcrowder1958@gmail.com

Curi Yaku Farms, apple cider vinegar

I had been missing good apple cider vinegar for salad dressings and some baked goods until I learned about Curi Yaku Farms. Kim, Grahame, and their Ecuadorian partners produce an excellent product under the cleanest and safest conditions. The vinegar is professionally packaged in clear glass bottles so you can see exactly what you're getting. Be sure to shake it up to mix in the goodness that settles to the bottom.

Address: Kimberlee Wood, Chordeleg

Contact information: curiyakufarms@gmail.com

Recommended by Dawn Wolfe: 096 802 2545

Scott Smith/Brio Foto, photography/media production

Mr. Smith came out to our house 25 mins. outside of Cuenca to take interior photos of our property. He arrived on time with no charge for the extended travel. He was a joy to talk to while at our property. 24 hrs. later I received our photos via Dropbox, Beautiful. It presented my home in a completely different way, we have already received interest in the property since the photos were taken. I would recommend Scott to anyone seeking to get a step up on the market.

Address: Rafeal Salas y Bernardo del Legarda

Contact information: brio.dsn@gmail.com 098 012 4785

Recommended by Juan Martinez:  jsmartinez02201@gmail.com

Disfruta store, on Ordoñez Lasso

Last week someone posted a recommendation for Disfruta store. Thank you so much. I love this wonderful, clean, friendly place with excellent quality of produce and exceptional service. Did not know they deliver. It was a blessing since I am recovering after a surgery. Called them yesterday, they went over my order several times, apologized that could not bring me the strawberries - not very fresh. Everything was delivered on time and with a smile. Guess what was the first question? It was: 'Do you want me to go to the Pharmacy for you or to the SuperMaxi?" Great job, Disfruta, please stay in business.

Address: Ordoñez Laso, across from ProduBank

Contact information:  098 246 5045

Recommended by Nikki Camp: 098 445 9596

Facecook- Bar and Restaurant

Facecook is a company dedicated to the service of (fast food, executive lunch and breakfasts) with exquisite products, destined to satisfy all types of persons in a pleasant environment with personalized attention and of quality. In an excellent area (Ave Primero de Mayo), "sector los Tres Puentes"

6/16/2017 from noon to 5 PM,

Ramy Jimenez: ramirito.20@hotmail.com 099 363 2501

ExpatExpressShipping / Julio, shipping

This is to give support to Julio at ExpatExpressShipping.

I have used this service for perhaps a year and a half now.

My estimate is that I have shipped close to 500 pounds from the USA to Ecuador in this time. There have been occasional problems, but in the end, these were always resolved to my satisfaction.

I am not upset by temporary problems because I lived near Bariloche, Argentine for over 10 years. There I could find no service like Julio's, and it became impossible to get things I needed from "the outside".

When I first moved to Argentina in 2004, we could receive boxes from "the outside". But, the boxes were always opened in Customs and a 50% duty assessed. The cost of the shipping was added to the value to determine taxes.

Then under the Kirchner presidencies, it became virtually impossible to receive packages through Argentine Customs, even through the Post Office. It came to the point where one had to ask permission (from the government) for an import license (which was impossible to get) to receive more than two personal boxes a year, no matter how small, even if one paid the 50% duty, they did not care. Not allowed.

Restaurante LAN

Last evening we went to a new restaurant, Restaurante LAN, located on Ordonez Lasso and Laureles. The owners came from Northern China just 4 months ago and have the best Chinese authentic food we have had. They make everything from scratch. We ordered dumplings and watched her roll out the dumpling right after we ordered. There were 4 of us and we ordered 5 dishes to share. All were incredible. Our friends have traveled extensively in Asia and were very impressed with quality and taste. Reasonably priced.

Address: Ordonez Lasso between Laurles and Los Cedros

Contact information:  098 348 0183

Recommended by Deb Davis:  debadavis59@gmail.com

Dr. Juan Ordonez, dentist/periodontist

Here's another recommendation for Dr. Juan Ordonez Aguirre. I had my teeth cleaned there because of two previous recommendations on GP for this dentist. The last time I had a good cleaning was a little over a year ago, my teeth really needed a good cleaning, so I thought I'd give him a try. He is extremely thorough, gentle, attentive and really takes the time to clean your teeth. Really. Best cleaning I've had since I moved to Cuenca (3 years) very nice fellow. He didn't speak much English, so he called in a friend who was more than happy to act as an interpreter for those of us who are still Spanish-challenged in this area. $35 for cleaning. I highly recommend him. He's listed as Perdonto on the building directory.

Dr. Juan Ordonez Aguirre
Edificio: Paseo del Puente
Oficina: 103 (Perdonto)
12 de Abril y Jose Peralta

Contact information: juanjor1153@hotmail.com 099 871 1578

Recommended by Lynn Juanes:  lynnjuanes@msn.com

Williams Camero, professional hair treatment

Highly recommend Williams for a professional at home hair treatments. His keratin and hydration treatments are fraction of the salon cost. Total treatment time is about 1.5 hours depending on your hair thickness and length. For an appointment contact him via WhatsApp +593 99 429 6063 or email at camerowilli1482@gmail.com or willi1482@hotmail.com

The treatment service costs $70, schedule 2 sessions for best results.
My hair is natural blonde, long with dry ends. After 2 sessions with Williams my hair is now shiny, tangle free and frizz free. As good of a treatment as I can find in USA.

Address: At your home

Recommended by Liliya Bauer:  misliliya@gmail.com

Bonobo Bob's Shrubs, shrub vinaigrettes

All the shrub viniagrettes and cocktail syrups I've tried have been wonderful and I always enjoy picking up something new to try, which Bob adds from time to time. Some of my favorites are the Pineapple-ginger-basil, the Mora-garlic-lime and sweet basil vinaigrettes. I mix them with my salad dressing base for a great variety of dressings. I recently tried the cocktail mix, Vilcabamba Tin Hat with Mora-aji-lime. Wow, it was great. I made a martini with 2 parts vodka and 1 part Tin Hat in a shaker with ice and it was super. I always look forward to seeing Bob with his great smile and personality. It's a joy to do business with him.

Address: Various Artisan Markets and Fairs mentioned in GringoPost

Contact information: bobkezer@yahoo.com 099 447 0229

Recommended by Greg Goodwin:  ggoodwin704@gmail.com

Topita, restaurant

Carlos has the best gluten free Empanadas and Mandocas in Cuenca. He also serves great Tequenos. Beef or chicken Empanadas daily and fish on the weekends.

Address: Calle General Escandon a 50 m del Arenal Sector Feria Libre

Contact information: carloabetopp@gmail.com 099 439 6386

Recommended by Martin Speckman: 098 153 7948

Ada Paulovic, organic personal products

I wrote a recommendation about organic laundry detergent and wasn't able to include the personal organic products in the heading so creating a recommendation for the free sample of shampoo I was given with the purchase of the detergent. I was pleasantly surprised with the "lightness" as I washed and it rinsed so well. My hair feels silky and I'm very pleased.
I will try her body lotion the next time as I know the importance of what goes on our skin actually goes in our skin. Ada is a chemist and uses only pure and organic materials. She gives a list of the ingredients she uses.

I am so thankful for this wonderful source.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: melodyofplants@gmail.com 097 935 2793

Recommended by Molly Riffe:  ecusanfran@tutamail.com

Cafe del Zaguan

On Bolivar near Montalvo in el Centro, Cuenca, is a real find. Cafe del Zaguan, located at Bolivar 12-69 is more than a place for coffee. Their desserts are extraordinary. We have tried different chocolate cakes and the carrot cake thus far and have found the desserts so delicious, the cafe is truly noteworthy of recommendation. The ambience is inviting and the owner and staff very accommodating and friendly. A must visit. Open Monday through Friday 10 AM to 9 PM; Saturday 3 PM to 8 PM

Address: Bolivar 12-69 between Montalvo and Tarqui in el Centro Cuenca

Contact information:  099 536 5009 or 282 3397

Recommended by Cara Venn: 097 916 6526

John Palacios, fiber optic internet

I was struggling with slow speed and shut-offs from the internet service provided by my landlord. Since I had had fiber optic in another town, I decided to switch and phoned John Palacios. John speaks English, came on time, got everything ready and, in less than two weeks, I have excellent and fast fiber optic internet. It’s not expensive and so worth it. Everything I need to do online now takes less than half the time.

Contact John:  paul23john@gmail.com cell number 099 289 0957. And get great service.

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Heather McConnell:  macheath23@yahoo.com

Andy Ortega, professional translator/teacher

I have recently used the translation services of Mr. Andy Ortega for notarizing some legal documents and was really happy with his work. I am a regular Spanish student with him, he gives private one to one Spanish lessons for just fifteen dollars an hour and will give discounts when you buy 5 to 10 lessons in bulk. He is very professional, punctual, reliable and his rates are reasonable considering he has been a professional real time live translator on Ecuadorian TV and Radio. He is also a fun and engaging Spanish teacher and speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and German. He has lived in the USA for a long time too so knows lots of areas in the US.

Address: Benigno Malo, Cuenca

Contact information: iobtech@gmail.com 099 506 7570

Recommended by Constance Shaw:  eloquentenglishuk@gmail.com

Vadim Avdeev, computer and internet

Internet Genius in Cuenca. IdiomART Studio now has Wi-Fi.

You know the story here in Cuenca. Internet service finally arrives after days, weeks delay. They set up the modem and show you how everything is working. They leave and no device can get connected. This is particularly frustrating when you’ve got dozens of people needing connection. The new idiomART Studio was in that dilemma.

But, no more – we are connected now because of the genius of one man: Vadim Avdeev

Vadim came over and within 2 hours of my getting in contact, discovered the problem that the installation was done improperly. And systemically, corrected the problems – giving us great Wi-Fi connection ability – in all the studio spaces.

Vadim, his wife Jenya, and two children arrived in Ecuador from Russia about 6 months ago. He is a professional programmer and Android-Apple apps developer. 

His services include:
- KODI installation / upgrading.
- Remote assistance or home visit, 24-hours help.
- Help fixing system errors.
- Installing and configuring software.
- Consultation on upgrades, as well as instruction on programs and various computer activities.
- IP (SIP) phone (cheap rates, worldwide phone numbers), VPN-service, security cloud.
- Sale of computer software (He is a certified partner of the biggest software developers such as Microsoft, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda, Dr. Web, Eset NOD32, Avast antiviruses etc.).
- Video surveillance design and installation (from simple to more advanced, local and cloud based).
- Professional network security check, test for viruses (one-time and subscribing services).
All with a 30-day guarantee.

I highly recommend his services, his professional and accommodating manner. There is no need to get frustrated about your internet, or computer again in Cuenca. Just call Vadim.

Contact information:  vadim@aomsk.ru and 098 380 0652 (Whatsapp). You can also find him on facebook – search under his name.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Recommended by Sara Coppler:  studio@idiomart.net

Tom Luke, facilitator

I recently came to Cuenca from the US on the standard visitor visa with plans to stay. After all what possibly could go wrong, well, a lot could and did. The only thing I did right was to follow another expats advice and call Monica Gonzaga. For a very reasonable fee that did not change she led me through the maze of obtaining my residency, including not having to go back home for all the documents I did not know I was going to need and there were several that I did need. Thanks to Monica and her staff I am now a resident of Ecuador.

Address: Gran Colombia 15-71 and Miguel Velez

Contact information: monicagonzaga.facilitator@gmail.com 098 384 1691

Recommended by Tom Luke:  tomluke649@yahoo.com

Vigor (Fernando Rodas), Greek yogurt

This is the best Greek yogurt my husband and I have ever had. It is 100 % natural; no additives. It is thick and yummy. I put it on my baked potatoes, oatmeal, fruit or right out of the container. Soooo good. Highly recommended and, to top it off, they deliver. We live out in the country and that is not a problem.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: lacteosrodme@gmail.com 098 780 2066

Recommended by Donna Daneault:  zhucay@icloud.com

Megachips, gourmet potato chips

We had the opportunity to try Robert's homemade potato chips at an artesan fair a few weeks ago. They are simply the best chips, or snack of any kind, we've ever tasted. They're made with organic potatoes and good, non-toxic oil, then lightly seasoned. The crispy/crunchy texture is as good as the taste, and this is one snack you can feel good about eating. The gourmet chips come in four delicious flavors -- garlic, salt, onion and picante. If you want to try them (or if you've already tasted and want to buy more), Robert will be at the Cuenca Holistic Health Expo this Saturday, October 21st, at the Mall del Rio Convention Center. Also check out the Facebook page: Megachips ajosalcebollapicante

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: carina.roche@icloud.com

Recommended by Roxy Thompson:  roxannethompson1@icloud.com

Little Pie Factory, homemade food delivery

I just wanted to let everyone know how great the meals are that Melissa makes.
She puts her heart and extensive experience into her baking and it really shows.

I've been living in Cuenca for over 5 years now and I have to be honest. Lately, I've been missing being able to buy healthy pre-cooked meals that taste great. The kind of meals that I can freeze and then just warm up on a lazy rainy day.

Last week I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie and the Shrimp and Sea Bass Pot Pie for Sunday night dinner for my husband and I. Served with a tossed salad, dinner was perfect.

We also ordered a Quiche Florentine to eat during the week and it's fantastic! So flavorful, creamy and cheesy.

Most of Melissa's meals can be frozen and then warmed up later, which is great when you don't feel up to making a meal from scratch. All her meals are home-made with the freshest ingredients.

Give My Little Pie Factory a try - you won't be disappointed.

P.S. I just want to say Melissa didn't ask me for a review. She is gonna be surprised when she sees this.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: melissamaher010@gmail.com

Recommended by Carol Babin:  carol.baibn@gmail.com

Ali's Pita Bread, pita bread-hummus

Ali Alkhoja's pita bread is the most delicious scrumptious pita bread I have ever sunk my teeth into. It is super fresh and out of this world tasty. And you can't beat the price. I have bought 14 bags already. It makes a lovely gift because it is supurb bread. It has no preservatives or chemicals added. All natural. I even requested to leave the sugar out which Ali did. Don't even think twice about not ordering this bread. You will be so happy you did. I was even given a complimentary hummus to try out which was also delicious. 7 breads for $1. Hummus $3.25 /200gm

Address: Cuenca Ali's cell: 098 380 9210

Contact information: ali_alkhoja2000@yahoo.com

Recommended by Evelyn Donald:  cuencabutterfly@yahoo.com

La Quinua, restaurant, vegetarian/vegan

We recently spent 10 days in Cuenca, and on 3 of those days, went to La Quinua for a wonderful almuerzo. It is located in El Centro, on Benigno Malo 12-75 near Antonio Vega Munoz.

Cesar serves delicious fresh juice, soup, a large plate of food and dessert, all for just $3.80. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you will really enjoy the delicious food from his kitchen.

Please stop by for lunch. You won't be disappointed.

Address: Benigno Malo 12-75 y Vega Munoz Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:  +593 98 310 8989

Recommended by Mary Warren:  libsick@gmail.com

Daniel Mocha, car registrations

Daniel walked me thru this somewhat cumbersome process. Here are the steps: First stop is one of the banks that will accept payment of the transfer tax and then the licensing fee for the upcoming year. You would also pay any outstanding fines accrued to the vehicle (plates stay with the vehicle for life). Daniel then does an assessment of the required materials for the vehicle (includes flashlight, fire extinguisher, tool set, first aid kit, safety triangles, etc.). Anything missing and he goes with you to Corral to obtain them. Now on to EMOV, where the car gets inspected for stuff above and they do a functionality inspection (lights working, brakes, tires, shocks, emissions, etc.) any defects need to be repaired. Simultaneously, you are processing the matricula (title) transfer and paying the local tax (United Cooks association. No, I have no idea why it’s called that). You shuttle back and forth between three different windows. Daniel knows the staff and best times to go. I was glad to let them test his patience and not mine. Highly recommended for your mental well-being and confidence you're not being singled out or taken advantage of. Daniel will price a la carte if you wish to handle some of this on your own. His English is very good as well. We've known him and his family for over a year now.

Address: Avenida Ricardo Duran

Contact information: dimm98@hotmail.com 098 176 7735

Recommended by Doug Cutler:  dcutler@mundaca.com

Veronica's in Quito, bed and breakfast

Veronica – Quito overnights and tours, only 15 minutes from the airport (book though Air BnB)
A most pleasant surprise, that keeps on giving.
Whether you are just staying one night to catch your next flight or visiting Quito for a longer stay
I highly recommend this recently opened gem. The B&B is a rustic, traditional farm house that has been remodeled, with a fantastic view.

Veronica, or her husband John, will pick you up from the airport and drop you back off for your flight.
If you have time before your next flight, they will offer to take you around Quito.
Veronica is very knowledgeable about the area, the history, and cultural roots of the Ecuadorian people. 

The place is comfortable, clean and has a great fireplace.

Nena and her family live next door. She is a terrific cook and took me mora berry picking on the property while my husband was napping. Then, she made mora juice for us the next morning.
Breakfast is included with choice of granola, fruit, and homemade yogurt, or eggs and toast. Other meals upon request.

My wife and I have stayed there twice and look forward to going back again.

Address: Calle Rio Chiche, Quito, Ecuador

Contact information: veroandino@gmail.com 593 9 727 8221

Recommended by David Sturm: 099 503 0770

Manny Alveraz, local driver translator

Manny is a very reliable and an excellent driver. He speaks perfect English. Manny has helped me a lot, taking me to stores, doctor appointments E. R. at hospital and anything else I needed. His rates are very good. He can help you with anything you need.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 693 2535

Recommended by Ken Mokler:  rotaallen@yahoo.com

Arturo Nieto Hatfield, appliance repair

Arturo is a knowledgeable and competent repairman for all appliances - washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove/oven. He's adjusted my calefon, replaced leaky washing machine tubing, innovated a vent for the calefon so the pilot wouldn't go out in the wind, refastened a loose oven door and added insulation on my request to the door and back resulting in more heat retention and better temperature control. He also fixed a faulty pilot on our propane heater. Very reasonable prices, nice guy, and he speaks some English.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: arturonieto61@yahoo.com 099 965 8066

Recommended by Manya Arond-Thomas:  manya@awakeintheandes.com

Jaime's Computer Repair, computer repair

Jaime, is a genius when it comes to computer repair. He had my laptop up and running after the hard drive bit the dust. He offered valuable solutions to other issues with my tablet and iPhone. His prices are reasonable and he speaks perfect English. He is knowledgeable in Windows, Apple and Linux. I recommend him very highly.

Address: El Vergel, Cuenca

Contact information: jiame.matovelle@gmail.com 099 571 1956

Recommended by Bob Wilkins:  bellowdad@gmail.com

Rectificadora Balarezo, engine rebuilding

My name is Gabo, I am 27-years-old and owner of an old import car which I love. I had the need to repair the engine of my Mitsubishi Lancer 1997, so I asked my uncle where to go, he recommended a few workshops, but I decided to go for Rectificadora Balarezo, because of the costs. So I dropped the headblock, engine block pistons, and carnkshatft to be fixed, including grinding, surface finishing, piston replacements, valve and guide replacements, all for a great price in comparison to other places I visited. I mean I spent $150 to rebuild my engine and then head to a mechanic to reassemble it with new parts. A total of $756.00 where invested and the car is running like a new one.

So my recommendation is to all of you guys that are searching for a good, and cheap place to take your engine for a fix or even a tune-up, go to this venue, the owner speaks perfect English and the workers are well trained, guaranteed.

Address: Vega Muñoz 3-07 y Tomas Ordoñez

Contact information: info@rbalarezo.com 099 590 1839 / 07 411 5172

Recommended by Gabriel Avila Abril: 098 382 4949

Misael Chipana, teacher

Learning Spanish (even enough to get around) is difficult (especially when you are my age!), Believe me when I say I have tried, and tried, and tried. Misael has made such a difference that in just two weeks I actually Speak and Understand more than from all the other tries combined. The secret? To me, it is that he first concentrates on how you pronounce each letter, working with you to teach your mouth to move with your brain. Amazing (although you will have sore jaw muscles jajaja) at first. He is trained in linguistics and truly understands languages and what they are and how to impart that to the student. He relates lessons to you -- your situation and needs. Just want casual Spanish for taxis and shopping? No problem. In-depth to read novels? No problem. A young, energetic and personable young man to boot. Happy to take you on field trips. The best? He comes to your home on your schedule. Fees? So reasonable - $5.00 per hour per person (couple is $8.00), Feel free to drop me an email if you would like more information. Truly Misael is amazing. Happy to be his reference as are a number of my amigos.

Address: Alberto Munoz, Cuenca

Contact information:  098 708 3624

Recommended by Sandra Kraft: sandykrafty@gmail.com

Viva La Food, street food

Food glorious food. Viva La Food (a new concept here) is serving gourmet street food at amazingly reasonable prices. Ben Passini has created a culinary event -- all you can fit in a wrap: fill with Smoked Ribs, Beef Tenderloin, Stir Fried Veggies, Beans, Risotto, Quinoa Salad and all the Salsa you want. Tooooooo yummy for words. Their pop-up street food cart is just in front of Hotel Oro Verde on Ordonez Lasso. 12-3:30 and 5-11 PM. Great concept -- my hat is off to Ben and Maluchi for bringing this cosmopolitan concept to Cuenca. Simply delicious. Fun -- a great place to meet and eat and make new friends. If you don't know Ben and Maluchi you are in for a treat and some great new friends there too.

Address: Ordonez Lasso in front of Hotel Oro Verde

Contact information:  099 122 3824

Recommended by Sandra Kraft:  sandykrafty@gmail.com

MetroCar, car dealership

MetroCar - As we decided to purchase a car in Ecuador we visited MetroCar. We were immediately greeted and met Jose Vintimilla. José is fully bilingual, he was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and began by asking us questions and explained the difference between the cars we were considering to purchase. We left the car dealer and Jose feeling confident. Then we decided to visit another dealer, competitor...what a difference in service and approach - the other car dealer attempted to charge us for items included in the car package for an extra $1,600. We definitely recommend MetroCar, Jose Vintimilla and his Manager Francisco Gonzalez to help you with your car purchase.

Address: Remigio Crespo Cuenca

Contact information:  098 729 6427

Recommended by Liz Shirk:  elshirk@bellsouth.net

Harsha Hari Nair, English teacher

Harsha is a excellent teacher.

We started the class with her in January and we learned pronunciation, reading, grammar, writing, spelling and vocabulary. Her class is very good and we have class with Harsha four hours a week and all this time Harsha taught us a lot of things and things that we don’t know about English. Harsha is a good teacher and a excellent person. We highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn English. She has a good experience in teaching.

Address: Benigno Malo 6-75 y Presidente Cordova

Contact information: harshaharinair1@gmail.com

Recommended by Josue Siguenza: 098 738 8163 josuesiguenzaa@gmail.com

Ribs and More, restaurant

Amazing smoked ribs. We ordered the full-size baby back ribs and full-size St Louis ribs. These are smoked on site, and come to the table "dry" and you can add the sauces there and mix and match if you wish. The "smoke ring" was obvious and mouth-watering. The entrees came with 2 sides each. The French fries, baked beans and chili con carne were excellent. We didn't try some of their salads - next time. And there were 3 BBQ sauces that we could use at the table - all were delightfully tasty and tangy. More than enough to fill us thoroughly, and still take some home. Since we made room for their delicious homemade carrot cake with buttercream frosting.

The staff and owners were pleasant and attentive. Do search on Facebook for them - search for CostillasYMas so you get all their hours and updates. Apparently, they are open for lunch too Wed-Sat from noon-3 (maybe they open a bit earlier like 11:30) and for dinner Wed-Sat 5 - 10 or so. And Sunday from noon-5 PM. They are doing a wine-tasting on Saturday which sounds very cool - requires reservations though, and it sounds like they're having some special food items available for that tasting too.

We're looking forward to trying them again for lunch and dinner again.

Address: Carlos Teran y Julio Matovelle - frente al Parque de las Candelas

Contact information: robert@ribsandmore.ec

Recommended by Deb Miller:  debjmiller9@gmail.com

Bodhi's Burgers, restaurant

Had lunch at Bodhi's Burgers Tuesday and the experience exceeded expectations. The space is small, but very clean and tastefully decorated in a US style 1950's diner. There is an outdoor seating area beneath a covered deck with an exceptional view.

You probably would not call the burgers "gourmet" fare, nor do the prices reflect that. The largest burger on the menu, a double Bodhi Burger sells for $3.50, while the going rate for most burgers in town is at least double that price. The burgers are, however, very good and reflect the diner style motif the place seems to be aiming for. Also on offer is a fish sandwich that one person in our party said was very tasty.

All in our party agreed that the homemade ice cream is, "not to be missed." Four flavors, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and peanut butter. Two generous scoops for $1.50 with complimentary chocolate sauce if desired. Or, you can have the ice cream in a generous sized milkshake for $4. And, don't shy away from the peanut butter, it's unique but amazingly good.

The address for the location is Mariscal Sucre 17-80, but it's down the hill (west) of San Sebastian Plaza, on the same side of the street as the Museum of Modern Art.

Address: Mariscal Sucre 17-80

Contact information:  095 906 0381

Recommended by Ken R:  user.ken.r@gmail.com

Waffles de Belgica, restaurant

Cuenca's legendary Belgium Waffle place has moved.

They're now situated within the courtyard next to the CIDAP museum, along the river on 3 de Noviembre just west of the escalera at the base of Calle Hermano Miguel.

Presently their open hours are: Thursday – Sunday, 10 AM - 5:30 PM.

Yesterday I had a most deliciously flaky waffle (still warm!) with a scoop of chocolate ice cream (just $2) - Yummm!

Address: Next to the CIDAP museum on 3 de Noviembre, just west of the base of the stairs at Hermano Miguel

Contact information:  098 488 6258

Recommended by Dyanne Kruger:  TravelnLass@gmail.com

Tienda Néctar, health food/holistic treatment

I highly recommend the magnesium oil massage. Had one on Friday and it was amazing. My back feels great.

Only $25 for a really thorough full body deep tissue massage. Treat yourself now.

Address: Benigno Malo 12-27 and Gaspar Sangurima

Contact information: taniyanni@yahoo.com

Recommended by Irene Hogarth:  irenehogarth67@gmai.com

G&F Home Painting, painting and cleaning

This team of professionals was recommended to me by my excellent hair stylist Erich who had this crew in to do his new digs – beautiful.

They re-painted in the beautiful chosen colors and transformed my house into a place I love even more. What is left to be said except that they were really, really punctual--clean, thorough, polite, thorough--( well it bears repeating), punctual and focused.

They did not waste time, make costly mistakes, create a lot of noise, leave their things lying around. They always cleaned up at the end of the day and put their things tidily to one side.

A very lovely all round experience.

Gustavoe speaks English and is very polite, respectful and helpful.

Address: Calle de Los Cerezos y El Sucre

Contact information: gusgt19@hotmail.com 098 649 0137

Recommended by Barbara Suderman:  barbara.suderman@yahoo.com