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House of Diabetes, medical foundation

I would like to recommend the foundation named "Casa de la Diabetes" where I have received excellent medical attention and where they carry everything necessary to keep the diabetes under control. The main purpose of this foundation is to help everyone who has this condition and the products they have in stock are sold at bargain prices.

Address: Padre Julio Matovelle 8-49 y Lorenzo Piedra

Contact information:  07 288 9045 / 099 841 1622

Recommended by JT Neira:  jubefi@hotmail.com

Jaime Amendano, woodworking and furniture

As many of you may know, furniture purchased in Ecuador is much lower to the floor than what we are accustomed to in North America. We hired Jaime to build new legs for our sofas, raise the coffee table and also raise two nightstands. Jaime completed all of the work in a timely manner at a great cost and was always on time.

Jaime speaks perfect English and I would recommend him for any woodworking needs that you may have.

Address: Azogues

Contact information:  095 968 0636

Recommended by Mark Tellier:  tellmark@me.com

Bed and Breakfast Del Cielo (Quito), Accommodation

I went to Quito and found the perfect place to stay:

I enjoyed a nice and cozy place, located in the heart of the neighborhood "La Mariscal", where you find all restaurants, bars, etc. (During the night it is not even necessary to look for taxis. Everything is in a safe walking  distance.)

With high German standards and the best view of the city I felt nearly better than home. The friendly German owner introduced me to the city highlights and its sights so you do not even need a travel book and feel safe right from the first moment of your stay.

WiFi, hot water, a balcony and you can put your toilet paper directly in the bowl.

Price (including good breakfast):

Paul Cuenca, upholstery, re-upholstery

We recently had two bar stools re-upholstered. Excellent work, fast, professional, reasonably priced. Paul speaks excellent English.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: andreevs83@gmail.com

Recommended by Joe Hamel: 096 947 7839

Todd Hetzel, personal trainer

I have lived in Cuenca for over a year and this is my first recommendation. I started training with Todd Hetzel about 3 months ago, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. I have dropped almost 20 pounds since starting with Todd, my nagging back pain is gone and my energy level is through the roof.

Todd is a very personable guy and makes the workouts fun. He tailors them to your individual fitness goals and limitations. I want to climb Mt. Chinborazo, so we are really working hard, but if your goal is just to get back into those jeans that are a little too tight, he'll work with you on that. He also comes to you to train. If you have a gym membership, he will meet you at your gym to train. If not, he will come to your house and work with you there. Can't say enough good things about him.

Contact information: hetzel.todd@yahoo.com

Recommended by Steve Hyde:  hydeaway62@gmail.com

Havi Govinda, computer restoration

Hello, dear Wanderer community,

I wanted to share a recent experience involving my MacBook hard-drive seemingly crashing in which I exhausted the Apple Support folks in the (numerous) attempts offered to resolve my problem, incidentally without success, though blessings upon them for their efforts.

And then I ran into a humble friend who I buy fresh homemade goodies from who revealed that one hof his passions is to investigate and solve 'unfixable' computer problems in the face of Apple telling me my trusted machine was a hopeless case.

Havi and his state-of-the-art computer repairman tools got to work, quickly dissecting my machine into parts I had never seen. Intuitively, he sensed the problem beyond the 'experts' formal language and somehow got my machine-friend running better than before - like someone had delivered it a tonic.

And then when I asked his fee, he said something like "pay me what you can/whatever feels right" which although he could use the funds, revealed that this humble brother was truly moving from the eart.

My once-hopeless computer is singing as I write this recommendation. Thank you, dear Havi-dude for fixing my machine-friend and not breaking the bank.

Havi's contact info: 099 543 3752 (Tuesdays he and that lovely Russian companion of his sell there yummies at Tiendra Nectar.

Sincerely, Andreas-dude 

Address: Chordeleg and Cuenca

Recommended by Andreas Dude: 096 950 6169

Giko, gluten-free bread/pastries

Giko (address below) offers an expanding line of gluten-free products, chief among them a quite tasty yucca bread that can be sliced, toasted and buttered without falling apart. Newer products are a cake roll (bit sweet) and yogurt pies with different flavors. I have tried all of these and found them safe and free of negative effects for celiac and other gluten-sensitive diets.

Giko also sells what may well be one of the best yogurts available in Cuenca and runs a couple of yoghurt/pastry/chocolate cafes which also serve as outlets for their gluten-free products. The main one is very central, close to Parque Calderon (address below). It’s a small, friendly, family-owned and run business. They do not speak English, however.

Address: Benigno Malo 6-54 between Pres. Cordova and Juan Jaramillo

Contact information: facebook.com/Gikogurt 099 559 1277 / 098 743 5986

Recommended by Paul Wagner:  paulwag87@gmail.com

Marisqueria, restaurant

My friend and I, on a walk around Cuenca, came across this little restaurant. What a treasure, fresh seafood and other types. The seating space and restrooms are very clean. The owners are husband and wife young couple and very pleasant. If you want some terrific seafood with Ecuadorian prices, this is the place.

Address: La Republica 424 y Garcia Moreno

Contact information:  098 158 0577 or 280 4691

Recommended by Robert Arechiga:  raa_designs@hotmail.com

Dr. Santiago Romo, medical doctor, orthopedist

I highly recommend Dr. Santiago Romo to my fellow expats for evaluation and treatment of any orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. The doctor recently established his practice in Cuenca after practicing in Quito where he was employed by the US Government, Peace Corps. After experiencing the sudden onset of disabling hip pain, I emailed Dr. Romo. He responded very quickly by telephone, assessed my symptoms and emailed a prescription for an x-ray. Then he visited my home read the x-ray, conducted an examination and reached a diagnosis. Because I was having difficulty walking, he drove my wife to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and drove her back to our home. Talk about exceeding expectations. Following his advice, I found myself pain-free within 24 hours. I offer my highest recommendation for Dr. Santiago Romo.

He speaks English fluently. 100%.

Contact information: santiagoromo@gmail.com 098 027 2399

Recommended by Jack Paine: 098 422 5933 jackincuenca@outlook.com

Cactus Café - Challuabamba, restaurant

My wife and I have eaten here twice since its recent opening. The food is excellent and the prices are reasonable. It is informal dining at its best. Place your order beneath the menu (dine in or to go) and your food is brought to your table. Almost everything is served burrito style so don't be surprised when your fajitas are served in a fresh flour tortilla. The proprietor (Fernando) speaks good English and is a good man to talk to. They are open during lunch, Monday thru Saturday.

Location: Driving north from Cuenca on the Autopista, you will pass a petrol station on the right, then you will go under an overpass (careful, there is a stationary speed radar there) then turn right onto the Challuabamba entrance road which has a Fybeca Farmacia on the left. Cactus Cafe is immediately on the right. Parking is available or park where you can.

Address: Challuabamba

Contact information: cactuscafe@gmail.com 410 9058

Recommended by Pat Wilson:  jerpatwil96@yahoo.com

Dhifaf, belly dancing

I had a great experience yesterday attending my first belly dancing class with Dhifaf. She is one of kindest, most engaging people I have met here. Her classes include very interesting history and some understanding of the language used in the music. She teaches belly dancing as an art and a way to build strength between your physical and spiritual nature. If you attend her classes, you will not be disappointed. By the way, in addition to the above, we all had a great time. No one was expected to be an expert.

Address: Classes are held at the Gorilla Gym

Contact information:  099 274 3584

Recommended by Liz Bennett:  chirallycorrect@gmail.com

Chuck Strick, Kodi box configuration

Having purchased a Kodi box from a GP advertiser, I continually found myself unable to watch NFL games in a satisfactory manner. I could watch a half and then lose either the sound or the picture or both. Additionally, I had asked that my Kodi box include Spanish language movies for my regular guest. 99% of the movies selected would not play.

I posted a plea on GP and it was answered very quickly by Chuck Strick. I took my box and my control stick to Chuck and explained what I wanted. That was at 10 AM on a weekend. At 3 PM that day, Chuck notified me that my box was ready. I went to pick it up and he sat with me and showed me the corrections he had made, suggested that I sign up for US TV Now and showed me the Spanish language selections that he had added. I brought the box home and have had the pleasure of watching NFL games all the way through with both audio and video and my guest enjoys full length movies in her native tongue.

Chuck does provide support and answers questions as part of his service charge. He will have Amazon Fire Sticks loaded with Kodi in mid-February.

Chuck does all of his work at home, so you will need to take your Kodi box to him and return to pick it up but it's worth the drive to have a Kodi that works well.

Address: Chuck works out of his residence which is located in Cuenca

Contact information: cwshirk@bellsouth.net

Recommended by Richard E Mateyko:  redbell20j@hotmail.com

Namaste, India restaurant

We had a delightful meal at Namaste India restaurant and would like to recommend it to you. The staff is attentive and courteous. They want you to have an excellent dining experience. The menu is extensive. They have vegetarian, lamb, beef, chicken, fish and rice main courses. (I saw a Chinese section on the menu as well.) We had Palack Paneer, Kadai Paneer (ok we like paneer), and Cheman Bahar Vegetable for main courses, accompanied with Nan and rice. Servings are plentiful and delicious. We took food home and had no room to try the delicious sounding desserts. They have been open about a month. It's nice to have an excellent Indian restaurant in Town. Stop by their establishment and try their wonderful food. I have to go back to try some more of their dishes. They have delivery too.

Address: Calle Larga 8-81 y Benigno Malo, Cuenca

Contact information: basil.leisureinn@gmail.com 098 415 4229

Recommended by Holly Shrader:  shraderh@gmail.com

Victor Car, private taxi service

Hello everyone, I will really recommend this private taxi service. They are very responsible and they work 24/7. They work inside and outside of Cuenca City.


Victor Car
Cel:096 906 1837 (Spanish)
099 843 1497 (English )

Address: Cuenca City

Recommended by Eugenia Loja:  eugina82@yahoo.com

Yianni of Nectar, massage and healing

My Friend, Raine, told me about the massage skills of Yianni at Tienda Nectar, and I've been hooked ever since. I get his treatments every week.

What I enjoyed most is the massage from neck to shoulders. That's like being in heaven. I wouldn't mind if that is all I get, but the whole body needs to decongest. The type of massage Yianni provides is deep tissue massage, but sometimes you would have to tell this healer to take it easy with those strong hands.

If you like or need deep tissue massage, I recommend you see Yianni and get the best treatments possible for the upcoming year. If you text him he will certainly reply.

Address: Tioenda Nectar Benigno malo y Caspar Sangurima

Contact information: tiendanectar@mail.com 090 841 9832

Recommended by Jackie Gibbs:  veronikg2016@gmail.com

Dona Chabela, general store

Eureka, I found them. Whole nutmegs (nuez moscada) and shelled pecans (pecanas) ready for baking, at this neat little shop. "Dona Chabela" is located at 5-48 General Torres, directly opposite the big Torres-side entrance to the popular 10 de Agosto Market. The pecans and other nuts are fresh and priced Ecuador-style (not cheap - but worth the price). I saw peanuts, walnuts and almonds also, just to name a few. The owner, Isabel, is happy to order anything you may need and she keeps her word. I asked for the pecans myself and there they are. Fresh, too. Plus, there is a glass container full of whole nutmegs on the sales counter. Isabel also has a good selection of liquors and beers.

At my request, Isabel searched Ecuador for sweet vermouth for my Manhattans and she found it. She now has stocked some very large bottles of the world-famous Italian vermouth Cinzano, bottled under license in Peru. This version is a bit light on the typical Cinzano herbs, if you ask me, but is excellent for Manhattans and for cooking. Just finding sweet vermouth in Ecuador is a challenge, I know. Isabel’s large bottles from Peru cost less than the small bottles of vermouth found occasionally in Cuenca. Also, she sells cold juices. Grains. Rice. Eggs. Prepared meats. Quite a happy little place to shop - so I am recommending it to you all. Tell Isabel that Don Eduardo sent you. Cheers, everyone.

Address: 5-48 General Torres

Contact information:  282 7704

Recommended by Eduardo Rueda:  speccman@outlook.com

Esperanza Thrift Shop

I would like to recommend Esperanza Thrift Shop, 11-36 Tarqui, just north of Mariscal Sucre. Every time I go there I find a treasure. On my last couple of trips, I found two great books on embroidery, each just a few dollars, and I found two extra-large L L Bean shirts of 100% cotton that I plan to repurpose for my quilting and embroidery projects. I hadn't been able to find suitable 100% cotton in Cuenca fabric stores so I was thrilled to find these shirts and to support the wonderful work of Hogar de Esperanza and Mujeres con Exito . There are also books on meditation, cookbooks, and much more. 

For more information about store hours, etc., just search GringoPost or contact Garry Vatcher.
City: Cuenca

Address: Esperanza Thrift Shop, 11-36 Tarqui

Contact information: director@hogardelaesperanzaecuador.org  096 896 2015. Call after: 7 AM.

Recommended by Patricia Daugherty:  daughertyp949@gmail.com

Hostal Santa Canela, hostal, bar, food

If you have never seen this place in person you need to take a look. The old patrimonial home has been lovingly restored by Danny Vasquez. The bar and combined large event room is massive. The photo shows at least 6 bar stools and not in the picture were 2 more on either side of the photo. The bar is stocked like any upscale one you might find. And, he also owns the liquor store on the corner of his Hostal. There is a massive kitchen for B, L and D, outdoor covered booths and dining tables and chairs next to a massive brick pizza oven.

I looked at a few rooms, all with private bath, 2 people room 1 bed $35. 4 person 2 beds are $45. Including WiFi, and a real hot water system. The bar has its own sound system and is a beautiful venue overlooking the river as well. I should have taken more pictures than I did. The parking lot is massive, clean and new. So clean you could set up a few picnic benches and eat out there if you wanted. Danny has done a beautiful job with the building.

I cannot wait to go enjoy breakfast or a $4 almuerzo with several choices of entrees. Danny does not yet have a FB page but I can see he has been attending to quality details at this time instead. He has been open about 1 month now and was booked up at the recent holiday last month.

The upstairs bar is open 4 to midnight Tue -Thurs. and noon to 2 AM Fri and Sat. Danny speaks fluent English and has lived in the USA (TX and NY), Germany, France, Italy and Holland. He is very personable and will give you a tour if time allows, but do not miss the upstairs bar.

It is located just past the Todos Santos Church on the left side of the street, 1.5 short blocks towards Banco Central from the church on the left side of the street but way before Restaurant Maiz. You will see the Liquor store first. It is open 2-10 Tue - Thurs and 2 - midnight Fri and Sat. 

Address: 3-82 Calle Larga y Vargas Machuga

Contact information:  282 5922 or 099 726 9237

Recommended by Rick Crook:  ahipychipy@cox.net

Pharmacy and sundries, Farmavida, Clara Mori

This is a new, 1 location pharmacy located in the Alemeda building which is above and behind the Common Grounds restaurant. I believe the young couple’s parents may have assisted in setting them up in the business. They will give discounts like they do at Fybeca and the other big box pharmacies as well. Clara's Father-in-law is a medical doctor and both of the couples’ mothers are also in the pharmacy business or are pharmacists. So, if there are any questions, the information is just a phone call away. In addition, her husband also speaks English. I have used them since they opened up about a month ago. Stop by, say hello and see what they can do for you. If they do not have the product you are requesting they will generally have it that afternoon or the next day. I have added a photo of the storefront and the proprietress’s card.

Address: Jose Astudillo y Eduardo Crespo Malo at the Edificio La Alemeda 1 Local 3.

Contact information:  421 8146 or 098 751 9224

Recommended by Rick Crook: ahipychipy@cox.net

Amcry, Swiss restaurant

We had a great dinner at Amcry right across from a park. The food was excellent.

Here is their web site: amcry.wordpress.com/about-2/

Give them a try. You will also love it.

Address: Julio Matovelle y Carlos Teran. Frente Parque Las Candelas

Contact information: amcryswiss@hotmail.com

Recommended by Gary A Sisk: Reservations: 07 288 5864 Cell: 099 558 7966 gas2335@yahoo.com

Villa San Marcos, hotel, great value

I am staying at Villa San Marcos, 7-45 Vega Muñoz, just 4 blocks from Calderon Park. This is an exceptionally clean, newer hotel priced at just $21 per night for a single with a firm double bed. You can negotiate down a few dollars if you're staying for a week or longer. It has strong, hot showers, cable TV (Spanish only), includes a good breakfast, excellent wifi, free parking, and they have excellent service, with laundry. While Mariana, the owner, doesn't speak English, you can still communicate with her. This is a very safe place and I have walked the streets as late as 10 PM  without a problem. Currently I am the only person in this hotel. I can hardly believe it, since it is so nice and clean and such a good price.

Address: Vega Muñoz 7-45 between Presidente Borrero and Luis Cordero

Contact information:  07 284 3111

Recommended by Joy B.:  urantiajoy@gmail.com

Silvia, excellent facilitator

I know you read about many Facilitators every day in GringoPost, but you really must try Silvia. Her English is perfect, she has her own car and knows her way around. She is very patient, punctual, and gets things done. She is very familiar with the ever changing IESS system and can explain medical terms and conditions. She has three daughters in college: one studying to be a doctor, one a fashion designer and one a chef. Silvia is very hard working, as college is expensive. I highly recommend her and admire her work ethic.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  099 884 7521

Recommended by Wanda Canon: 099 822 8698

BJ's Cafe Liqueur

I am happy to recommend this delightful beverage. I just opened my third bottle, and it won't be my last. BJ's Cafe Liqueur is simply amazing and it's made right here in Cuenca, by a good friend of mine. She worked on the recipe for a year to perfect it. My favorite way to enjoy it is just to sit and sip it, but it's also wonderful over ice cream or in coffee. The bottle makes such a nice presentation and makes a great gift. And you can't beat the price at just $10 a bottle.

To order, just email bob_barb742@hotmail.com 

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Michelle Manny:  manfredmoose@msn.com

Josefina Rivera, housecleaning

I am happy to recommend Josefina Rivera as an excellent resource for housecleaning. She has cleaned for me for only a short time, but I have been very satisfied with her work, her attitude and her willingness to do what is needed. She arrives on time. She is soft-spoken and very gracious.

Josefina does not speak much English but I have found a computer translator works fine when my inadequate Spanish fails me. If you need help occasionally or on a regular basis, I suggest you give her a try. Feel free to contact me if you need help communicating with her.

Address: Avenue of the Americas/Daniel Alvarado area

Contact information:  098 477 3158

Recommended by Nancy Thornton:  nancythornton58@gmail.com

Santa Canela, restaurant

New restaurant alert: we stopped by Santa Canela, Holy Cinnamon Calle Larga 3-82 and Vargas Machuca, last night and really enjoyed it. It's new and Freddy, the owner, is a real charmer who sincerely aimed to please. I'm not certain of the hours, but he said it would be breakfast, lunch and dinner. We sat outside and the city lights were beautiful. It is upstairs through the Hostal on Calle Larga. Phone is 099 726 9237. I recommend it highly for good food, service and hospitality.

Address: Holy Cinnamon Calle Larga 3-82 y Vargas Machuca

Contact information:  099 726 9237

Recommended by Mary Mullowney:  memullo@aol.com

Edgar, hotel and spa - La Villa Penon in Banos

We stayed for 3 nights in La Villa Penon in Banos, located just away from the town center and nice and quiet. Extra large king-size bed made our stay very comfortable but Edgar, the son of the owner family, made our stay exceptional. His recommendations turned out to be a winner in every aspect.
You must have a spa in their place. It is included in the price but the experience is outstanding.

Address: Via al Puyo Calle S/N y Av. de las Amazonas

Contact information: lavilladelpenion@andinanet.net 593 3 274 3370

Recommended by Helmut Weizenbichler:  helmutweizenbichler@outlook.com

Fernando Diaz Ofalleresaz, appliance repair

After 3 unsuccessful refrigerator repairs by other repair people (the last one by a repair person who said it would require a very hard to get part and be very expensive), Fernando Diaz came in, replaces the "hard to get" part and cleaned up after himself. He was on time (5 minutes early) and efficient. He does not speak English but my bad Spanish was sufficient to solve the problem. Thank you, Senor Diaz.

Calle Padre Montovelle y Avenida Loja 07 281 9843

Recommended by Cathleen Brethauer:  cathleen.brethauer@sbcglobal.net

Carlos Zhingri, luggage/shoe repair

Renovadora de Calzado

Carlos expertly and instantly repaired a backpack. I asked him about the worn heels of my hiking/walking boots and he fixed those while I waited. They also do clothes alterations.

Carlos speaks English. He provides Value.

Located on Presidente Cordova, near General Torres.

Contact information:  282 5858

Recommended by Eric Fraterman:  ericfraterman@gmail.com

Tesecomp, authorized Apple dealer

Their technician, Luis speaks English. They expertly and affordably fixed my iPhone.

They are located just behind the Banco Pichincha on Remigio Crespo.

Address: Padre Julio Matavelle 3-58 y Juan Iniguez (Condominio El Molle)

Contact information:  245 5307 / 098 494 0018.

Recommended by Eric Fraterman:  ericfraterman@gmail.com

Chocolate factory trip

I had the most amazing tour of a chocolate factory today, free, of course. I met the owners and brothers and brothers-in-law. Tour must be arranged prior to visit. Call Leo and he will take you there, 099 994 4347. This is not on any tourist schedule. Very private. Located right here in Cuenca. Not a name brand factory.

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Diane Hall:  dkh6821@aol.com

Mariana Cevallos, cleaning, packing helper

Mariana has worked for me for years. She is dependable, honest, hard worker, loves caring for your pet and house. She speaks Spanish but you can call me if necessary.

Address: Heroes de Verde Loma and Tarqui

Contact information:  099 460 2959

Recommended by Mary Guthrie: 099 107 8832.

Guiatour Travel Agency

We would like to recommend Guiatour Travel Agency located at Bolivar 9-41. We have traveled back and forth to the United States several times, so know what price to expect. We were pleasantly surprised when we obtained our tickets at Guiatour. In fact, the rates were not even $50 more than what we paid for our first trip to Ecuador back in 1984. We thought it had to be a mistake. The people in the office were fabulous. If you are uncomfortable with your level of Spanish you might want to take a friend with you. You also need both your cedula and passport. Before purchasing airline tickets anywhere else, I urge you to get a guote from Guiatour.

Address: Bolivar 9-41

Contact information: guiatouracuenca@outlook.es 283 8 004 404 7938

Recommended by Nancy Goodman:  njglaw@gmail.com

Pub, bar

I am a huge fan of craft beers. For 20+ years now. The pub is a fun place and they have about 6 micro brews on tap. IPA, Stout, etc. And an honest pour (a full glass). $1 tacos. What’s not to like here?

They open at noon on Sat. I will be there next Sat. Near the edificio Work Center. Miguel Cordero 1-104 Davila Francisco Moscoso.

Contact information: thepub@gmail.com 098 332 7839

Recommended by Jack Lovett:  jclbiz@yahoo.com

Deicy Gomez, hairdresser, child minder, housekeeper

I should like to recommend Deicy, who has been my hairdresser for the past four years. For me, the greatest service that she provides is that, after having spent 18 years in the US, she is able to do a decent perm, for which she charges only $25 (a little more for long hair). She lives in Capulispamba, but is happy to take her kit to your house and do the cutting, styling, perming there.

Deicy also worked as a childminder and housekeeper in the States, so she can look after your kids responsibly and can do the cleaning, washing and cooking as well. She is available from 2 in the afternoon for 4-5 hours, Mon-Fri.

She charges $4-$5 per hour depending on the length of her shift. She doesn’t mind if you only give her the job of a before-Xmas cleaning spree, so that she can demonstrate her skills. She has enough English to sustain a conversation and take bookings over the phone. Mobile: 099 290 3684; landline: 287 5599.

Deicy has two grown children and these days she has time on her hands while needing money to pay for her children’s education. Should you need any help with introductions or would like me to write a reference, I am available. Elizabeth 098 939 0277 ebekes@yahoo.co.uk

Address: Capulispamba

Contact information: deicyadelitagomez@gmail.com 099 290 3684

Recommended by Elizabeth Bekes: 098 939 0277.

Luis, plumber

Luis has worked for me twice and both times I was very impressed with his work and integrity. Please consider him for any extra work you may have. Thank you,

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 762 7537

Recommended by Pamela Phoenix:  pamela15phoenix@gmail.com

Mudanzas, moving company

We had 10 beds that needed to be disassembled and reassembled at the new property. The beds were going in 3 different houses. Jamil and his crew worked quickly and efficiently. They moved beds and about 20 suitcases and 10 boxes. They were on time and got everything done in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost.

When we got to the new property they fixed the frame of one of the beds that was previously broken with some wood they found lying around and without any extra cost even though they had no obligation to do so.

They made the move stress free and I would 100% use their services again.

Address: Cuenca and surrounding areas

Contact information: movingcrewecuador@gmail.com 098 400 1020

Recommended by Matawandi #: 096 893 0787

Paul, custom ottoman maker

I ordered a red ottoman. Paul took the measurements, made the ottoman with nice storage space and quite comfortable to sit on too. Delivered it to my door in 2 days for a very reasonable price. Extremely pleased. The sitting comfort was a bonus. We did not expect that. We just wanted extra storage. Great job Paul.

You can find his information below:

Furniture, for sale: If you are looking for furniture and you can't find the right things, we can design anything that you want. Starting from chairs, ottomans, dining tables, beds, night stands, desks. To kitchen furniture, shelves, cabinets, mirrors and more.

We have the best prices in town. Call us. We speak English.

Paul: a.nvise@hotmail.es 099 666 1367. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Recommended by Jennifer Rolling King:  jennifer.king1115@yahoo.com

Erika Molina, translator

 If you are in need of a translator, then this is the young lady for you. Pleasant, dependable and always on time. I have used her on numerous occasions while navigating the IESS system. I refer to her as pleasantly aggressive. If your Spanish ability is questionable I urge you to contact her. She is worth every penny of her hourly charge which is less than many.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: eri.moongirl@gmail.com 099 901 9832

Recommended by Bruce Hessler:  whoanellie41@gmail.com

Jing Pettela, massage therapy

Hands-down, the most amazing massage therapist I have ever had. Jing has strong hands for those who need a bit more pressure and healing. She is a huge reason that I have stayed in Cuenca so long. After a massage with Jing, my troubles float away. She is my little miracle worker. If you need a deep tissue massage and a great friend, Jing is the answer. Love her.

Address: Rafael Maria Arizaga (18-62) y Octovio Cordero

Contact information: 099 577 9533

Recommended by Charlotte Golden:  charlottegolden@rocketmail.com

Carolyn V. Hamilton, art workshops

Carolyn V Hamilton has offered two Art Play Days that I've recently attended: one on watercolor techniques in October and a paper and bead earring workshop in November. My artistic side was inspired. She provided a great space with lots of light and materials to work with. She was also generous with her guidance and encouragement. Her lunch was a delicious complement to the day. If you want to play and have fun, I highly recommend Carolyn's workshops.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: CaroModernArt@gmail.com

Recommended by Suzanne Freddie:  sfreddie506@gmail.com