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Pablo Marca, laptop computers

Several days ago I bought an HP 245 G5 laptop from this young man, Pablo Marca. New in the box for $400, which I know is way less than they typically cost here.

The computer works fine, and Pablo spent the extra time to make sure I knew how to use it, and he changed the internal language to English for me.

I would definitely recommend this young man if you are needing a new laptop and don't want to pay import prices.

I have included his email here.

Any questions, please email me.

Contact information: pablo.marca@outlook.com

Recommended by Andrew Coonce: acoonce02@yahoo.com

Oscar Pitiño, transportation

I used Oscar for transportation from my Cuenca home to the airport in Guayaquil. It cost $80 one way. And, when I returned, I used him for the return trip. What I really appreciated was that he was a very safe, courteous driver. At no time, was I frightened by his driving. He was also very thoughtful, asking if I needed a rest stop, turning on the A/C after asking if I would like it used, etc.

He was very prompt. He picked me up at home when scheduled. He arrived about 5 minutes after our scheduled meeting time at Guayaquil, but he called to let me know. So, I have confidence in his reliability and punctuality.

He can take multiple people and lots of luggage for the same rate. His rate for Cuenca-Quito is $250.

He does not speak English, so if your Spanish is poor, I’d suggest making arrangements using google translate.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: oscarpatino@outlook.com 097 936 7243

Recommended by Monte Montana: monte.montana@gmail.com

Fabian Mancero, remodeling/construction

Fabian is my landlord and I am recommending him as an excellent construction professional. (That should tell you something.) He remodeled the home I live in and does detailed, professional work. He is qualified not only for regular construction, but also for patrimonial work. (historical preservation work like in downtown).

If you need something done, reach out to me and I will connect you. Two thumbs up for this guy. He does great work.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: fabianmancero@hotmail.com

Recommended by Darrell Forte: dforte0368@me.com

Maria Morocho, housekeeper

Maria, has been with us for four weeks. She works up a sweat every week getting the house clean, like she likes it. You had better stand out of her way, Very little English but call Emilio Morocho, her husband and who speaks perfect English. You don't need to talk to her as she takes over and cleans.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 699 5694

Recommended by Andrew Jordan: 096 943 6858

Ruben Morocho, carpentry

Ruben Morocho lived and worked in the USA and is a carpenter who speaks some English and is very reliable and responsible. Please call him for any carpentry work you may have for him.

He may be reached at 098 567 8768.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

You may also call me for more information

Recommended by Karen Sueetta Joyce: sueettajoyce@gmail.com 098 849 7587

Roger Ramirez, computer maintenance

I wanted to recommend Roger Ramirez for help in getting my old laptop and desktop up to speed, I feel like I just got brand new machines, without the ticket cost. Roger can format laptops and PCs, install hard to get programs or antiviruses, or simply help optimize your computer to get it running much faster than before. Roger can also help in installing electric or internet cables at your home to connect your devices. Roger is offering his services at a discount as he will be here a limited time. Don´t miss out on this opportunity.

His contact email: mduchicelar@gmail.com

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Rumi Duchicela: rduchice@hotmail.com

Luis Gonzáles/Terra Diversa, tour guide

I would like to recommend Luis González to you. We hired Luis for a tour with visiting friends around Cuenca. We had a wonderful day. and new experiences at San Bartolomé, Chordeleg, and Gualaceo. We have lived in Cuenca for 2 years and had visited Cuenca for five years prior to our moving but one of our visiting friends was here for the first time thus the tour. Luis arrived promptly and immediately began to surprise and delight us. He speaks excellent English and has a wealth of knowledge about Cuenca and the surrounding areas which he shares readily.

We had asked to see San Bartolomé, the home of the handmade guitars; Gualaceo, famous for its leather stores; and Chordeleg, known for its jewelry stores and filigree. We were immediately surprised and delighted that Luis took the southern route through El Valle, which none of us had seen before to go into San Bartolomé where we visited the local church, tried tortillas at the local market, and Omero Ullawari, the last surviving craftsman who hand makes guitars, explained and demonstrated his craft. He still makes guitars totally by hand and inlays all the designs piece by tiny piece.

From there we headed to Chordeleg, where we visited Rosa de Loja, who creates a wide variety of ceramic figures, pictures and other art work. She demonstrated how she makes the tiny figures from clay, which is then dried, kiln fired and painted. (We couldn't resist buying some pieces.)

Next, we visited Jorge Lituma a handsome Cañari, who demonstrated how his filigreed jewelry is handcrafted (which he also designs). In our other visits, none of us had seen these wonderful crafts people.

We had a wonderful lunch at Casa Grande and then visited Ecuagenera, Orquideas del Ecuador.
Unfortunately, the tour was not available, but we were able to purchase some of their wonderful orchids.

Next we visited the IKAT Casa Museo de la Macana, where we watched the owner's daughter make various colors of dye from a crushed beetle; weave and tie shawls and make yarn from alpaca wool. This should have been the end of a wonderful day, even though Mother Nature had conspired to make it a little too wet. But on the way home via the northern route back into Cuenca, we had to pass through El Descano, where water run-off from the mountain had created a pond over the roadway. Fortunately, Luis our guide and very prudent driver was up to the task and got us through about 2 feet of water and home.

Overall, a wonderful day. Luis tailored the day to our wants and desires. What more could one ask?

Address: TerraDiversa, Calle Larga

Contact information: shadow_gonzales@hotmail.com

Recommended by Holly Shrader: shraderh@gmail.com

Pablo Restrepo, businessman

I'm very happy with the purchase of a Land in Tarqui,and without the help of Mr. Pedro Mejia, it would have been impossible to have done it. I bought beautiful land in Tarqui at a great price.

Thank you Mr. Mejia (093 948 4780).
He still has 2 more pieces of land in Tarqui to offer.

Address: Sucre 6-60 Edif. Bolivar, office. 403

Contact information: lamariaempanadacolombiana@gmail.com

Recommended by Wilson Piedra: 098 093 8688

Car Service Express, mechanic

I have to recommend Daniel, a professional mechanic who speaks good English. Daniel immigrated to Ecuador from Caracas, Venezuela with his beautiful young family.

While travelling together, Daniel noticed that my Tucson was very slow to start. He quizzed me as to what repairs had been performed recently. He offered to run some tests for me. It was determined that the fuel pump was very weak. I told him to go ahead and change it and voila, he has another satisfied customer.

He shared with me his business plan to provide a Car Service Express service here in Cuenca. Since I had such a good experience, I want to put out the word for you to check him out. I can guarantee that he is totally professional and will not take advantage of the consumer.

Address: Nicholas de Rocha y 200 meters from Las Americas near Coral Centro

Contact information: 096 792 8968

Recommended by Percy Densmore: 099 862 2956

Monica Molina, cooking and cleaning

Monica is an excellent choice for cooking and cleaning in the home. She is dependable, very hard working, and experienced in the kitchen. She enjoys learning new recipes and leaves your home sparkling clean. Rates are very reasonable at $5/hr. Her English is limited, but we communicate well and enjoy our time together.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: monaeu2@icloud.com 099 173 9437

Recommended by Lynne Zelasko: lbzelasko@yahoo.com

Las Palmas Del Mar, Bed and Breakfast

If you are looking for a great getaway to the coast, check out Las Palmas Del Mar in Punta Carnero, just 10 minutes from Salinas. The weather is great. If you are looking for a more quiet, tranquil option, this is it. This is our 4th visit here. The owners, John and Heather, are from the US and have two very friendly Golden Retrievers and a lovable Rottweiler rescue. The place is beautiful and clean. The beach is right in front and just steps away. There is also a large pool in the back yard. Included is a delicious complete breakfast and great wifi.

The rates are very affordable. For the month of May it is just $45 plus tax a night for two people. The normal rate for this season is only $55.

Address: Las Palmas Del Mar, Punta Carnero (Salinas),Santa Elena

Contact information: laspalmasdelmar@hotmail.com 098 097 7511

Recommended by Rick Taylor: 099 927 6440 ricktaylorsd@gmail.com

Ecuador Roses Direct

This post is primarily for us Ecuador lovers still living in the US or elsewhere, since you lucky folks already residing in Ecuador have easy access to beautiful roses. I just had my first experience with ecuadordirectroses.com.

I had previously seen a post in GP and decided to look into it since Mother’s Day was approaching. I took orders for my family members for wives, girlfriends and of course Mom. I ordered 16 dozen 60 cm roses (8 varieties). I admit I was very apprehensive about the order, not knowing what the quality would be, unsure if delivery date would hold true, what to do if there were problems, etc.

The service was perfect! The roses were absolutely gorgeous, arriving exactly as ordered. I called their 800 number twice just to verify everything and spoke with Andrea and Carolina. Both spoke excellent English and were delightful.

I can’t say enough. Great product, great service and great prices! Thank you so much Ecuador Direct Roses

Contact information: customercare@ecuadordirectroses.com 1 805 259 3630

Recommended by Rodney Curtis: 228 831 0279 rodcar48@hotmail.com

The Five Restaurant

Yesterday, we ate at the Five Restaurant on Paucarbamba. The restaurant is named Five, because everything on the menu is $5. This includes taxes, etc. $5 for one; $10 for two.

I had the chicken sandwich. There were many items to put on the sandwich and you choose: olives, tomatoes, lettuce and more. The sandwich was served on a great 6-inch bun - big pieces of chicken, sauce and warm cheesy goodness. It comes with a large portion of fries (I could not finish mine). The price also includes unlimited juices - yesterday they had coco juice and iced tea. A gaseosa (or coke, soda or pop, depending upon where you grew up) is available, but does not have unlimited refills. The food was delicious. The menu has many choices of sandwiches, including vegetarian, hamburgers and a steak dinner. The service was very good and the owners/chefs speak English.

Check out the picture of one of the sandwiches on their facebook: Five

They are open from 11 AM to 11 PM, Tuesday through Saturday; Noon to 5 PM, Sunday and closed on Monday.

Address: Paucarbamba 5-75 y Tomillos, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 334 5555

Recommended by Kimberley Wood: kimberwood51@gmail.com

Monica and Yadira, Spanish school

I started taking Spanish classes first with Yadira, after a schedule change with Monica in January 2017 and I never expected I would have so much fun and advance so well learning another language. The concept of the class was designed individually for my needs. Monica explained everything in Spanish which helped me a lot learning new vocabulary. The grammar sessions were structured easy and following a new chapter we always took time to do exercises and repeat everything. They were also very flexible with schedule changes. I really had fun learning Spanish and can totally recommend them. Give them a call or email them for learning Spanish the fun way.

Address: Rafaél María Arízaga 8-18 y Luis Cordero

Contact information: spanishclasses17@outlook.es 099 987 5446

Recommended by Kati S.  cuencakati89@gmail.com

Telicioso Tea Room

Ecuador may be for coffee lovers, but don't forget tea lovers. If you are a tea lover and haven't been to Telicioso, put it on your list of places to go. So many teas, so little time. Green tea, white tea, black tea, fruited teas and so many flavorful combinations. Just the right taste for morning, afternoon or evening. Tea aficionado, Katherine Flores has created an exquisite and relaxing tea room. It is an interesting haven in which to learn about tea, enjoy it with friends and purchase your favorites.

Address: Calle Larga 5-36 y Mariano Cueva

Contact information: teliciosotr.cuenca@gmail.com (+593) 98 315 2726

Recommended by Patty Driscoll:  pcdriscoll@yahoo.com

Clemencia Hairstylist, hair salon

My wife usually cuts my hair but she is away in the States for a few weeks. Soooo, I needed a haircut bad. Clemencia came to the rescue. She has over 10 years’  experience and speaks English well so you can tell her exactly how you want your hair styled. Shampoo, cut and scalp massage was all included for a fifth of what you would pay in the US. And she is located right here in Gringolandia on the ground floor of the Los Olivos Building.  goo.gl/maps/3LsGAAN5NRu Amazing. Now I can walk down the street without small birds getting stuck in my mop of hair.

Address: Av Ordonez Laxo y Calle los Olivos (Edificio los Olivos)

Contact information:  098 814 8902

Recommended by Greg Kalvitis:  kalvitis@hotmail.com

NonSolo Caffe, restaurant

I have visited this restaurant on the west side of Parque Madre a number of times. It has three spacious levels. I love my cappuccino on the balcony overlooking the park. The place is very new and clean, the service is excellent, and the food is tasty and reasonably priced. Great for breakfast and lunch.

Address: Federico Malo 1-126 y Ave 12 de Abril

Contact information:  07 284 3837

Recommended by Shiloh Napier:  snapier246@gmail.com

Sebastian, movers

On April 29 and 30th, Sebastian and his crew moved us from Cuenca to Salinas. Sebastian himself did not make the trip but his crew was: Prompt (early), polite, efficient, cooperative and kept all promises. I would use these guys again and highly recommend them all.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: mudanzasespinaza@gmail.com 099 751 5694

Recommended by Jerald K:  jkjoking13@yahoo.com

Posada Ingapirca, hosteria/inn

Recently, a writer suggested that Ecuadorians need to learn about service. Obviously, he has never visited Posada Ingapirca, a beautiful hosteria located about 500 meters from the Ingapirca ruins. My wife, two friends and I took a wonderful tour today offered by Groupo Santa Ana. For $25 the tour included a visit to a market in Cañar, entrance fee and tour of Ingapirca, and lunch at Posada Ingapirca. Our guide Martín spoke excellent English and was a wonderful source of information. However, I had a bit of a stomach problem. When we arrived at Ingapirca, I decided not to take the tour (I had been there several times before). At that point Martín called the Posada and asked that they come and take me up to the Posada to rest. However, when Daniel, the owner´s son and the manager of the Posada arrived, he had arranged for me to have a room available to rest in. Further, they brought me oregano tea and hot water bottles to settle my stomach. When we asked what we should pay for this they said nothing. Exceptional service. And the lunch was fabulous with quinoa soup, pernil, llapingachos, mote, habas and choclo, with a choice of choclate ice cream or figs with cheese for dessert. The service throughout was excellent. We plan to go back for a one or two day stay. The rooms were well appointed with modern plumbing and some even had wood fireplaces. I recommend you go check it out.

Address: 500 meters from Ingapirca

Contact information: info@posadaingapirca.com

Recommended by Lee Shrader: 098 621 1084

Gaston Bistro, restaurant

Juan and his staff were very welcoming when we went there. Juan does speak English and graciously translated the menu for us. The meal was awesome. We will certainly return.

Highly recommend the "Gaston Bistro" (named after their dog, a French Bulldog)

Address: Los Alisos 1-16 y Fresnos (Frente al Parque del Vergel)

Contact information: 099 508 4827

Recommended by Dar Einerson: deinerson8@gmail.com

Nova Peluqueria, manicure/pedicure

I'd like to recommend a very comfortable and affordable place for pedi/mani, on the South side of town. The manager (Alicia) speaks English if you don't want to practice your Spanish. It's $13 for a spa style pedi and mani; they have a punch card, so your 11th treatment is free. They're having a raffle for a free total makeover for Mother's Day on FaceBook.

Address: Calle Alfonso Moreno Mora y Juan Iniguez 3-25

Contact information: 099 621 6236

Recommended by Theresa Price: theresamprice@hotmail.com

Express mobile mechanic

I have to recommend Daniel, a friend, a professional mechanic and speaks good English. Daniel immigrated to Ecuador from Caracas, Venezuela with his beautiful young family.

While travelling together, Daniel noticed that my Tucson was very slow to start. He quizzed me as to what repairs had been performed recently. He offered to run some tests for me. He determined that the fuel pump was very weak. I told him to go ahead and change it and voila, he has another satisfied customer.

He shared with me his business plan to provide a Mobile Express Auto Mechanic Service here in Cuenca. Since I had such a good experience, I want to put out the word for you to check him out. I can guarantee that he is totally professional and will not take advantage of the consumer. Even his references back in Caracas gave me a high recommendation for him.

Don’t hesitate, call Daniel Ordosgoitte now: +593 96 792 8968 / 096 792 8968

Please let me or Daniel know if you have any questions

Address: Las Americas y Avenida El Salado, Cuenca Sur (close to Coral Centro)

Contact information: +593 96 792 8968 / 096 792 8968

Recommended by Percy Densmore: 099 862 2956 densmreg@gmail.com

Mustafa Aladawi, computer/electronics guru

Mustafa is excellent with repairs to laptops, etc. He is polite, on time and he speaks both English and Spanish. He can solve all kinds on issues with computers. I think it is because he thinks outside the box. You will not be disappointed with his reasonably priced service.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: adawim52@gmail.com 096 710 2786

Recommended by Wanda Canon: 099 822 8697

Charqui Restaurant

My wife and I would like to recommend Charqui restaurant. While they advertise, they have the best Parilladas in Cuenca, they are very close as to what we have tried. The owner Justo, is an exceptional host. Charqui is located on Ave de Las Américas 15-35 y Camino Viejo a Baños.
The phone number is 098 491 2478. They are having a Great Meat Festival BBQ on May 12th. If last nights Parilladas is any indication, their Meat Festival should be incredible.

Address: Ave de Las Americas

Contact information: 098 491 2478

Recommended by Mike D: mikedodson01@gmail.com

Miguel Illesca Art, art gallery

I went to the Miguel Illesca Art Gallery yesterday to see the exhibit of Garry Kaulitz's large colorful art prints and would like to recommend it to all art lovers. The visiting artist exhibit includes the work of 4 artists from 3 countries USA, Colombia, and Ecuador and all are brimming with color from the very vibrant intense colors of Miguel' Illesca's art and sculptures to Garry Kaulitz's softer pallete and delicate imagery. Something for everyone.


Address: Calle Larga 1-209 y Miguel Angel Estrella near Museo Pumapungo

Contact information: miguelillescas@gmail.com

Recommended by Patricia Daugherty: daughertyp949@gmail.com

Something Sweet, bakery

I’m happy because I’ve found a new French bakery in Cuenca. Located on Ricardo Munoz and Padre Matovelle, just one block South of Remigio Crespo. This isn’t your typical panderia. This is a “French” bakery owned and operated by Rene Mollina who learned his craft in Chicago. From the real butter croissants to the cookies and wonderful cakes and torts, this bakery is a true find and a welcome addition to the boring, same old Ecuadorian pandarias. Whether you live close by or far away, a trip to Something Sweet is a must. Once you’ve tried Rene’s bakery, you’ll never go anywhere else for bread and pastries again.

Address: Ricardo Munoz and Padre Matovelle, one block south of Remigio Crespo

Contact information: 099 828 3104

Recommended by Ray Mink: rmink2017@yahoo.com

Boris-Fix Car, auto mechanic

It's was tough to find a good auto mechanic in Chicago where I lived most of my adult life and after moving to Cuenca I'd say it was really bad because of my limited Spanish, but after a couple years of not so good experiences, I can finally recommend with complete confidence a mechanic who not only speaks perfect English but is very honest, which is the reason I'm recommending Boris, the owner of Fix Car.

Call him if you have problems with your vehicle. You won't be disappointed. 099 542 5842

Address: Please call Boris for directions

Recommended by Theodore Costa: theodopolis@sbcglobal.net

AniMall pet supplies, vet/boutique pet supplies/services

AniMall Dog and Cat Supplies and Services has a great range of chic, upmarket Pet accessories and allergy sensitive food supplies. They also offer Dog Grooming, Dog Walking, Daily Pet Care and Veterinary services. This small business is run and staffed by Dr Estuardo Moscoso and family. They are MOST obliging and will track down Boutique items you may be looking for. And Estuardo speaks a little English, if that is helpful. They're quite easy to find if you head downstream from the historical Haciendas with the large rock walls on Avenida Primero de Mayo! They are located in a new office complex and have easy off-street parking. You can follow AniMall Dog and Cat Supplies and Services on Facebook.

Address: Avenida Primero de Mayo y Fernando de Aragon (corner) Local 7

Contact information:  098 330 9392

Recommended by Jenny Bluefields:  thebluefields@gmail.com

Maria Ullaguari, housekeeper

I would like to recommend Maria Ullaguari as a housekeeper. Maria has been my housekeeper for 4 years, except for some time off for the birth of her second child.

I use google translate to print up the things I want done each week.

Maria’s husband, Emilio, will be able to bring Maria to your home and translate for the first meeting.
Emilio is fluent in English.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: bryamcito.2000@hotmail.es 098 699 5694

Recommended by Jude Fowler:  endlesssilverlining@icloud.com

Liz Butler, massage therapy

I have been to see Liz on several occasions and she is very adept at massage. Her strong hands, her pleasant personality and her skills as a massage therapist are certainly worth a visit. I have worked with other massage therapists and have not had the satisfaction that Liz offers thru her professional service. Give her a call and you won't be disappointed.

Address: Mariscal Sucre -Sky Center across from Theatro Sucre. Just past Alicia Restaurant.

Contact information: Lylacs.washnock@gmail.com 099 906 5982

Recommended by Kenyon Shultz:  tworightwings@yahoo.com

Dr. Cristian Brito, dentist

I would like to recommend the services of Dr. Cristian Brito for the excellent care he provided me.
I was advised by three dentists here in Cuenca to remove my wisdom teeth because of some decay and was encouraged to get a root canal on another tooth. Dr. Brito spent over three hours restoring my wisdom teeth and repairing my other tooth without the need for a root canal. I thought he was joking when he only charged me $40. He has a nice new office next to Parque de la Madre and he speaks excellent English. Thank you again Dr. Brito.

Address: Parque de la Madre Federico Malo y Tadeo Torres Cuenca

Contact information: cristian.rbrito@gmail.com 099 594 2109

Recommended by Ric Hawkins:  hawkins.ric@yahoo.com

Los Pinos Restaurant

Los Pinos is a relatively new restaurant on Calle Larga between Benigno Malo and Luis Cordero. The owner is an Ecuadorian by the name Wilson Pinos who worked for a big catering company in New York. He and his wife run the place and are very welcoming and friendly, both speak English. I had dinner there twice, first time I had a chicken basket with fries and a salad for $3 and the second time a very good soup, chicken Frances with potatoes and salad and a small desert for $4. They do not have a fixed daily menu they rotate a variety of different meals. Both Wilson and his wife care about their customers and really enjoy preparing good meals at a reasonable price. I wish them success.

Address: Calle Larga 8-24 Entre Benigno Malo y Luis Cordero

Contact information:  099 448 0894

Recommended by Alexander Kaldor:  kaldor22@aol.com

Aufblühen yogurt/coffee, cafe

This is a new and beautifully clean cafe which serves delicious yogurt drinks of various fresh fruit flavors like mora, maracuya, etc. The coffee is from Loja and the pan de yuca is delicious! A hidden gem of a place! The owner Wilma is so friendly and interested in people, a lovely place to go for something delicious to eat and drink.

Just off Calle Larga, down from Goza.
Address: Calle Honorato Vasquez y Vargas Machuca

Contact information:  099 665 7265

Recommended by Alison Williams: 099 640 1229

Elizabeth Vila, facilitator

I’d like to recommend Elizabeth Vila if you need someone to help you “get things done” in Cuenca. She recently helped me with some banking and she was quite knowledgeable; plus, her English is excellent (a real bonus for me). She answers emails and messages promptly and is very accommodating. In addition, Elizabeth is just plain delightful to be around. Next time I need help, I will definitely call her.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: eliza.1944@outlook.es 099 987 9713

Recommended by Lomeda Montgomery: lomedamont@yahoo.com

Erika Squadrone, Massage/Reiki/Body scrub

Erika is a very talented massage/reiki/body scrub practitioner. She will come to your home and work with you to alleviate any aches or pains. She has a warm, positive personality, and her English is excellent. Initially I had four sessions of Reiki, which is a subtle re-alignment of your energy fields so that you feel centers and whole. Relax and enjoy. Her massages can be deep tissue, or relaxing, and she incorporates some reflexology. The scrubs are a way to massage at the same time removing the outer epidermis. Her prices are a very reasonable, $20 an hour.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: erika.squadrone@yahoo.it

Recommended by Julia Rux: 097 929 7490 juliaecuador260@gmail.com

Shawarma, Indian Food Restaurant

Great authentic menu with a variety of dishes, friendly staff. All meals are freshly prepared.
Give them a try. You won’t be sorry.

Address: local N8 tras la Pista de Bicicross (ave, Remigio Crespo)

Contact information: johnjerryv13@gmail.com 099 517 1267

Recommended by Elizabeth Lafortune: dgophoto@gmail.com

Agustin Gutierrez "SolTec", computer, celulares, camara

We want to highly recommend Agustin Gutierrez "Sol Tec". He repaired and installed Professional Windows Ten on our computers and repaired and professionally cleaned our printer. He repaired and installed appropriate applications on our cellular phone. Agustin is a profession expert. He speaks English, is always on time, efficient and totally honest and he is charming and very easy to interact with. Agustin is the best we have experienced here in Cuenca.

Address: Edifcio "Alameda l" Jose Astudillo y Eduardo Crespo Local #6

Contact information: tec20servi@gmail.com 098 017 6796

Recommended by Joyula Reign: joyulareign-himbert@hotmail.com

Casa Verde, Banos, lodging

Spent the last week at Casa Verde - Eco Guest House in Banos (Ambato). A great place to stay on the outskirts of the city. Only about a 20-minute walk to the center or you can take a taxi for $2. Casa Verde is very nice and quaint. They try to do as much as possible to recycle almost everything. From arrival to departing it was like visiting family. They bend over backwards to help you with everything that you would like to do in the area.

Go here if you are interested in Living the Lifestyle (www.winthelifestyle.com/main). But don’t wait. You could be too late.

Address: Calle Camino Real, Baños

Contact information: stay@lacasaverde.com.ec 03 274 2671

Recommended by Nathanael Jackson: Jackjajunk@gmail.com

Bill Dixon, lodging

Bill Dixon, Innkeeper, Cuenca Inn, is truly one of a kind. I can barely find the words to express how gracious, accommodating and professionally he manages this wonderful jewel just off Don Bosco. The inn itself is both beautiful and feels as comfortable as a second home. The well-appointed accommodations include a fully functional kitchen, multiple lounges with large screen TV and a barbeque grille certain to please any weary traveler. The resident chickens are a nice touch.
Folks (like me) needing a base of operations while searching for more permanent housing can rely on Mr. Dixon's advice and knowledge of Cuenca to be insightful, thorough and well considered.
I could not have made a better choice. And neither could anyone else who requires the highest standard of care. I enthusiastically recommend the Cuenca Inn and Bill Dixon as superlative. 
Thanks Bill. I could not have had a more enjoyable introduction to this extraordinary city.

Address: Cuenca Inn, Santa Maris 4-112 y Av. Don Bosco

Contact information:  098 893 9388

Recommended by Robert J Bradley: robtjbradley@gmail.com

Luigi Roman, Luigi's Professional Painting

JD's Muebles would like to recommend and thank Luigi for his fine workmanship in our new location. In addition to painting for us, he and his associate removed and modified several walls. The workmanship was flawless and the project was completed early. We have used Luigi for several years and his prices are more than reasonable and his work ethic is second to none. Whatever your needs may be, call Luigi and let him make your next project go smoothly.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: luigieiser@gmail.com 099 387 7127

Recommended by JD's Muebles: 098 818 7723