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Antonio Chipana, Spanish learning

When we were children we all had 24-7 language instruction with in-the-moment teaching and feedback about our grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The closest I have come to having that kind of language instruction with Spanish is from Antonio Chipana at CCNations Languages. Antonio and his instructors are extremely knowledgeable about the Spanish language and Latin culture.

They are enthusiastic, patient and encouraging with immediate correction of errors and mispronunciation and they are all honest, good people. Sort of like loving parents. They are very flexible and use a variety of teaching techniques and adapt to your learning style. In the past 5 years I’ve had a number of one-to-one Spanish instructors, Antonio and his group are just the best. If you are serious about learning the language here and want an efficient process, give Antonio a call. You will be glad that you did.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: benhelms2@gmail.com

Recommended by Ben Helms:  benhelms2@gmail.com

Layda Vintimilla, start learning Spanish

If you are looking to just start learning Spanish or improving on your current Spanish skills, look no further. I have been studying Spanish for over 1 year with Layda and I finally have begun to feel one with the language. I am able to actually have comfortable conversations in Spanish. Listening to the language was the biggest hurdle for me. I have started to think in Spanish which is a big step in learning a language.

Layda will come to your home and is available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please call her if you plan to continue to live in Cuenca. You know how important it is to speak Spanish fluently.

Address: El Centro Cuenca

Contact information: laydanul@hotmail.com 099 586 1557

Recommended by Kash Sabir:  kashmira@ksitadvisor.com

Segundo Prado, electric appliance repairs

I had three small appliances that I was about to toss out, but I'm thinking there's always the possibility they could be repaired, so when I saw the recommendation for Segundo I called him.

He was very punctual. That was the first pleasant surprise, a lovely guy, speaks good English and very helpful and explicit with his diagnosis of every appliance.

Two of the appliances were not repairable but I expected that and they were easily replaced. The third one however, a grill plate, he did a miracle with. He replaced the burnt out electrical thingy and it's been working ever since.

Another surprise, his charge was so minimal I felt guilty....what a pleasant change.

I can definitely recommend Segundo, don't throw anything away until you ask him first.

Address: Carlos Arizaga Vega

Contact information: cheguprado@gmail.com 098 446 3480

Recommended by Jane Hunt:  laureles108@protonmail.com

Orimaki Sushi, restaurant

Love sushi but choke when you get the bill? Now there's a new, affordable sushi place in a residential neighborhood in Cuenca. It's called Orimaki. Owners Lily and Ori offer dozens of choices and Luigi and Pablo take pride in making colorful presentations that are as delicious as they look: from tuna croquettes to sushi with tuna or salmon. And if you don't care for sushi or sashimi, Orimaki offers other options such as a wonderful dish with mixed rice and cooked salmon.

How do you get there? It's easy if you know where the totems are on Unidad Nacional and Remigio Crespo. From the totems, simple go one block south on Unidad Nacional and take the first street to the right called Puerto Rico. Go to the end of the street where it connects with Latinoamericano and Orimaki is on the right corner.

Tell Ori and Lily you read about this on GringoPost. And make sure to try their fried ice cream.

Address: Puerto Rico y Latinoamericano

Contact information:  098 676 1718

Recommended by Lynda Moore:  snewz@mac.com

CATSA Travel, travel agency

I have used Bryan Vidal of CATSA Travel Agency many times over the last three years and have always been highly satisfied.

Bryan gets me the best airfares and hotel accommodations and works with me to ensure that my connections work well with my needs.

I highly recommend his services for your next trip.

Address: Av. 12 de Abril y José Peralta. Edf. Paseo del Puente Ofc. 5

Contact information: fherndon50@hotmail.com 099 492 3033, Toll Free USA: (305) 897 0346

Recommended by Frank Herndon:  fherndon50@hotmail.com

Nestor Reinoso, bilingual driver, Ecuador

Van / SUV services/ with English speaking driver.


Nestor drove me from Cuenca to Guayaquil last week. I was very pleased with his excellent service and kindness. I was traveling with my dog and Nestor assured me it was no trouble to stop for bathroom breaks. He is so personable, and a very conscientious and safe driver. His SUV is super comfortable. He is a registered and legal provider for transport... I highly recommend him.

Gracias Nestor.

Contact information: 
Ecuador....  096 742 1444
WhatsApp..  099 623 9495
USA...  (914) 230 5429

Contact information:  096 742 1144

Recommended by Jodi McClure:  jodi.mcclure77@gmail.com

Dora Samaniego, Spanish instruction

Dora has been tutoring Spanish to me twice a week for several weeks. She emphasizes the critical importance of correct pronunciation. We start a lesson with simple conversation. She asks what I did over the weekend, or since the previous lesson, and we continue to talk for about one half of the allotted time. Dora speaks at a pace understandable to me. She corrects the mistakes I make with the tenses. She is patient and understanding, and I have enjoyed listening to her talk about Ecuador and Cuenca habits, customs and culture.

We move onto grammar study next. Lately I have been learning how and when to use the verbs Ser and Estar. Dora tutors in a manner that is practice, practice, practice. She asks similar questions repeatedly and I answer repeatedly, and the practice, I am finding, enables me to more and more often respond correctly in a natural manner.

Dora says she has nine years of of Spanish teaching experience. She studied at Universidad Estal de Cuenca and at Instituto Integracion, and has extensive experience as a tourist guide. Sometimes Dora teaches to students at the library, or sometimes at a cafeteria, depending on whether students want to learn at their home or at another location.

Address: Avenida Turuhuayco 2-203 y Avenida Miraflores, Cuenca

Contact information: dora.1968@hotmail.com 099 042 1073

Recommended by Michael Bell: 098 034 2676 Frappe1300@gmail.com

Roosvel Rojas, alternative healing

Rolfing, reflexology and energy work, a powerful combination. Who does a chiropractor see when she breaks her back? One of the key players in a long recovery for me is Roosvel Rojas. His approach is gentle, honoring, profound and effective. I also found him to be professional, with an education and experience that is diverse and eclectic. He is a real gem for us in Cuenca that resonate with natural healing. He shares office space with a chiropractor and naturopath, with a new supplement store adjacent to the office. (Roosvel speaks English very well, FYI)

Address: Edificios Amazonas. On Los Pinos y Ordonez Lazzos

Contact information:  099 927 8767

Recommended by Liana Palermo: 099 128 2130

Professor Antonio, Spanish School

I am very pleased to recommend Prof. Antonio of CCNations as a wonderful Spanish teacher here in Cuenca. I have been taking private lessons from Antonio for the past four weeks now and I continue to look forward to each new class with him. I am a naturally inquisitive individual and I like to ask lots of questions. I have previously taken group classes elsewhere but would come home frustrated, because I would rarely get the opportunity to have more than a few of my questions answered. The concepts I needed to understand were being left as a mystery to me. This is not the case with Prof. Antonio. He is an amazingly patient teacher and he is also very flexible. He always allows me to focus or redirect my private lesson toward the things I would like to learn. When I first met with Antonio, he spent an hour with me free of charge, assessing my incoming Spanish abilities. Each subsequent class has been based on working from my current level and helping me improve. I really like the fact that he always types out our conversation on his computer screen AS we are talking. I am a very visual learner and when I can also see on his screen what we are discussing, it really reinforces the entire learning process. This also means I do not need to take notes but can concentrate on the speaking/listening aspects of the learning process. When I get home, the notes which Antonio created during our class are waiting for me in my email inbox. Now how cool is that! I can go back over everything we talked about in class as a review, at my leisure.

Address: 16-63 Mariscal Lamar, Cuenca

Contact information: ccnations@gmail.com 097 916 1784

Recommended by Blake Weatherhead:  blakeweatherhead@gmail.com

Chifa Zhong Hua, restaurant

Great Chinese food. Probably like you, I have tried many Chinese restaurants here in Cuenca and have not found one that stands out. That changed for me when I tried Chifa Zhong Hua. They are located on Av. Huaynacapac 7-64 between Sucre and Pres. Cordova.

My family has been there twice so far. We had the Chalufan Special (which is fried rice with chicken, pork, beef and shrimp). For $4.80 it feeds two. We also tried the Tallerin Especial which is noodles with vegetables with chicken pork, beef and shrimp in a wonderful sauce. The owner added some curry for me. (That dish comes in two sizes, $4.80 and $6) I had the smaller one and is plenty for one person. Very delicious. I will have the tallerin for myself next time again.

So if you are in the San Blas area (right by the Coral in el Centro) and hungry for some great food at good prices I recommend this place. Even though it is on a busy street you can't hear the noise from the traffic.

I think they deliver as well.
The number is 098 751 3786

Address: Av Huaynacapac 7-64 between Sucre and Presidente Cordova

Recommended by Sam Roberts:  sroberts85614@gmail.com

Delicious by Gaby, gift details events

If you are looking for a special one of kind item or gift, check out their page in facebook, DELICIOUS BY GABY I had the best experience, everything was very smooth, fast on time and the way how they work is amazing. her husband speaks German, English and Spanish fluently. Great gift ideas.

Address: Condominio Olimpo ( Coral Centro las Americas) online business

Contact information:  098 732 5224

Recommended by Johannes Goercke: 098 483 8552

Francisco Malo, MageTech, technology

I broke the screen of my iPhone 6. I was looking around for a replacement and prices went from $100 to $120. My sister introduced me to Francisco who charged me $85 for replacing the screen, put a protector and change the battery. He asked me to drop my phone at 5 PM and by 7 PM he dropped it back at my home.

He is very friendly, excellent customer service, honest and punctual.

Francisco speaks very good English

Address: Francisco Moscoso 6-40 y Ave 10 de Agosto

Contact information:  098 221 0104

Recommended by Sole Riquetti: 098 945 6551

Ali’s Kitchen, restaurant

Yes, I’ve been eating out a little more than usual. Too busy to cook. My next recommendation ... Ali’s Kitchen. I’ve seen so many recommendations for this restaurant, I decided to try it myself. Would it be as good as they say? Yup! Ordered the chicken shawarma and, boy, was that delicious. The spices and wrap made from scratch simply added to the culinary experience. Also ordered the falafel pieces and hummus para llevar to munch on at home which came with Tahini dip, tomatoes and pickled tomatoes on the side. Once Joseph from Joes’ Secret Garden left for the States, I wasn’t sure I could find a suitable replacement for my falafel-fix. I’m not concerned any longer. Both were delicious. I will definitely return to taste some of their other offerings. If you enjoy Middle Eastern food as much as I do, Ali’s Kitchen will not disappoint. Stop by and enjoy.

Address: Estevez de Toral 10/80 y Mariscal Lamar

Contact information: ali_alkhoja2000@yahoo.com 098 380 9210

Recommended by Lynn J.:  lynnjuanes@msn.com

Salud Natural, healthy living supplies

I'm delighted to have discovered Salud Natural / Healthy Living, the "new kid on the block" of specialty stores for everything in one place that you've been hunting for all over town for healthy living. Here you'll find yoga mats and all kinds of exercise equipment and gadgets, orthopedic implements and accessories, healthy food - fresh baked pita bread, home-made hummus, cheeses - vegan and organic food, proteins, vitamins, multivitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies - all high quality Ecuadorian, US, Canadian, and German products. The store just opened recently, so new products are arriving daily. It's a bright and cheerful place, the aisles are wide, and all merchandise is displayed on open shelves. The friendly gringo owner, Ezzat, will even pour you a cup of coffee and give you a couple of honey/eucalyptus lozenges. I whole-heartedly recommend Salud Natural.

Address: Los Piños y Ave Ordoñez Lasso (edificio Amazonas)

Contact information: saludnaturalcuenca@gmail.com 098 882 6109

Recommended by Ingrid Triki: 099 413 5335

Felipe Neira, guide

We've known Felipe for almost two years and have had the greatest experiences with him. His English is pretty-much perfect and his extensive knowledge of Cuenca, the culture and her surroundings is simply marvelous. He seems to have an inexhaustible curiosity and desire to share his passion about the topography, flora and fauna (especially birds), as well as the nuances of culture.

Larger week-long trips have proven to be just as special. His generosity extends to sharing snacks, great translation and running interference at all times, as well as preparing us for what to bring and expect for the trip.

My wife and I cannot recommend Felipe highly enough and everyone would be well-served to employ his services. He has his guia nacional license.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: felipeneiraochoa@gmail.com 098 068 4577

Recommended by Sieg Braun:  onehaistct@yahoo.ca

Ali's Kitchen, restaurant

Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying a great lunch at Ali's kitchen. The food was absolutely wonderful. There was so much to choose from but we will be back to try the rest of their menu, and the baklava was so good, just right; a real authentic taste that I missed so much.

Address: Estevez de Toral 10/80 y Mariscal Lamar

Contact information: ali_alkhoja2000@yahoo.com 098 380 9210

Recommended by Christein Mcgill:  christeinmc@gmx.com

Sejundo Baculima, exterior/interior painter

I recently moved into a new rental property that my rental company had painted for me. It is an old, patrimonial house and the formerly "white"exterior, due to its proximity to a busy street, was dark gray. Additionally, the roof was covered with plant and tree overgrowth such that at least 25 roof tiles had been cracked.

The rental company hired Sejundo Baculima and his crew to complete the work. The workers were, without exception, respectful and competent. They responded positively to every request I made and were so good, I hired them to paint some of my personal items. The job was extensive and they were at the house for 2+ weeks. As a result, I had an opportunity to r-e-a-l-l-y observe them and their work.

I highly recommend Sejundo Baculima for interior/exterior house painting. No English speakers on this crew but, I was always able to make myself understood.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  099 362 0245

Recommended by Jari Buck:  jari@majesticwolf.com

Miguel Quizhpi, handyman

I have known Miguel several months, have worked with him and had the highest regard for him at that time. When I needed odd jobs done around my house, I hired Miguel. He proved to be accomplished, prompt and efficient. He speaks English and Spanish so there is no misunderstanding your requests. When he accomplishes the assigned task, he looks for potential problems and fixes them before they become issues. He is a great guy you will enjoy being around and he does a really good job. It's a win-win situation.

Contact information:  099 056 2662

Recommended by Kathy Kaulitz: 099 827 5280

Carla Tosi Mora, fisioterapeuta

I had a torn meniscus and needed physical therapy. Dr. Miguel Molina suggested I go to Carla. Carla speaks very good English and understands what the doctor wants done. She targeted the muscles in my leg and gave me therapeutic massages. Her pressure was strong but she always made sure she wasn't putting too much pressure on the muscles. So, if you are in need of physical therapy, I would highly recommend Carla.

Address: Edificio La Cuadra I, #13 at Eduardo Crespo Malo between Mariscal Lamar y José Astudillo. (above Common Grounds)

Contact information: carlatosi5@gmail.com 099 816 3801

Recommended by Susan Herron:  susan@2herrons.com

Ta' Lico Chinese, restaurant

We visited this new restaurant to sample their authentic Chinese cuisine, This is not your typical Chifa. Their dishes are up to snuff with some of the best high-end Chinese restaurants we have visited. We ordered a shrimp and asparagus dish that did not include rice which was ample enough to feed four. Service was prompt and the setting was clean and nice.

Every day from 11 AM to 8 PM,

Address: Av.Ordóñez Lasso 6-117 y Los Olivos, Cuenca.

Contact information: qingwang19811122@gmail.com 099 114 0201

Recommended by Jerry Goldfarb: 096 749 9973

Ana Maria Ponte, interior design

We live in an apartment that was decorated by Ana Maria Ponte. Her design work was excellent. The furnishings, accessories and overall design are comfortable, pleasing and calming. We wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: anamariapontep@gmail.com

Recommended by Karen and Walter Panko:  walt@waltpanko.com

Rick Lenney, knife sharpening

If you have a drawer full of very dull knives and scissors that won’t cut anything, give Rick Lenney (The Cutting Edge) a call and he will sharpen them all to a razors edge. He comes to your residence and picks them up and returns them to you in a very short time frame, all for a very reasonable price. You will not be disappointed in his service.

Address: Rick Lenney Cuenca

Contact information: ricklenney@gmail.com 098 333 3724

Recommended by Jerry Marshall: 093 976 3701

Vânia, professional pet groomer

I rescued a dog in a really bad hair condition, a little male Shih Tzu. Vânia was very kind, she bathed him and made a very nice haircut. She put a beautiful tie and give him some treats. She has 25 years of experience in Pet Grooming (Leave the dogs for great haircuts; they look amazing!). She is also very careful and treats dogs with love. I had the best experience and also my dog.
I'm really grateful to her. Please call her to schedule an appointment for your dog.

Address: Cuenca - Manuel Alejando Nivelo Zuñiga and Av. 24 de Mayo (sector UDA)

Contact information:  097 916 1453

Recommended by Lilian Morocho: 098 963 4676

Dra. Doménica Toledo, permanent makeup

I highly recommend Dra. Doménica Toledo for permanent makeup (eyeliner, brows). I have gone to many people to have this done over the decades, and she is the first to give me a free touchup (included in price of $120). She is very professional and makes sure you will not feel too much pain (has a great anesthetic that she injects). She did a great job with me, and I get all kinds of compliments.

Address: Her location is Hospital del Rio.

Contact information: dommecita@hotmail.com 096 064 1120 / 098 245 9021

Recommended by Susan Schenck:  livefoodfactor@yahoo.com

Betty Ochoa, reliable cleaning lady

Betty worked for me for almost two years before I left Cuenca and I have recommended her to several people who have been very happy with her work. She is a conscientious and reliable worker and is always smiling. If she finishes her work earlier than scheduled she will find something else to be done i.e. gardening. She is always on time and never missed a day.

Tricia Eagle

Betty Ochoa is a gift. We found her through expat friends and love her dearly. As was just mentioned she is conscientious and always smiling. She works quickly and does a thorough job. As a bonus we learn Spanish through our interaction with her! Betty will look at your job and give you a verbal quote. She is honest and can be trusted completely. Several times we have given her our key without incident. If you are looking for a cleaning lady please consider Betty.

Karen Braun

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:  098 551 9630

Recommended by Sieg and Karen Braun:  onehaistct@yahoo.ca

Nicolás Muñoz Pesántez, lawyer

The best legal services in town, and in the south of the country. Go to Sur Legal and ask for Nicolás Muñoz Pesántez and his teamwork.

Address: Edificio Cámara de Industrias, piso 7. Av. Florencia Astudillo

Contact information: nmunoz@surlegal.com +593 7 288 0705

Recommended by José Muñoz: 095 923 6785

El Jeque Deli, Restaurant

If you want to have lunch or dinner, you should go to el Jeque, make some delicious shawarmas, and have hummus of various flavors, spicy hummus is my favorite, also make pita chips, salads, doners, falafel and kibbe, all prepared by themselves.

Address: Los Alamos Street and Ordoñez Lasso Av.

Contact information: eljequefood@gmail.com 098 436 7127

Recommended by Rod Seekatz:  Drchivago76@gmail.com

Esthefany Andrade, pharmacy

I would like to recommend Esthefany Andrade, manager of Farmacia (Pharmacy) Popular. Not only does Farmacia Popular give you 20% off all your Pharmacy needs including prescription drugs but they deliver free of charge. 

We have used their services for the last 1 year and a 1/2 and Esthefany is always very punctual and speaks fluent English. 

Give them a try for all your pharmacy needs.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 776 2533

Recommended by Debi Quilty:  DQlovingecuador@gmail.com

Wilson Pesantez, architect, P3 construcciones

Wilson Pesantez came to my house and did everything I needed done. He showed up, when he was supposed to, was very fair on the prices. No matter what I asked him to do, he had for everything a good solution. Wilson Pesantez has very good knowledge, being a famous architect.

Address: Architect Wilson Pesantez, Gran Colombia 21-251, Build: Mirador del Rio, Office 202,

Contact information: wilpo468@yahoo.com 099 783 1676

Recommended by Sue Ringgenberg: 096 987 6952

Esther's Nail Studio, nail salon

I had a beautiful gel manicure with Esther and Julie and I highly recommend their services. They are located at Jungle Gym and provide a variety of manicure and pedicure services. Esther is very friendly and her space is comfortable and quiet. Treat yourself and give and schedule an appointment.

Address: JungleGym, Calle Larga 9-46 y Benigno Malo

Contact information:  Esther: 098 730 6988

Recommended by Amelia Basista:  ameliabasista@gmail.com

Daniel, personal trainer

Daniel, a personal trainer and instructor at JungleGym is outstanding. He encourages and challenges you to achieve the results you are going for. He is very professional, creative, organized, and speaks English. I highly recommend his sessions.

Address: Calle Larga 9-46, Cuenca

Contact information:  099 813 5212

Recommended by Roger Theodos:  rtheodos@icloud.com

La Primavera Yogurt producer

I met Ada Paulouc at the Sunrise Cafe this morning. She gave me a sample of her yogurt (Cream'o'Gurt). It was delicious! Ada produces 11 flavors. The fruits are not overwhelming. They don't taste like chemicals. You can buy it at the Sunrise Cafe. You can also order it at delivery@creamogurt.com.

Address: 9-40 Calle Larga

Contact information: melodayofplants@gmail.com

Recommended by Frances Hogg Lochow: 093 929 7017

Dr. Fernando Martinez, gynecologist

I recently had laparoscopic surgery at Mt. Sinai with Dr. Martinez to remove uterine fibroids. I highly recommend Dr. Martinez. He is kind and professional and was very reassuring both before and after the surgery. I received excellent care from both Mt. Sinai, and Dr. Martinez. I highly recommend him and appreciate the compassionate care that I received at Mt. Sinai. His office is at Mt. Sinai, #320

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  281 4321, ext 1300

Recommended by Janet E.: 096 993 3052

Dr. Lorena Vintimilla, house call doctor

I would like to recommend Dr. Lorena Vintimilla from Quick Therapy Clinic. My husband who never is sick became very ill and we contacted Dr. Lorena and she was at our home in less than 30 minutes. She assessed him, wrote prescriptions for treatment and he was healed within a day. She also checked up on him twice a day for several days after to make sure he was doing better and to see if we needed any more assistance. Dr. Lorena also provided me with treatment in our home to help me recover from 4 surgeries and a 3-month hospital stay that I was never properly cared for during recovery by US doctors. She offered my Vitamin Therapy treatment with an IV and I feel so much better. If you are too sick to leave home, then definitely call Dr. Lorena and her nurse Isabelle they're both wonderful.


Address: Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information:  593 98 468 2624 - Whats App

Recommended by Sarit Werba:  werbucks@gmail.com

Joe Febres, attorney

My name is Varsi Padayachee. My wife Gloria and I decided to retire to Cuenca from the State of Maryland, USA. Prior to our grand adventure, we decided that we needed legal representation in Ecuador. Given the ease of modern technology, we were able to correspond with a number of lawyers and others without qualifications, who considered themselves to be as good as any lawyer. Lots of promises, self praises but no substance. I then came across a posting about a young attorney in Loja, who had gone out of his way to assist a very frustrated couple navigate through the visa process. I decided to email him, detailing our intent. His name is Jose Febres. He was happy to assist, and quoted, what I considered to be an extremely fair rate. Jose laid out a detailed plan as to how we would achieve our dream. 

We followed his direction to the letter, from preparing all the paper work to getting them apostilled. I am compelled to mention this. The Ecuadorian Consul in the USA cannot and will not process your visa nor can you obtain your via in Ecuador in absentia.

I will not go into the process in detail. However, my wife and I are now, happily settled in Cuenca. Jose’s remit extended beyond just the visa process. He reviewed and approved our home lease agreement, walked through the Cedula process, the health insurance web and even helped set up our bank account. He even dealt with our shipper in Ecuador to facilitate a smooth customs clearance process.
He was not, just our Legal Eagle, he was our guide, our counselor, and he is our friend.
We had the opportunity to deal with various members of the legal community in the USA. It was all about money. Despite, imploring Jose to adjust his fees, he refused, insisting that he committed to helping us make a new life in Ecuador.
His professionalism, candor, integrity, drive and ability to place our needs at the forefront was unmatched.
Talk is cheap! And we heard a lot hot air from the so-called professionals in Ecuador. Jose will get it done, hurtling over all obstacles, to achieve his client’s needs. He is the real deal. Talk to him before you make your decision.

Address: Loja

Contact information: Jose@espinozareyesruiz.com

Recommended by Varsi Padayachee: 096 118 9008

Debra Lynn, moving services

Debra Lynn and her moving crew did an outstanding job relocating us across town from a 3 bedroom apartment into our new house. Debra and her crew leader met with us at our apartment to thoroughly assess our moving requirements. That evening she provided a written estimate that was well within our budget expectations. Debra Lynn personally supervised the move from start to finish. The 3-person crew treated our belongings as if it were their own. We were able to communicate directly with them in English or Spanish as to where the items were to be placed in the new home. The move and appliance connections were completed on time, without incident and exactly as estimated. We would definitely use her for future moves.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: dslynn17@gmail.com

Recommended by Doug Fox:  dfox3951@gmail.com

Javier and Norma, Jameda hunting/fishing products

If you are looking for a special one of kind item or gift, Jameda Hunting and Fishing Products in Mall del Rio is a special store. I have made two separate purchases there. The first time was when I was looking for pepper spray when I was being attacked by a neighborhood dog. It was the only place that I could find to carry the item. (I never used it, but sure felt safer having it with me.)
Most recently, I wandered in in search of very particular birthday present for a bird lover. Hanging on the wall was macaw clothing hook. I had never seen anything like it before. Javier even offered to put it aside to hold, being a one of a kind item. Returning to purchase it several weeks later, Norma was pleasant and helpful in making it happen for me to provide this special gift to the recipient.
Customer service is wonderful. The folks that work there are attentive and helpful. So, even though you might not normally go into a hunting and fishing store, this one is extra special with some items you just wouldn't expect.

Address: Mall del Rio

Contact information:  288 1686

Recommended by Abby Osman:  ybba503@gmail.com

Tio's Deli, restaurant

We had a delicious lunch there today. My husband said his taco salad had a nice little spicy kick to it, and my Caprese grilled cheese was just right. Then we went for broke and had dessert: bread pudding ala mode and brownie ala mode, both drizzled w/a little caramel. Everything on the menu sounds good and we'll be back. Located on Ordonez Lasso, across from the Hotel Oro Verde properties; look for the green roof. Currently open M-F 11-3.  www.facebook.com/tiosdeli/

Address: Ordonez Lasso y Calle Los Olivos

Contact information:  099 573 3970 info@tiosdeli.com

Recommended by Jane Miner: 096 821 7809

UNIMÉDICOS, medicine office

We are a partnership of doctors, that speak English very well. We offer general medicine service, pediatrics, gynecology, geriatrics, etc.
We work from Monday to Friday.
From 8:30-1 PM and 3-7:30 PM.
Saturday from 9-1 PM .

Address: Remigio Crespo Toral- Agustin Cueva (Next to Pharmacy´s)

Contact information: unimedicosec@gmail.com 098 429 1342

Recommended by Carlos Palacios:  md.cepalacios@gmail.com

Fabian Prado, Hiking the Cajas

We had an incredible hiking and culinary experience at Rancho Hnos Prado which I highly recommend. Fabian picked us up on time and drove us to Tres Cruces mirador, then on to the family’s lovely Rancho. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast, then a hike with Fabian who was able to tell us about the climate, geography, and the names and medicinal uses of the plants and flowers. We learned so much from him and have pictures that are awesome. After hiking, we were treated to a wonderful lunch of fresh trout from their ponds. We left with full stomachs and incredible knowledge of the Cajas. I highly recommend the trips that they offer.

Address: El Cajas Km.39 via Cuenca Molleturo

Contact information: ranchopradocajas@gmail.com

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos:  lptheodos@gmail.com