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China's Private kitchen, restaurant

I went to their home to have a birthday party last week. The hostess who is a Chinese chef cooked a great dinner for us. It was an unforgettable feast in my life. The table was full of seafood. Beef. pork. Fresh vegetables and so on.

She said that if you like Chinese food and need to have a party. She can go to your house to cook a meal for you. You can also choose your favorite food first.

I am sure it will be a wonderful memory in your experience.

Address: Av 12 de Abril

Contact information:  099 558 0500

Recommended by Juhana jo: 1020417196@qq.com

Moy and team, window washing

We hired Moy and his team to clean our windows. Our appointment was for 7 am. They showed up promptly at 7 and worked diligently. They cleaned up and did a fantastic job. 100% satisfied!

They also did our neighbors who also said their windows are perfect.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: moymals@gmail.com

Recommended by Jim Cuenca:  nyland02@live.com

Yanua and Antonella, misc. work

I answered an ad titled "Hardworking Mother looking for Work". 

"My name is Yanua Ayui. I lived in the jungle before moving to Cuenca so my 17-yr old daughter, Antonella, could get a better education. I want her to have more options for a better life. Unfortunately, we have no money and are living in a single room with no furniture while we try to find work. We will clean your house, work in your yard, weed your garden, walk your dog – whatever, to earn some money. If you or someone you know has a need for two hard-working people."

We needed our garden weeded and needed our dogs walked. I am so glad I answered this ad, Yanua and her daughter Antonella came on time and I have never seen such hard-working gals. They weeded our garden to perfection and Antonella walked our dogs with great care and love.

Both speak a bit of English, both have great attitudes, great work ethics and they are both sweethearts. Antonella now comes twice a week to walk our dogs (she absolutely loves animals). 

But they still need more work. Their story touched us and we are so happy to be able to help them even in a small way.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: mariaayui@yahoo.com 098 758 2757

Recommended by Debi Quilty: 096 799 4373

Bodhi Burgers, restaurant

I have eaten four times at Bodhi Burgers, and I'm loving it. The French fries are particularly great as they are not cooked in that usual cheap toxic rancid vegetable oil, which doesn't remain stable at the high temperatures of frying. I hadn't had a coke in decades, but the sugar-free coke was sweetened with stevia, rather than the extremely toxic aspartame, so I enjoyed a small one that came with the combo. (They have a variety of soft drinks.) I also found the hamburger to be very tasty--with caramelized onions. The whole experience and ambiance reminded me of the purity of food from the '60s, before burgers were cut with soy, and before cows were factory farmed and fed toxic GMO corn. Even the mayo is homemade, using olive oil instead of the deadly GMO canola. The music playing is always from the '50s and '60s and the ambiance is the '50s-style soda/burger shops--even the costumes of the workers. For dessert, try the homemade ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce. Best of all, these are for Ecuadorian prices.

Address: Mariscal Sucre 17-80, on the curve near San Sebas plaza

Contact information: BodhiBurgers@gmail.com

Recommended by Susan E Schenck:  LiveFoodFactor@yahoo.com

Arte-Sano gourmet grill, grill-juice bar

A delightful little place that serves terrific grilled sandwiches - including several kinds of grilled cheese - juices, homemade small pies and lots of other goodies. It's owned by a chef from the US, so it is US style food and it really is excellent. I had a plain grilled cheese that had a hint of balsamic vinegar and was delicious. It came with coleslaw and fries. They have a long list of specialty fries and sandwiches, and a variety of pies - apple/strawberry, apple/blueberry/ apple crumble, as well as homemade biscotti and peanut brittle!

They speak English and are open late - Luis Cordero 5-72 y Juan Jaramillo.

Address: Luis Cordero 5-72 y Juan Jaramillo

Contact information:  099 652 8483

Recommended by Alan Hochman:  alan@stoneandwater.com

San Sebas Cafe, Vino and VanGogh

I do not consider myself an artist, but decided to go to the Vino and Van Gogh night last week. I have to say, I had such an amazing time. First of all, Amelia is a fun, energetic, inspirational and supportive instructor. She takes you step by step from the beginning to the end of completing the intended painting. She encourages everyone. In addition, Adam and Lindsay prepare and serve delicious meals that are not on their regular menu. The menu was Asian inspired and everything was so good. The vino also added to the fun and creativity. It was a good opportunity to meet new people too. It was interesting walking around looking at how different everyone's painting was. I highly recommend trying it out, whether you consider yourself an artist or not.

Address: San Sebastian Square

Contact information: www.SanSebasCuenca.com 072843496

Recommended by Jeannie McGann:  jeannie01@sbcglobal.net

Ohlala Pet Spa, pet grooming

Olala Pet Spa came to our rescue yesterday, yes, on Sunday! They are open 7 days a week.
Our dog, a standard poodle, needed, shall we say, a repair job. They arrived to pick the dog up when they said they would, worked their magic, and returned him 2 hours later.
They have very reasonable rates and their customer service is awesome.

Alba Torres, does speak English

Address: Primero de Mayo y Solano Ave. Riberas del Yanuncay Bldg

Contact information:  099 808 0667

Recommended by Dar Einerson: 099 898 9952

Bunker Sport Gym, gymnasium

Owned by Javier, who does not speak English, and Stalin, who does speak very good English. They both are very friendly and knowledgeable. Enough equipment to satisfy most all gym goers. Gym is kept clean. Not open on Sunday, so after Saturday gym goers it may be slightly cluttered with a paper or two on Monday. Gym is cleaned by lady that comes about 7 AM weekdays. If you are looking for a nice clean gym without the normal noise, this is the gym for you. One block from Remigio Crespo and 1/2 block from Solano.

Address: Remigio Tamariz 1-95 y Frederico Proano

Contact information: bunkersportgym@gmail.com

Recommended by Jaimito S.:  jaimito.san@yandex.com

Charvel entretenimiento, Bouncy Castle

We contracted with Charvel for a large Bounce Castle with a slide inside of the Castle. The company delivered on time and set up the castle. Two polite and experienced employees remained with the castle for 4 hours and assisted the children as needed. The employees then deflated the castle and took it away. We were very pleased with the price and the service and recommend Charvale for anyone looking for a party castle for a party that includes children.

Address: www.facebook.com/Charveleventosinfantiles/

Contact information:  099 445 4676

Recommended by Jack Pennock:  jackincuenca@outlook.com

Vilma Vega, Spanish language lessons

Vilma Vega is an excellent, brilliant Spanish Language teacher. She is skilled in discerning what tools to provide for whatever level, from beginner to fluency. She uses English when necessary to support the level of her students. Her teaching style is always kind and encouraging Not only does Vilma make learning fun, she comes to our home. My husband and I are each taking lessons and our Spanish continues to improve.

I see she is offering this wonderful discount now. Give yourself a gift and try her out.

Spanish classes 25% off
Limited-time promotion, from July 17, through August 28.
4 hours per week: $30 (2 grammar hours and 2 conversation hours). Make an appointment right now with Vilma Vega: aula.hummingbird@gmail.com

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Monica Hiatt:  monica@onespiral.com

El Patio Urbana, restaurant food court

Listen up folks. You're gonna like this one. The city has developed two sites where multiple cuisine vendors round up their wagons and circle around a central seating area so you can have your own experience which may be different than the person(s) you're with. 

Example: El Patio Urbana is located about 100 feet from the Tres Puentes bridges, on 27 de Febrero. An empty lot has been converted into an 18 trailer (or wagon) eatery. Yes, you can choose from (very modern and clean) trailers offering up sushi, pizza, desserts, gyros, ribs, burgers, and many other styles. So far, my favorite is the $3 arepa sandwiches (from Columbia) in the trailer nearest the bathroom. 

Gladys Cajamarca, clothing repair seamstress

I have used Gladys on multiple occasions and she provides quality work at very affordable prices with a quick turnaround. She has helped me by repairing holes in pants (darn dogs) and hemming jeans, but I was most impressed by the custom dog beds she made for me. I bought the material and the plumen (stuffing) and she made the beds (including zippers) for $6 each. Since I moved, she is no longer around the corner, but well worth the trip. You will need to speak some basic Spanish, but a picture is worth a 1000 words and google translate works.

Address: Av. Don Bosco 3-115 y Fernando de Aragon

Contact information:  07 403 4844

Recommended by Cherrie Windfeldt:  cwindfeldt@gmail.com

Cuenca Medical Resources, medical search resource

There is a free site that will help you locate a doctor, offer suggestions about pre-planning for medical emergencies, assisted living and end of life planning.

The site is run by expat volunteers, the recommendations are from people who have used the service and then I believe the recommendations are checked-out by the volunteers but I may be incorrect on that point. It is truly a site totally dedicated to simply making decisions about health issues easier. They have nothing to gain by your use of the site but you certainly may - I did.

I love this site. It is easy to use and simple to understand.

To reach it Google search:

Cuenca Medical Resources

When I do that it is the first choice that pops up. In case you don't have the same luck I copied the link:


Yes, the volunteers are from a local church but if you want the church's website you will have to Google it yourself. This site only takes you to the medical resources page. It is solely to help people with medical research about the topics listed on the assorted tabs.

Just an FYI for those of us who are looking for recommendations on health issues.

Address: internationalchristiancommunity.org/medical/

Contact information: cuencamedicalresources@gmail.com

Recommended by Patricia Egge:  pgegge@hotmail.com

Dr. Salinas Molina, dentist

Highest recommendation for my new dentist: Dr. Marco Salinas Molina. My landlady recommended him and he's turned out to be truly extraordinary. Like many (?) I've never been keen on heading to the dentist, and I have a pain threshold that's akin to the height of a gnat. But Dr. Marco proved so gentle and conscientious, I now actually *look forward* to my visits.

His rates are extremely economical (not at all "gringo" prices compared to what I've heard among expats here) and I'm impressed that he believes in proceeding with "the least invasive" procedure first. And indeed, he dissuaded me from the (currently trendy?) notion of replacing my amalgam fillings with composite fillings, explaining that such fillings need replacement in but a few years, and many dentists only recommend them - to make more money.

Oh, and did I neglect to mention? He speaks fairly good English.

His office is located in the small Los Nogales shopping plaza (upstairs, within the pharmacy) - at Av. 12 de Abril y San Roque. Contact: 099 917 1652 / 098 354 2963 Email: marcolico79@hotmail.com

Address: Los Nogales shopping plaza (upstairs, within the pharmacy) - at Av. 12 de Abril y San Roque

Contact information: marcolico79@hotmail.com 099 917 1652

Recommended by Dyanne Kruger:  dyanneek@gmail.com

Chopsticks, Taiwanese restaurant

We have been coming here for a while now (almost weekly). The food is delicious and the owner/chef caters to our needs (our daughter has celiac disease) and he can make most items on the menus to suit her.

We have never been disappointed with the food.

Go and check them out and tell them Hector, the owner of Iron Horse Tattoo, sent you.

Address: Alfonso Borrero y Remigio Tamariz

Contact information:  099 796 7273

Recommended by Hector Cedillo:  knitemade@gmail.com

Betty Guaman, house cleaning

I highly recommend Betty as house cleaner. I have been using her almost one year and she has proven to be very honest, diligent, and tidy. She can work Monday thru Saturday except Wednesday (my house cleaning day.) She has one son and husband, Gabriel who works as handyman. Betty is 32 years old and Gabriel is 37.

If you are interested in hiring her, please contact Kay Forgione 099 556 9567 or email: kayforgine@gmail.com No contract necessary hiring her.

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Kay Forgione:  hiketop2@gmail.com

Darshan Montesinos, tennis instructor

I have been taking tennis lessons from Darshan twice a week since January. I was a complete beginner and was concerned that a was too old to start playing now. I have had such a terrific experience with Darshan. He makes the lessons fun but challenging. He is patient and encouraging which I need. And he speaks English fluently.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  099 004 6884

Recommended by Deb Davis:  debadavis59@gmail.com

Oye Gato, restaurant

It was 10 at night and we really needed to grab a bite. As you all may know, not many places are open at this hour. Oye Gato was though. I decided to get a hamburger and fries with mediocre expectations as most hamburger places here are meh. I'm a young gringo on a budget so I don't frequent the expensive restaurants on 3 De Noviembre, etc. When the burger and fries came, to my surprise the burger was huge and the beef patty was super thick with melted cheese oozing on top. The burger was absolutely delicious and juicy. The fries were made of red skinned potatoes seasoned with what I believe to be oregano and paprika. The portion size was huge and all this for $2.50. I was quite amazed. The server was super friendly, he didn't have a "devil could care less" attitude like at some places here. I highly recommend this restaurant as they do offer other options on the menu, the service was great and the food was excellent. This is located on Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional, just around the corner from Pio Pio Chicken, on the south side of Gran Colombia.

Address: Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional

Contact information:  099 586 1998

Recommended by Ricky Zoubi:  tazz_826@hotmail.com

Casa del Aguila, Boutique Hotel

Perhaps the greatest compliment one can pay a business like Hotel Casa Del Aguila is that you stay there again. But greater still is that you’d recommend such a place to your friends. And that is what I am doing here now.

The Hotel Casa Del Aguila is a charming boutique hotel located in Cuenca’s El Centro district at Mariscal Sucre 13-56 entre Juan Montalvo y Estevez d ToralI. I stayed there twice during my recent visit to Ecuador.

The building itself is a 19th century construction. It is also a museum chock full of antique furniture and other antiques. The rooms are comfortable and quiet. And while antiques abound, the beds and mattresses are decidedly modern and comfortable. The bathrooms are up to North American standards.

Because of the size of our group, we were offered a discounted room rate.

The staff are bilingual and very accommodating. On several occassions we asked for locations of various businesses: pharmacies, restaurants, and liquor stores. We appreciated the staff’s considerable knowledge of El Centro.
A delicious breakfast comes with the price of the room, beginning at 7 AM. On one occasion, when we had to be at the airport by 6:30, the staff graciously made sure that hot coffee and a cold breakfast, including toast pastries and sandwich meat, was available.

I expect to return to Cuenca in the not too distant future. I will certainly stay at Casa Del Aguila again. I highly recommend The House of the Eagle to you and your out-of-town visitors.

Address: Mariscal Sucre 13-56 entre Juan Montalvo y Estevez d ToralI Cuenca

Contact information: (595) 7 283 6498

Recommended by Jerome Long:  wineaux1946@gmail.com

Cafe del Museo, espresso cafe/restaurant

Does anyone know who is in charge of operating the new Cafe del Museo? I've been there three times now, and it is one of the most professionally operated restaurants in Cuenca. And the food has been consistently excellent. S/he deserves a lot of kudos for great awareness of what world-class service looks like and making it happen.

Address: Antoniom Borrero y Calle Larga, below new museum

Contact information:  07 283 3147

Recommended by Terry Roberts:  terrydeanroberts@gmail.com

Hostel Saint Mary'

Hostel Saint Mary's Tababela is ten minutes to Quito airport and set back from the road in a beautiful setting. If you had children, they would delight in exploring the grounds.

Slight mix-up with my airport pickup but all was forgiven when I walked into my well-kept cabin with lots of hot water in the shower. Bring ear plugs if dogs, chickens and planes overhead disturb your sleep. Also, ask for hair dryer, since one isn't automatically in your room.

Breakfast made by Rosalba was fresh fruit and juice, eggs, toast and tea and served in their home dining room.

Montse is the daughter with the best English but dad Raoul was understandable too.

My flight wasn't until almost 7 PM the next day and they let me stay most of the next day in the room gratis. That's a rare thing.

Walking to the tiny town won't lead you to many restaurants, or anything else to do, so bring a book.

Airport shuttle is $10 each way, a little high, but easier than getting a taxi to take you back and forth.
Will be back when I don't want to spend more than $100 more for the Wyndham.

Address: Quito airport

Contact information: saintmarys@yahoo.es

Recommended by Madelaine B.:  imfortune8@yahoo.com

Fondue Garden Cuenca, restaurant

Who doesn't like cheese - especially if it's all melty with gobs of delicious basil pesto?

We shared a spontaneous dinner here last night with some fellow wanderlust friends. For 4 we ordered two pots of fondue - one with 3 cheeses, and the other with likewise plus swirls of pesto. Lots of crusty bread cubes and tiny potatoes for dipping (they even supplied big "cucharas" for scraping the dregs!)

The two pots proved plenty for all of us plus 2 for 1 craft beers - and the cheerful and gracious staff even offered us postres at half price.

Address: Located on 3 de Noviembre overlooking the Rio Tomebamba, just east of Inca Bar.

Contact information:  099 550 0093

Recommended by Dyanne Kruger:  TravelnLass@gmail.com

Creacions Muebles, furniture

Just received our second delivery of furniture from Fernando and all I can say is wow! Coming from the States I thought I knew what well-made furniture was. Couldn't have been more wrong. Every piece is just unbelievably perfect and looks and feels so much better built than what we had in the States. We were a little concerned selling a lot of our furniture for the move, and when we got here and looked at the stores felt a little worse. We just weren't able to find what we wanted and the prices seemed higher than we expected. Then we saw a review for Creacions and we talked to Fernando. Our first order was just beds but after seeing the quality and the prices we ordered the rest of our furniture and feel like we upgraded everything.

If you need furniture and you don't look at Creacions, don't blame me. I tried to tell you.

Address: Gonzalez Suarez y Los Andes Urbanizacion Rio Sol Cuenca, Ecuador 010109

Contact information:  07 280 1363

Recommended by Chuck Coffey:  coffeyfl@gmail.com

Jose Lazo, real estate

After a year of searching for a new rental (albeit on and off), and being shown numerous places by different realtors, I am delighted to recommend Jose for his diligence in helping us find the right place. He was the only one who remembered what I was looking for even after several months of not speaking and contacted me with a new listing he thought I would like. Turns out he was right on the money. Plus, he was willing to defer showing it to other people once he knew we were seriously interested. He is very easy-going, speaks fluent English, worked in the NY real estate market, and has been very helpful in the whole process of negotiating the lease. He understands what North Americans are looking for and will follow through in helping you find what you want. He works in both rentals and sales, both in Cuenca and in the surrounding areas.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: joselazo36@gmail.com 096 937 1924

Recommended by Manya Arond-Thomas:  manya@awakeintheandes.com

Fresco Café, Pasta y Confitura

This is a tiny little café a few hundred meters east of Iglesia San Sebastian on Calle Simón Bolivar. Wow, really great coffee and wonderful pastries. My favorite is the "real" lemon merengue pie. Fantastic.

Don't miss this special café. Staff speaks English. They take orders on pastries, cakes and even Italian dishes.

Address: Bolivar 14-07 y Estévez de Toral

Contact information:  099 381 6332

Recommended by Jake Popejoy:  jakepopejoy@gmail.com

Libia Guzman, massage therapy

As a former athlete who competed in many “collision sports” (football, rugby, boxing) and spent a fair deal of time getting my body put back together by professional therapists, I consider myself competent to evaluate the quality of a massage.

I recently experienced, hands down, the absolute best massage I have ever had by Libia Guzman. It starts with an exfoliating scrub with a family recipe consisting of only natural products that she made fresh right in front of me. The result was that my skin was as soft as a baby’s bottom when she finished. The application of this farrago of ingredients was massaged all over my body for about 45 minutes. This in itself would have sufficed as the best massage I have ever had, but after showering and drying off (with her towels) she proceeded to give me another full body massage. While it was a deep tissue massage never once was there any discomfort as she worked out some decade old kinks. She tells me that this type of massage is specifically designed to reduce your fatty areas.

The cost for the most luxurious 2 hours I have ever spent was only $50 ($10 of which goes to buy the ingredients in her skin cleanser). A comparable experience at a spa in Banos is $133. If you want just a basic massage without the exfoliating scrub it is only $25 for one hour. If you enjoy a good massage and feeling terrific afterwards give her a call. Her English is excellent. (She accepts tips)

Contact information: email libiasenaida66@hotmail.com, Tel: 099 233 1000

Recommended by Bo Longood: 093 910 8415

Multiservice Calderon, plumbing

Hernán Calderón has come to our house three times for different repairs, and this last time was to repair a leak in our out water heater. He's done an excellent job each time. His prices are reasonable and he's very reliable and punctual each time.

Address: General Artigas y Av. González Suárez

Contact information: hernan_calderon@hotmail.com 410 7281 Home at 410 6984.

Recommended by Skip Martin:  skipkm16@icloud.com

Aldos's Peluqueria, nail/hair salon

New modern full-service salon. Very professional. Best pedicure I've had in Cuenca. Katy is an expert. Clean, sanitary, efficient. Took extreme care of a problem toe. Great promotions to celebrate their grand opening. Great location. Easy access.

Address: Primero de Mayo y Fray Gaspar Carvajal Edificio Santa Lucia.

Contact information:  098 793 8296

Recommended by Marilyn Cochran:  lamaco713@gmail.com

Telepizza, pizza delivery service

Best Pizza ever. I had no idea delivered pizzas could be so different. I am really impressed and I am not even that much of a pizza fan.

They make their own dough fresh and you can tell the difference. You can choose to have it extra thin if you like.

The pizzas are made fresh and the ingredients are of much higher quality then what you would expect. It was just delicious.

The lady on the phone was very friendly and they speak English. The pizza arrived in the timeframe stated and was fresh and warm.

You can also order directly from their website.

Love this pizza:

Address: www.telepizza.ec

Contact information:  07 288 1927

Recommended by Daniela Wagner:  organics@daniwagner.com

Lino Ramirez, USA trained electrician

I would like to highly recommend Lino Ramirez for the following reasons: Lino speaks fluent English, offers free estimates, he is on time as agreed, explains the repair process and offer options, will ask you to inspect the completed work for your satisfaction, cleans up after the work is completed and is honest. Lino is very personable and his pricing is very reasonable. I will be using Lino's skills again in the near future for electrical projects at my house.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: linoramirez2000@yahoo.com

Recommended by Julian G:  myplc4jg@gmail.com

Centro Ecuestre Bellavista, horseback riding

If you have the slightest inkling of riding horses this is the place to go. Sebastian is very kind and will only give you a horse as to your ability. And even if you are not sure he will tell you what each horse will or will not do.

I went there with my adult daughter and three grandchildren ages 8, 11, 14. The two older boys have ridden for only about 45 minutes in the States. And the 8-year-old had never ridden before. Matter of fact as according to Sebastian he was shaking when he got him on the horse. We went on a leisurely two-hour ride. A few of the horses galloped towards the end of the ride. But that was because the two older boys and daughter wanted to. Everyone had fun and thoroughly enjoyed the ride, scenery and Sebastian. We thought the kids would be hurting the following day, but no, they wanted to go again.

Best to make reservations so Sebastian can have the horses ready. And you will not have to wait if there is a large group before you.

Address: Tarqui, Pan. Sur Km 7.7

Contact information: centroecuestrebellavista@hotmail.com 099 415 0643

Recommended by Nathanael Jackson:  jackjajunk@gmail.com

Mike at Bodyworks, massage / stretching

Huge recommendation for BodyWorks.

Bodyworks ran a special last week that I took advantage of.

I was wanting to try the stretching because of the normal everyday aches and pains seem to last longer as the day wares on. I had a stretching session followed by a fantastic massage.

I was a bit apprehensive about going but once everything was explained to me why I was having the pains that I had it made perfect sense.

It’s been almost a week and I can’t believe how good I feel.

He said that this type of therapy is permanent that I will have new neuromuscular memory, he was right, I now get out of bed without hurting, I also sleep better (my arms don’t fall asleep any more).

Go try it. You will be happy you did.

I will definitely be going back for one of the best massages I’ve had in a long time.

Thanks again Mike.

Address: Fernando de Argon and Don Bosco

Contact information: dobodyworks@gmail.com 098 379 7226

Recommended by Bell Flanigan:  bellfastclass12@gmail.com

Juan Antonio, JEP employee

The JEP at the Mall del Rio has a wonder and patience speaking employee named Juan Antonio. So good to have him there to help with banking.

Address: Mall del Rio

Contact information:  07 413 5000

Recommended by Wanda Canon: 099 822 8698

JD’s Muebles, Craven Ian, Cuenca used furniture

The best experience ever in Cuenca. We bought a washer and dryer. Ian took me by surprise. He constantly whatsapped me to make sure if I had the right outlook. If the gas was on. what type of connector etc.? He arrived on time with delivery and installed both appliances and waited till I tested them to make sure that all was good.

I would go to Cuenca Used furniture again if I needed to buy anything for my home.

Address: Ave 1 de Mayo 3-73 y Felipeli

Contact information: iancraven45@gmail.com 097 919 1839

Recommended by Kash Sabir:  kashmira@ksitadvisor.com

Priscila Alvarado, Hairsytlist/cosmetologist

How fortunate I am to have found Priscila. On the first try she did wonders with cutting my hair and highlighting it. I have thick, coarse hair and she knew just how to handle it. Her delightful personality makes it a joy to spend time with her. In addition, she studied cosmetology in England and goes early in the mornings to to put on make-up for the TV personalities. You'll also have an opportunity to practice your Spanish with Priscila. My Spanish is not that good, however, I was able to make my desires known. Other friends I have sent to her, have been very pleased with the results they had with Priscila doing any kind of request with their hair. Make an appointment soon with Priscila. You will be happy you did.

Address: Padre Aguirree 11-15 y Mariscal Lamar

Contact information:  095 924 3314 / 07 283 8208

Recommended by Luisa Nelson:  lnelsonjoy@yahoo.com

Teresa Hermida, Spanish tutor

I highly recommend my tutor and friend, Teresa Hermida, to all those who have a sincere desire to learn to speak Spanish. Teresa is patient, organized, encouraging, professional, and knows how to adapt her teaching style to your specific needs. Her rates are very reasonable. She will hold lessons at her house or come to you.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: tere.hermi@gmail.com 099 286 8940 or 07 282 2838

Recommended by Rose Richtmeyer:  roserichtmeyer@gmail.com

Ruedas Criados Yproducidos, organic chicken

Patricio delivers organic chicken to your home. Whole chickens cost between $10 and $12 depending on the weight. The chickens are always well cleaned and very tasty. Everyone on my block buys from him. He speaks English. Call 099 909 2418 or 095 877 1433.

Address: 4225 Oceanside Blvd, #H-349

Contact information: 099 909 2418

Recommended by Anne Howard: anne@howardfamilylaw.com

EcuaTouring Team, English-speaking drivers, tours

I highly recommend Pablo Mena and Amanda Mena (brother and sister) as English-speaking drivers and tour guides. I arrived in Ecuador one week ago and don't yet speak Spanish. Due to unexpected circumstances, I found myself needing a driver to pick me up in the outskirts of Quito and provide assistance with getting to an ATM and purchasing bus tickets to Cuenca.

Amanda and Pablo exceeded my expectations in their customer service. Understanding my situation in traveling alone without knowing the local language, they escorted me to the station and stayed with me until my bus arrived. Along the way as we drove into Quito, Pablo pointed out places of interest and gave some history of the Quito area.

Amanda responded quickly to my initial response for assistance, providing clear communication in working out the details, and offering a price quote. Their rates are very reasonable. They were prompt, conscientious and courteous.

I will certainly be contacting them when I return to Quito to see the sites. They provide personalized tours, covering all parts of Ecuador.

Address: Quito

Contact information: info@ecuatouring.com +593 99 519 8944

Recommended by Kathleen Stilwell:  kas_dreamer-4@yahoo.com

Dr. Gabrelia León, general dentist

She speaks good English. Very nice office on bus 16 line. Professional, kind and very reasonable. I had to have a few extractions. Dr. Leon made me feel at ease and explained everything. Dental cleaning was excellent.

I am thankful that I discovered her.

Address: Avenida González Suárez. Odontomax Dental Clinic on maps.me. South of airport.

Contact information:  099 666 4459

Recommended by Mary Ann Troxell:  maryatroxell@aol.com

housekeeper and Spanish lessons

I want to highly recommend Sara Teran for housekeeper and Spanish teacher. She will clean up all the mess on your house or apartment and teach the basic Spanish lessons and all you need to know about Ecuador. Also she can make all the bills payments and works for you like as facilitator, Please call for appointment. Thank you,

Address: Sara Teran

Contact information: sara.teran@outlook.com 099 650 0845

Recommended by Christian Ordo;ez: 099 573 4584