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Tio's Deli, restaurant

We had a delicious lunch there today. My husband said his taco salad had a nice little spicy kick to it, and my Caprese grilled cheese was just right. Then we went for broke and had dessert: bread pudding ala mode and brownie ala mode, both drizzled w/a little caramel. Everything on the menu sounds good and we'll be back. Located on Ordonez Lasso, across from the Hotel Oro Verde properties; look for the green roof. Currently open M-F 11-3.  www.facebook.com/tiosdeli/

Address: Ordonez Lasso y Calle Los Olivos

Contact information:  099 573 3970

Recommended by Jane Miner: 096 821 7809

UNIMÉDICOS, medicine office

We are a partnership of doctors, that speak English very well. We offer general medicine service, pediatrics, gynecology, geriatrics, etc.
We work from Monday to Friday.
From 8:30-1 PM and 3-7:30 PM.
Saturday from 9-1 PM .

Address: Remigio Crespo Toral- Agustin Cueva (Next to Pharmacy´s)

Contact information: unimedicosec@gmail.com 098 429 1342

Recommended by Carlos Palacios:  md.cepalacios@gmail.com

Fabian Prado, Hiking the Cajas

We had an incredible hiking and culinary experience at Rancho Hnos Prado which I highly recommend. Fabian picked us up on time and drove us to Tres Cruces mirador, then on to the family’s lovely Rancho. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast, then a hike with Fabian who was able to tell us about the climate, geography, and the names and medicinal uses of the plants and flowers. We learned so much from him and have pictures that are awesome. After hiking, we were treated to a wonderful lunch of fresh trout from their ponds. We left with full stomachs and incredible knowledge of the Cajas. I highly recommend the trips that they offer.

Address: El Cajas Km.39 via Cuenca Molleturo

Contact information: ranchopradocajas@gmail.com

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos:  lptheodos@gmail.com

Melissa Maher, culinary delights

My Little Pie Factory, run by Melissa Maher, has treats for one and all. We recently enjoyed her Tourtiere Meat Pie with friends, we all remarked numerous times on how tasty it was. A light, flaky crust with a savory meat filling. We also loved her chicken pot pie, which is generally something my husband thinks is boring, not Melissa’s! It was filled with loads of chicken and vegetables. I look forward to our next selection. They above were delivered as promised to our door, nice and warm and well wrapped. Highly recommended.

Address: My Little Pie Factory

Contact information: melissamaher010@gmail.com

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos:  lptheodos@gmail.com

Indian Affair, catering service

When I lived in New York there was a saying: You can have it good, fast and cheap- Just pick two out of three. 

In Cuenca you can have all three if you order your food from Anha Purna of Indian Affair.

Every week she meticulously prepares a different Indian feast to be delivered on Sunday. This dinner includes an appetizer, main dish, salad and bread. The food arrives on time and is hot and labeled for the uninitiated.

Run, don't walk to her website and order an Indian spread worthy of a king or queen.


Address: Remigo Crespo

Contact information: anhapurna@gmail.com 095 899 5126

Recommended by Lenny Charnoff:  lennycharnoff@gmail.com

Bernan's Homemade, food items

I want to give a huge shout out to Bernie and Nancy Hemingway for their awesome new gluten free goodies. After being on a cruise ship with me for 15 days and hearing me complain how hard it is to find basic things that I can eat, Bernie said I don't get it but will check to see if we can do anything gluten free. Less than 2 weeks after returning he said I want you to check out what I have. Thus began a food feast for me: gluten free corn bread mix, biscuit mix and pancake mix. Wow, was I a happy camper. Then he said I want some cookies so he made oatmeal raisin mix, chocolate chip mix and country style gravy. I have eaten all 24 of the oatmeal raisin cookies, loving every crumb and never experienced one second of discomfort like would have happened if they were not gluten free.

If, like me, you want good gluten free choices, contact Bernie and Nancy.

Address: 18 Rosemary Dr

Contact information: bernan_10304@yahoo.com

Recommended by Jodie Mansfield:  cuencajodie@gmail.com

Diego Mogrovejo, bilingual driver

Diego drives a 2003 Mazda Alegro 4 passenger sedan. I think 3 adults can be very comfortable.
* super safe and courteous, clean and comfortable 
* 25 years experienced bus driver who wants to make a change
* bilingual English Spanish speaking Ecuadorian from this area. 
* available most of the time but weekdays he usually needs to get his children after school from noon - 3 PM.
* weekends he is open all the time
* fare estimate Cuenca to Azogues $10 and he can stay and do a round trip for just $25 usually
* fare estimate Palermo to Aguas Termales just $2.50
* fare estimate Cuenca to Guayaquil just $80 and he can discuss a full day round trip

Address: Cuenca Azuay Ecuador

Contact information: mazter_1971_dmg@hotmail.com 095 891 5755 cel +593 95 891 5755 WhatsApp

Recommended by Garnett Stewart:  garnettstewart@gmail.com

Dr. Monica Villavicencio, biological dentist

Dr. Monica Villavicencio DDS, is very good technically and additionally she is a biological Dentist... which means she understand the relationship between organs in the body between teeth and other organs. If you are not familiar with biological dentistry take a look at a website (and the teeth-organ chart... scroll down ) of our US Dentist in Az:  www.mydentistaz.com
Additionally, Dr. Monica, speaks English and, for us, has been an invaluable resource of referrals to local doctors. She knows who is good and practices along line of natural medicine (which is my preference). By far safer way of finding a Dr. by a recommendation of another medical professional vs asking other patients (I nearly died 10 years ago following a recommendation of a patient who lied about the "bedside manner" and technology in a medical office back in CA. Never again: Ask the doctors to refer you!). Office phone number is 07 404 9521. Located in el Vergel area. Office name: BioAgeBioDental

Address: Conrnelio Merchan 5-11 y Carlos R. Vintimilla

Contact information: bioagebiodental@gmail.com

Recommended by Olga Davidge:  freemail81@hush.com

Dr Carlos

Looking for fast, affordable medical assistance?

Stop by the office adjacent to the pharmacia on Remigio Crespo near Juan Iniguez.

They review labs, make diagnoses, administer intermuscular Vitamin B injections, and more.

See their Facebook page for a list of services, operating hours and contact info


Injections administered for $2. Labs ordered, reviewed and record of treatment recommended for $15 Dr Carlos also provides nutritional consultations

Very friendly, with exceptional English skills.

Probably the most efficient doctor I've seen.

Address: Remigio Crespo y Juan Iniguez

Contact information: md.cepalacios@gmail.com

Recommended by Theresa Price:  theresamprice@hotmail.com

Fernanda Guerrero, translator/facilitator

I highly recommend Fernanda Guerrero as a translator/facilitator for people in need here in Cuenca. Fernanda spent time in Pennsylvania as an exchange student, and is bilingual. Beyond her language skills, though, she is very kind and insightful. She helped me make several decisions about working with doctors in IESS, and accompanied me to a medical appointment, translating results from tests I didn't understand and asking questions on my behalf when needed. She is dependable, communicates fully and in a timely manner, and really cares about her clients. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or contact her directly at 099 549 9846.

Address: Cuenca, Azuay

Contact information:  099 549 9846

Recommended by Paul Green:  paulgree@gmail.com

Cristian Mosi, Bonsai en Alambre

Cristian is a very creative artist in jewelry. I just purchased a pair of amethyst earrings, created while I was in his shop. All to my specifications, it was so lovely. So many wonderful and interesting things in his shop - check it out. His 'Trees of Life' in wire are spectacular.

Address: Hermano Miguel y Juan Jaramillo, one door north of 5-66 Hermano Miguel

Contact information: titicf@gmail.com 099 939 9732

Recommended by Laura Jamieson:  jamlj1959@gmail.com

Vistahermosa Opticas

I had my eyes examined for new lenses, by Jose' Hermosa Ugaz. I got tinted, progressive lenses. I can see so much better, and I am so grateful. I might add he is bilingual and has a great sense of humor.
My cost was $160. He also sells frames for $40., and has high-end imports. The $40. frames are totally fashion forward. He also repaired my temples with new rubber stems, behind the ears.

Jose' will definitely be our optometrist to use here in Cuenca.

Address: Ave. Don Bosco s n by Av. Loja (junta a Pizza Colombia)

Contact information: josehermoza75@yahoo.es 098 522 1855 / 098 413 9189

Recommended by Elizabeth Gross:  fredricagross49@yahoo.com

Dimplo's cleaning services

Well organized and experienced enterprise. They did a very good job cleaning my apartment and stove that had a lot of dirt. They even speak English now. Down below is the number of the person who attended me.

Address: Simon Bolivar y Miguel Heredia

Contact information: 099 413 6993

Recommended by Jhon Maveric:  juanpmalo@hotmail.com

DadaABC, online English school

After working for this company for almost six-months now and I can tell you they are one of the best online Chinese English schools out there. I work from my home here in Ecuador using a good high-speed connection with no problem.

They have an excellent software system with a great IT department and many students.
Having worked as an online educator for a number of years I can thoroughly recommend them as a great online place to work.
While the hours may not suit everyone, the pay is well worth any early mornings and there software / system setup simple to learn and use.

This is my personal recommendation link to the school:


Admittedly anyone who successfully applies using this link would result in my receiving a small commission, however, I have many other expat friends who are always looking for work and I never hesitate to mention this company to them because I am convinced they are one of the best.

Many of us like to work online from the comfort of our own home, unfortunately finding a company who pays well is the biggest challenge, Dadaabc ticked all of my boxes in this regard, I thoroughly recommend you check them out if you are looking to teach English online.

Address: Dadaabc Online - Ecuador

Contact information: dadaabc@dadaabc.com

Recommended by Jeremy Davies:  jdavies23@icloud.com

Ali's Restaurant

I just came across a new restaurant in town. Located on Estevez de Toral and 10-80 Mariscal Sucre is Ali's Restaurant. A real Middle Eastern restaurant in the heart of El Centro. They specialize in real flatbread, hummus, chicken and beef shwarma's, falafel, taboula and kibah. My wife and I each had a shwarma. Fantastic with real Middle Eastern flavors. We took home some hummus and flatbread. Tried it when we got home. Every bit as good as the shwarma's we had for lunch. A definite must try. They are open Tuesday thru Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Address: Estevez de Toral and 10-80 Mariscal Sucre

Contact information: ali_alkhoja2000@yahoo.com 098 380 9210

Recommended by Ray Mink: 098 302 3192

Estancia Vilcabamba, residence for seniors

The Municipality of Loja through the Municipal Board of Social Welfare aims to provide personalized and professional care to the elderly, providing services that ensure a good lifestyle for senior citizens.

This Nursing Home, which is located in the Valley of Longevity, Vilcabamba, has been appropriately adapted to offer thorough care for senior people.

It has a capacity for 120 people with a highly qualified team that will assist in three areas; day care and permanent residence for senior people.

It has all the features that of a family atmosphere and cozy.

• Residence Area
• Accommodation Area for Seniors and Family
• Medical Area
• Occupational Therapy Room
• Video and Reading Area
• Gym
• Psychiatric Rehabilitation Area
• Massage Area, hydro massage and ionic detox

• Conference hall, academic and scientific events
• Restaurant
• Praying Room
• Green spaces
• Pool and Jacuzzi
• Exterior Area for Private Events

The Nursing Home staff, who will be working with the elderly, is specialized in:

• Social Work
• Gerontology
• Nursing
• Psychology
• Occupational Therapies
• Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Areas of assistance:

Day care

This is to seniors who wish to stay from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM with transportation service.

The main objective of this modality is to provide a space where they can perform recreational and recreational activities, physical therapies and occupational workshops in order to exercise their skills and enjoy their aging in an active and inclusive manner.


This service is for people with diseases common in old age who require either temporal or permanent care. It is especially for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia who need timely and specialized attention.

Other Services

Aimed at seniors, relatives of resident users, who wish to stay for a short time in the Estancia making use of all their services.

Address: Vilcabamba (Atillo and La Paz)

Contact information: patronatomunicipalloja@gmail.com 593 98 321 3257

Recommended by Gabriela Celi:  gabrielaceli89@gmail.com

Dr. Lauro Lopez Bustemonte, doctor - pain management

Before I moved to Cuenca, I needed to find a pain management doctor. I put a post on GP and was contacted by Dr. Lopez and his wife, Vicki. They assured me they would be able to help me and continue my pain management program from the US.

I suffer from chronic pain syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, and fibromyalgia. When I came here I was completely miserable and very medicated and of course, I couldn't speak Spanish. Dr. Lopez's wife, Vicki, speaks English and she helped us with everything we needed.

I now have a life and I feel so much better thanks to Dr. Lopez. I have been seeing him for a year and my life is very different thanks to Dr. Lopez. They even helped us when my husband had to have surgery, making sure everything was set up. They are a wonderful team and I would not see anyone else but Dr. Lopez.

The conditions he treats are: pain management, back pain, neck, articulation, oncological, neuropathic, migraine, cystic, fibromyalgia, myofascial, low back pain, intercostal and I am sure much more.

Dr Lauro López Bustamante.
Hospital Monte Sinai-Tower 2 4th floor, #405 / Torre 2 del Monte Sinaí. Consultorio 405. Teléfonos: 099 967 1423 y 07 281 4813 extensión 1405

Address: Torre 2 del Monte Sinaí. Consultorio 405

Recommended by Vivian Rogers:  markandvivianrogers@gmail.com

Cairo Cafe, Egyptian restaurant

Thamer is an always smiling young Egyptian, who came to Ecuador a couple of months ago and decided to open a restaurant as he loves to make falafel, shawarma, hummus and kushari, an authentic vegetarian Egyptian dish. The food is authentic and delicious in Cairo Cafe, a newly opened restaurant at riverside and would recommend it for anyone looking to try something new and different.

Sunday to Wednesday, 10 AM to 9 PM / Thursday to Saturday 11 AM to 11 PM.

Address: Benigno Malo 4-07 y Bajada del Padrón, 30 meters to Centenario Bridge

Contact information: salmar@gmail.com

Recommended by Michel Litbarski:  mlitbarski@gmail.com

Ecuador Expat Journeys, tours

Ecuador Expat Journeys is a phenomenal group of people who want to share their love of this beautiful country to anyone who may be interested in relocating here or wanting some locally guided tours. They're famous for their 'Crash Course' Tour of Ecuador but equally competent in their day tours beginning in Quito (their home base). From Quito and Cotacachi in the north all the way down to Vilcabamba and Loja in the south, these people know their stuff. If you've relocated and want to know more, culturally, about your chosen home, Ecuador Expat Journeys can help you feel more in tune with your new home. Their 'Crash Course' is amazing but they have lots of options for day trips originating in Quito and area. They are fully bi-lingual so communication was never an issue. Check them out today!  www.ecuadorexpatjourneys.com

Address: Quito, Ecuador

Contact information: info@ecuadorexpatjourneys.com 

Recommended by Susan Harrington:  taijamail@yahoo.com

Spacio Galeria, handmade products

"Spacio Galeria", an artistic must stop visit in Cuenca, Ecuador. A place where one can view art, jewelry, clothing, and other handmade products by citizens of Cuenca and other cities of Ecuador. Many of their hand made products are one of kind and can add to the treasures of collectors as well as giving individual enjoyment to those acquiring them for personal use. Attendants at Spacio speak English as well as Spanish and will be glad to give you some informative background on any item of interest to you.

Address: Simon Bolivar 12-60 y Tarqui.

Contact information:  098 720 1388

Recommended by Guillermo Peledini:  gpeledini7@gmail.com

Bar of Cuenca, Indian Restaurant

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have visited Bar of Cuenca and was quite impressed with the decor and the food was excellent. Both my friend and I had Chicken Biryani. The spices used in the dish were very fresh and Richard told us that they import many of the spices from India as they are not available here. Under the rice were large pieces of chicken breast which were cooked to perfection. He was very helpful explaining what the dish contained and surprised us with a wonderful Ayurvedic drink made of lemon, ginger and mint. I think I could have had 5 glasses of it. In addition, there was a small salad with yogurt dressing which was great except I cannot have dairy. Maybe next time I will ask for a small salad with lemon and olive oil. Average lunch cost is $5-$6.

Address: Tarqui 9-81 y Gran Columbia

Contact information: thebarofcuenca@gmail.com 099 841 5121

Recommended by Cindy Massey:  cindy37@gmail.com

Prancing Pony, restaurant

I've been travelling in Ecuador for nearly two months and have enjoyed many wonderful restaurants. But, my favorite by far, is a modest yet charming little place called the Prancing Pony. The food is simply delicious. It's well-prepared and extremely well-priced. The family that owns it are long-time restaurateurs from Venezuela and have brought their special touches and secret recipes with them (BBQ ribs to die for and the tastiest twist on the classic panini). Happy hour prices, at two cocktails for $4.50, have to be the best in Cuenca, especially if one of those cocktail choices includes rum and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Jose, the proprietor's son, speaks great English and can talk to anything from South American politics to where to buy the best vegetables. Just love this place and the people who frequent here (a home away from home).

Address: Calle Larga and Hermana Miguel next to the Casa Hibiscus and the Panama Hat shop

Contact information: armaderomon@gmail.com

Recommended by Elisa White:  whitebadger55@gmail.com

Juan Ordóñez, dentist

I’ve been to five dentists over a handful of years here in Cuenca but really hit the jackpot with Juan Ordóñez. Two weeks before seeing him, I’d been to another dentist for an ultrasonic cleaning. I left that dentist’s office disappointed that once again, my gum pocket depths had not been measured and I’d felt very rushed throughout the appointment. I’d heard good things about periodontist Juan Ordóñez and so went to see him. The first thing he told me was that my teeth needed to be cleaned. I was skeptical until he showed me serious amounts of plaque that had remained despite my recent ultrasonic cleaning. Dr Ordóñez cleaned my teeth better than they’d ever been cleaned and it was completely painless. (And it cost $31 as opposed to the $80 for the ultrasonic cleaning that I’d sought because of previous pain and sensitivity with cleanings.). Juan measured my pocket depths and discovered a serious pocket that my two previous dentists had missed. Gum health, as we all know, factors heavily in mortality and morbidity. No other dentists for me.

Address: Edificio Paseo del Puente, #103, 12 de Abril y Jose Peralta (corner of Paucarbamba y 12 de Abril)

Contact information: prodentconsultorioodonologoco 099 871 1578

Recommended by Taylor Brooke:  imajessme@gmail.com

Casa Alonso/Mansion Alcazar, gourmet restaurant

World renowned dining by reservations only is an experience to be had. We celebrated our Christmas at the fine dining in Cuenca's best restaurant, our table reservation was in the gazebo in the central garden and was peaceful. The food was very good and traditional Ecuadorian food. The wine is also very good, and the service is most excellent.

Address: Calle Bolivar12-55 y Tarqui

Contact information: info@mansionalcazar.com 07 282 3889

Recommended by Skip Martin:  skipkm16@icloud.com

Sunrise Cafe, restaurant

If you haven't yet tried the weekly barbecue night at Sunrise cafe, you are missing out. Ever since Orlando, the owner, got his new smoker he has offered barbecue specialties like ribs, barbecued chicken, pulled pork and brisket on Friday nights. Sunrise used to close daily at 3 PM, but is now open on Fridays until 10 PM. If you are a barbecue fan, this is the place for you.

Sunrise is located at 9-40 Calle Larga, about 30 meters to the west of Benigno Malo

Contact information: sunrisecafecuenca@gmail.com 07 284 0423

Recommended by Lina Maria Hernández Holguin:  hernandez-0305@hotmail.com

Carolina Borja, pet care

Carolina stayed with my 3 pets during a 2 week trip and I came back to happy, non-clingy pets and a house that was cleaner than when I left with clean sheets and towels. The cat needed medication (pills) which she was able to give him. The dogs received daily walks and love her. She is a student in the veterinary program at the U. of Cuenca and will be a qualified vet in a few weeks. She speaks English.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: dkbt17@gmail.com 093 939 5201

Recommended by Jeanne Chiang: 099 1908 264

Amedeo Chocolate, chocolatey goodness factory

Last week my husband and I, with a few friends, took a tour of Amedeo Chocolate factory. It was the best chocolate I have ever had. I have visited chocolate factories before and I have never had such an in depth explanation of the history and techniques that went with making chocolate. the quality of each bit of chocolate I ate was so amazing.

I was very impressed with what Amedeo Chocolate is doing for the farmers who grow the seeds that make the chocolate. I love how that, while they are making mouth-watering organic chocolate, they are also giving back to the Ecuadorian culture and community. I highly recommend touring, tasting, and buying Amedeo Chocolate. Not only will you be giving yourself an awesome treat, you will also be a part of giving back to the Ecuadorian culture.

Jason and Rolanda Mahoney

Address: Amedeo Chocolate Cuenca

Contact information: Amedeocholate@yahoo.com

Recommended by Rolanda E Mahoney: 098 435 3355

Indunil Weerarathne

Bioethika Center for Healing is owned by an Sri Lankan doctor, she is helpful for many diseases which are supposed to be incurable....like some eye diseases, psychological disorders, joint diseases, skin diseases, metabolic diseases, nervous diseases, reproductive disorders, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, etc.

For example, she cured my migraine that I have had the last 30 years....an amazing doctor.

Address: Los Pinos 1-97 y Ordoñez Lasso

Contact information: bioethikacenterforhealing@gmail.com 07 408 9417

Recommended by Michaela Steinhauser:  dieklee@gmx.de

Dr. Juan Carrion, digestive surgeon/ stomach

Juan has just returned from Spain where he specialized in stomach and digestive problems, speaks English and is very gentle.

Address: Hospital Santa Ines, 4th Floor office 406

Contact information:  099 547 2114

Recommended by Marco Vicuña:  marco@cazhumatours.com

Rene Cabrera, AirBnB

I recently stayed for 2 weeks at Rene's 1 BR, furnished penthouse AirBnB. It is on the 4th floor, with spectacular, 360-degree views of the city. His hospitality and that of his entire family are unparalleled and for less than $30 per day - includes a fully equipped kitchen.

It is very centrally located, close to Parque de la Madre and the Tomebamba River. I used this apartment as my base of operations as I sought out a condo to lease and begin the translation process of apostilled documents.

If you have anyone coming into Cuenca who needs a very nice apartment, I highly recommend Rene.

Address: Calle Jose Alvear 1-77

Contact information:  +593 99 086 0154

Recommended by Walt Bayless:  Doc.W.Bayless@gmail.com

Monica Coronel, house cleaning, etc.

Monica has been my housekeeper for a few years. She is a great worker, honest, dependable, always smiling, completely trustworthy and meticulous.

Two of her clients have recently moved back to the USA, so she has openings in her schedule.

If you're looking for a fantastic housekeeper, please consider Monica. She is willing to help with all kinds of other jobs as well. She does not speak English, but she understands a lot. I've never had a problem with my limited Spanish and using the translator on my phone when necessary.

Monica is a great person and a great find.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 051 2141

Recommended by Debra Budny:  CuencaDeb@yahoo.com

Tech Guy Cuenca, technical support

Just wanted to give some kudos to Bryan Little, owner of Tech Guy Cuenca, who in no time, setup my iPhone with local service. Professional and personal service put some fears away from this newcomer to Ecuador. I highly recommend him for any technical needs you may have.

Address: El Centro, Cuenca. 2 blocks from Parque Calderon

Contact information:  098 738 8993

Recommended by Fay Binning:  faybinning@gmail.com

Red Angus Grill, restaurant

The Red Angus Grill is our favorite restaurant in Cuenca. The food is great and the service is really good, too. They have promotions every day, and now they have added Rib Eye Steak. A great cut and absolutely delicious. And I love the salmon, too. Drink specials every day.

Check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/redanguscuenca/

Address: Remigio Crespo 3-20 y Agustin Cueva (next to Jep Cooperativa)

Contact information: redangusgrill@gmail.com 099 817 0262 / 099 282 0782

Recommended by James Crowder:  jimcrowder1958@gmail.com

Curi Yaku Farms, apple cider vinegar

I had been missing good apple cider vinegar for salad dressings and some baked goods until I learned about Curi Yaku Farms. Kim, Grahame, and their Ecuadorian partners produce an excellent product under the cleanest and safest conditions. The vinegar is professionally packaged in clear glass bottles so you can see exactly what you're getting. Be sure to shake it up to mix in the goodness that settles to the bottom.

Address: Kimberlee Wood, Chordeleg

Contact information: curiyakufarms@gmail.com

Recommended by Dawn Wolfe: 096 802 2545

Scott Smith/Brio Foto, photography/media production

Mr. Smith came out to our house 25 mins. outside of Cuenca to take interior photos of our property. He arrived on time with no charge for the extended travel. He was a joy to talk to while at our property. 24 hrs. later I received our photos via Dropbox, Beautiful. It presented my home in a completely different way, we have already received interest in the property since the photos were taken. I would recommend Scott to anyone seeking to get a step up on the market.

Address: Rafeal Salas y Bernardo del Legarda

Contact information: brio.dsn@gmail.com 098 012 4785

Recommended by Juan Martinez:  jsmartinez02201@gmail.com

Disfruta store, on Ordoñez Lasso

Last week someone posted a recommendation for Disfruta store. Thank you so much. I love this wonderful, clean, friendly place with excellent quality of produce and exceptional service. Did not know they deliver. It was a blessing since I am recovering after a surgery. Called them yesterday, they went over my order several times, apologized that could not bring me the strawberries - not very fresh. Everything was delivered on time and with a smile. Guess what was the first question? It was: 'Do you want me to go to the Pharmacy for you or to the SuperMaxi?" Great job, Disfruta, please stay in business.

Address: Ordoñez Laso, across from ProduBank

Contact information:  098 246 5045

Recommended by Nikki Camp: 098 445 9596

Facecook- Bar and Restaurant

Facecook is a company dedicated to the service of (fast food, executive lunch and breakfasts) with exquisite products, destined to satisfy all types of persons in a pleasant environment with personalized attention and of quality. In an excellent area (Ave Primero de Mayo), "sector los Tres Puentes"

6/16/2017 from noon to 5 PM,

Ramy Jimenez: ramirito.20@hotmail.com 099 363 2501

ExpatExpressShipping / Julio, shipping

This is to give support to Julio at ExpatExpressShipping.

I have used this service for perhaps a year and a half now.

My estimate is that I have shipped close to 500 pounds from the USA to Ecuador in this time. There have been occasional problems, but in the end, these were always resolved to my satisfaction.

I am not upset by temporary problems because I lived near Bariloche, Argentine for over 10 years. There I could find no service like Julio's, and it became impossible to get things I needed from "the outside".

When I first moved to Argentina in 2004, we could receive boxes from "the outside". But, the boxes were always opened in Customs and a 50% duty assessed. The cost of the shipping was added to the value to determine taxes.

Then under the Kirchner presidencies, it became virtually impossible to receive packages through Argentine Customs, even through the Post Office. It came to the point where one had to ask permission (from the government) for an import license (which was impossible to get) to receive more than two personal boxes a year, no matter how small, even if one paid the 50% duty, they did not care. Not allowed.

Restaurante LAN

Last evening we went to a new restaurant, Restaurante LAN, located on Ordonez Lasso and Laureles. The owners came from Northern China just 4 months ago and have the best Chinese authentic food we have had. They make everything from scratch. We ordered dumplings and watched her roll out the dumpling right after we ordered. There were 4 of us and we ordered 5 dishes to share. All were incredible. Our friends have traveled extensively in Asia and were very impressed with quality and taste. Reasonably priced.

Address: Ordonez Lasso between Laurles and Los Cedros

Contact information:  098 348 0183

Recommended by Deb Davis:  debadavis59@gmail.com

Dr. Juan Ordonez, dentist/periodontist

Here's another recommendation for Dr. Juan Ordonez Aguirre. I had my teeth cleaned there because of two previous recommendations on GP for this dentist. The last time I had a good cleaning was a little over a year ago, my teeth really needed a good cleaning, so I thought I'd give him a try. He is extremely thorough, gentle, attentive and really takes the time to clean your teeth. Really. Best cleaning I've had since I moved to Cuenca (3 years) very nice fellow. He didn't speak much English, so he called in a friend who was more than happy to act as an interpreter for those of us who are still Spanish-challenged in this area. $35 for cleaning. I highly recommend him. He's listed as Perdonto on the building directory.

Dr. Juan Ordonez Aguirre
Edificio: Paseo del Puente
Oficina: 103 (Perdonto)
12 de Abril y Jose Peralta

Contact information: juanjor1153@hotmail.com 099 871 1578

Recommended by Lynn Juanes:  lynnjuanes@msn.com