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Alexis Mogollon, housekeeper / home or office

I'm pleased to have Alexis as my housekeeper. She is a hard worker, personable, kind, reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. She always has a smile on her face. She works for several of my friends. She would like more work as a housekeeper or walking dogs, working as an aid, working in a restaurant.

I think she is terrific.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  095 968 3182

Recommended by Lois Andrews:  andrews.lois@gmail.com

Carmen Pais, Spanish teacher, Spanish professor

After arriving in Cuenca, I enrolled in Spanish language schools. Then I took private classes from other instructors to learn Spanish. I learned that few schools or teachers here meet levels of experience, certification and accreditation one may find in other countries.

I met Carmen in a book club here. She’s from Spain. She has an MA in Spanish, a Teacher’s certificate from the Cervantes Institute in London where she started a Spanish school, and over 6 years’ experience teaching Spanish to adults and children.

I took a year of private lessons with Carmen. This is where I saw results. Her balanced approach to grammar and conversation with meaningful and interactive lessons led me to the intermediate-advanced level in Spanish where I am today. I recommend Carmen without reservation. She is reliable and takes her work seriously.

Address: Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information: carmenpais7@hotmail.com 098 299 9083

Recommended by Judith Berns:  judithberns041@gmail.com

Shanta’s Restaurant

If you are in Vilcabamba, do not miss eating at Shanta’s Restaurant. We had the most delicious trout in our entire lives. Other members of the group had chicken, which they said was delicious, however the trout was amazing. The decorations are fun to see and the proprietor is hilarious. We want to return just to chat with him some more, but would also have more trout.

Address: Vilcabamba

Contact information:  08 562 7802

Recommended by Phyllis Theodos: 099 115 9173

Evan Zhuno, translator

My wife and I took an art class and Evan was retained as a translator. He listened intently to what needed to be translated and conveyed it perfectly so everyone understood.

Evan was not only a great translator but he has an English accent. I mean an "English" accent. The best English that we have heard from an Ecuadorian.
He will be our go-to guy from now on.

Try him, you won't be disappointed.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: evanzhuno@gmail.com 098 428 4726

Recommended by Dave and Darla Thomas:  imi.ruu@yahoo.com

Studio 54, Peluqueria (beauty parlor)

I have taken my granddaughters (nietas) to Peluquerias for over 5 years. Never have I seen such artistry and attention to detail as I have experienced at "stilolatino". The use of acrylics and what I can only describe as epoxy embossed works of art on the nails (unas) is incredible. Every customer is made to feel like a part of the "familia".

The hair treatments for my girls are beyond belief; silky, beautiful body and sheen as well as custom braids.

Please give them a try. Say hello to Carlo, Maria and Carolina, always there to serve.

Address: Av. Paucarbamba in front of Clinica Paucarbamba and next to Farmacia Vid 2

Contact information:  098 373 6284

Recommended by Carl Miller:  carlmiller1944@yahoo.com

Marjess Boutique salon/spa

Having been an aesthetician in a salon back in the states, I've always kept my eye out for a professional American style place here. A friend of mine turned me on to a really great place with great prices.

While not necessary, it is convenient that the owner speaks English. The staff is very well trained and professional, the equipment including the spa/massaging chairs are first rate and they keep their tools well maintained and clean.

They have a full range of treatments and my favorite is the "Jelly pedi", which included hot towels/and stones, and a leg/foot massage. I paid $3 for an extra 10-minute massage.

My friends also had hair color/cuts and styling plus facials, they said were excellent. We all recommend this wonderful new spa.

Address: Ave. Gozalo Cordero and Nicolas Sojos - Cuenca

Contact information:  07 281 0626

Recommended by Pamela Goodwin:  pameluv704@gmail.com

Ariolfo Vazquez, optometrist

After consulting with two other medical doctors regarding issues with my cornea and a necessary change in prescription, I was recommended to Dr.Vazquez by two different Ecuadorians who live in Cuenca. I was very pleased to finally have a complete description of my eye issue, why it occurred, what needed to be done to take care of it, etc. Dr. Vazquez was very professional and spoke very good English. I need my prescription within a short time and Dr. Vazquez was very accommodating and truthful about the time limitations. He was excellent in every respect.

Address: Padre Aguirre 9-73 y Gran Columbia

Contact information: vazrueda@etapanet.net 284 0432 / 284 9349

Recommended by Dianne Wright:  diannemwright@gmail.com

Carlos Ochoa, water delivery

It is so convenient to call Carlos in the morning either Monday or Thursday and about 11 or 11:30 he bring as many 5 gallon jugs of fresh drinking water to our apartment. We usually need 2. Give him a call and he will set up your deliveries.

Address: Cuenca and surrounding area

Contact information:  099 393-0642

Recommended by Sandra Melseth:  smelseth1@gmail.com

Thai Connection, restaurant

I ate for the first time at the Thai Connection today. Great food, very friendly people. These are new owners (a Thai/Ecuadorian couple) who are making improvements to the menu to make the food more authentically Thai.

We ate their ginger chicken which was delicious. My husband ordered their blackberry soda which one refreshing and delicious. Next time I will try the Tom ka guy.

They are having an open house for their new menu next week Tuesday through Thursday. I am unfortunately going to be away or I would definitely be there.

Located on Honorato Vasquez across from El Tunel and Moliendo Cafe. Buen provecchio.

Address: El Centro

Contact information:  098 704 6607

Recommended by Shirley Mancino:  smcgroup@yahoo.com

Sarie's Asian Cafe, restaurant

Went for dinner with a friend to Sarie's on the south side of Parque San Blas and had a delightful assortment of Thai and Asian appetizers, salads and entrees. The owners, Edgar Dutan and Supa and their niece, lovingly prepared each dish. The Chicken Satay was excellent with the slightly spicy peanut sauce. The Teriyaki was delicious and the Basil Chicken was wonderful. Everyone was very attentive to our needs. You need to try Sarie's. You won't be disappointed.

Address: South side of Parque San Blas 2-27 y Manuel Vega

Contact information:  099 994 5028

Recommended by Michael Jones:  michaeljones720@outlook.com

7 Bakery Coffee, bakery / donut shop

Bernie and I were very pleasantly surprised when we tasted the wonderful donuts from this bakery. They are the best we have eaten since we left Krispy Cream. They also have absolutely wonderful muffins. If you are in the area this shop is a must to satisfy your sweet tooth. They even have Frappuccino's! You can check out their photos on Facebook, just click on Menu.

Address: Av. Gonzalez Suarez 17-76 y Dolores J Torres

Contact information:  096 772 7777

Recommended by Bernie y Nancy:  bernan_10304@yahoo.com

Erin Peacock, reiki practitioner

I give my highest recommendation to Erin Peacock, reiki practitioner, located on Calle Simon Bolivar 12-30 just across from the Hotel Alcazar. I had my first session with Erin last week with a powerful healing session that lasted for 90 minutes and I intend to see her for several more sessions. This session included the use of healing stones placed upon the chakra centers of the body all for a price of only $35 for a session that run from $150 to $200 in the States.

If you've ever had reiki and are looking for a powerful practitioner in Cuenca then give Erin a try, or if you've never experienced a reiki session, then Erin is the person to initiate you into this powerful healing modality.

Address: Calle Simon Bolivar 12-30 y Tarqui. Web: meditatetoinspire.com

Contact information: erin@medidatetoinspire.com 096 060 4303

Recommended by Douglas Anderson:  studyphilosophy@gmail.com

Cafe Libre, vegan restaurant

We had one of the best meals we have had during our three years in Cuenca at Cafe Libre. We’ve decided for health and environmental reasons to eat less meat, and Cafe Libre is the perfect choice for that decision. We tried three different dishes, and all were a healthy rainbow of deliciousness. We look forward to returning frequently to try all of the other menu items.

Address: Calle Larga 5-14 y Mariano Cueva; across from Todos Santos Church

Contact information:  098 264 1619

Recommended by Alison Andrus:  agandrus15@gmail.com

Bento, restaurant

I had been hearing about Bento and decided to go see what it was all about. While waiting for my friends to join me, I tried the Seaweed Salad which was delicious with a wonderful mix of flavors. For the main meal I had the Shrimp Tempura. Oh my goodness, they were just exquisite. Huge shrimp with a delicate batter that melted in your mouth. I am a major fan now. To top it off, I had their homemade ice cream, Strawberries and Cream. It was so creamy and so good. So I can hardly wait to go back.

Address: Simon Bolivar and General Bartolome Serrano, Cuenca. About 3 blocks beyond San Sebas

Contact information:  096 951 7977

Recommended by Pat Simmons:  simmonspp08@gmail.com

Megaclean, laundry

I highly recommend Byron at Megaclean.

He is fluent in English, and listens to what you need.

You can either drop off your laundry or Byron will pick up and drop off your laundry for you (for free). I have found he is always on time.

Byron was able to get out stains that were set in. He is both courteous and kind and strives to do his best work.

Their rates are very reasonable, like 20lbs for $3. You can use their detergent or your own, and they have several to choose from, which is rare. and they have fabric softener.

Megaclean's number: 099 910 3876 Byron

Address: Remigio Tamariz 5-38 y Lorenzo Piedra

Contact information:  099 910 3876

Recommended by Amy Clark: 096 136 1458 lla.ti.noitseuq@gmail.com

Relocation Services of Ecuador

Review for Relocation Servicers of Ecuador. Container service import/exporting your goods.

Let me start by saying that this was a huge move for my wife, my two dogs and me going to Ecuador. I have successfully moved all over the East Coast of the US, but never out of the country and dealing with customs. That being said, I placed my furnishing and trust to Paul Winches and Nathaly of Relocation Services of Ecuador. I will list the reasons below, but first I would like to express how well they commutated and made both Alison and me feel well taken care of and left all the worrying to them on getting my items though safely through customs.

Let me say that this journey was exciting and scary at the same time, but we are very pleased we are here now. From the very beginning, Paul and Nataly ensured me that if I take the inventory list (in an Excel spread sheet) as written by the sample that they supplied, all will go well though customs.

We drove down to the Port to receive and watch Customs do the inventory of our container. The ship that the container was on took a little less than 1 month to arrive. It was an exciting time as our furnishings have been in storage for over 6 months. I have to say that all went well and Customs returned our items in the container that was now scheduled to Cuenca and our new home.

The movers that Paul has are very strong and respectful with our belongings and I was very impressed with the crew. Nothing broken. And they worked extremely hard to unload the 40’ container. I had Ham Radio equipment in the container and had no problem with my gear and assortment of antennas.

Items that impressed me of Paul’s service:

1. Excellent Communications. If Paul couldn’t call me back Nathaly would
2. The price they quoted was the price I paid, no surprising up charges
3. I felt I was the only one they were taking care of. Excellent customer service
4. Service is as good or better that you would expect in the States.
You can call me for more details. You will not be disappointed.
David and Alison Sturm 099 503 0770

Address: Acropolis, 201, Segundo, Avenida Jose Peralta 4-138, Cuenca 010204

Contact information: paulw@relocationservicesofecuador.net 593 98 721 3242 Ecuador 305 647 3237 USA phone

Recommended by David and Alison Sturm: 099 503 0770

Megapizza Vasalia, restaurant

My husband is a lover of pizza so when we heard about a new place that opened with a thin yeast-free crust we decided we had to go try it. I must say we were overjoyed with the taste of this pizza. There was just the right amount of sauce and ample choices of toppings to compliment the perfectly baked thin crust. Because the crust is yeast-free we didn't leave feeling stuffed and bloated either. We liked it so much we went back again with friends. Thursdays if you order a large pizza you get either 2 free Pilsener or 4 free cokes. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed. They are 1.5 blocks North of Gaspar Sangurima on Estevez de Toral.

Address: Estevez de Toral

Contact information:  099 078 3480

Recommended by Cari Lucas:  schrockme@yahoo.com

Maria Fernanda, health insurance

Need health insurance and or proof of health insurance? Maria Fernanda helped me and made me feel comfortable by laying out all my options. She's passionate about helping people and that is what she did with me. I highly recommend her. She is basically a facilitator and broker, but helping people to achieve their goals seems to be first priority.

Address: 60 Trailsyde

Contact information:  +593 97 923 4353

Recommended by Nicholas Barringer:  barringernicholas@gmail.com

Dr. Alfredo Sanchez Bermeo, urologist

Dr. Sanchez performed a prostate reduction operation on me. He is very professional and thorough. I'm scheduled for a biopsy for a cyst on my kidney next month. The price was affordable. He speaks English.
The Dr. practices in El Hospital del Rio. Room 422.
Great hospital, great staff and personnel.

Address: El Hospital del Rio, Room 422

Contact information: dr.alfredosanchez@hotmail.com 099 570 8918

Recommended by Russ Bath:  rbath@reagan.com

Ana Loja, cleaning lady

Helllo All: I read a recommendation for Ana Loya on GP from a woman who used her house cleaning services for three years. I am very glad that I contacted her. Ana has been my housekeeper for several months. I recommended her to other friends and they are delighted.

Not only is she a super cleaner, she also assists older people like a nurse’s aid. She is kind, gentle, punctual, reliable, and completely honest. 5 stars.

I know right now she has 2 free days open.

Depending on distance and time she asks $20 for 4 hours and $40 for a whole day with food.

We clean my 3-bedroom condo together and it takes us just 4 hours weekly. She understands some English words and phrases. Native to Cuenca.

Text her on WhatsApp and she can respond in the evenings. You will be delighted when she is dusting the floor boards and cleaning the tiles with a toothbrush unasked.

The other day she made my pearl necklace and earrings a design for a stuffed animal which was extra cute. Last month, as a test, I left cash and coins out and she organized then according to denomination and laid them on my desk so that I found it easily. Nothing missing.

What a find and such a wonderful blessing in my life.

Address: Cuenca and surrounding areas

Contact information:  +593 98 090 2755 WhatsApp

Recommended by Garnett Stewart: +593 96 080 0061 WhatsApp garnettstewart@gmail.com

Sunday Brunch Cuenca, cafe

Sunday I decided to check out the brunch at Sunday Brunch Cuenca. What a wonderful experience. This cute courtyard is on a quiet street with beautiful tile, plants and cozy ambiance. I loved the varied menu from Belgian waffles, hash browns, to grits and biscuits. This time I went low-cal with an egg white veggie scramble, a large cup of delicious fruit, toast, and coffee. Everything was delicious, and the portions ample, with some of the best pricing I've seen in Cuenca ever for a Sunday Brunch. Chef Jonathan and his wife Hilary are so sweet, and aim to please. I highly recommend you check out this gem. It's easy to spot with their attractive, light green gate.

Address: 2-60 Calle Canton Gualaceo y Loja

Contact information: hilaryovercash@yahoo.com

Recommended by Leanne Crawley:  crawleyleanne@gmail.com

Madeline Gonzales, insurance broker

She goes out of her way to get you the best deal possible. She got us set up with Confiamed Insurance. 5hey are very prompt with taking care of your insurance needs. I would be willing to give her contact information to anyone who is interested.

Address: GMZ Brokers

Contact information:  098 630 4185

Recommended by Viola Canfield:  violacanfield@gmail.com

Frank Clark, installation of Firestick

Frank Clark installs Firesticks and gives a year of support services for the Firestick. He is easy to contact, professional, and delivers exactly what he says he will. He comes to your home, installs the Firestick and shows you how to use it. I had a problem (operator error on my part) He immediately addressed this issue. You will be extremely pleased in using his service.

Address: Frank Clark Firesticks

Contact information: frankieecuador@gmail.com

Recommended by Lorraine Askam:  nuiizzy@gmail.com

Gimnasio Dorian, gym

Dorian is a fabulous gym, clean, well maintained machines, and more machines than I have ever seen in any gym here or in the US. The staff is very friendly and helpful. There are personal trainers, classes for aerobics and dance, and a juice bar. The prices are very reasonable, plus there are three different locations. They give a free trial.

Address: Simon Bolivar11-78 y Tarquí, third floor, Cuenca

Contact information: gimnasiodorian@hotmail.com

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos:  lptheodos@gmail.com

Daniel Huiracocha, personal trainer

Daniel has been our personal trainer now for a year and we are definitely in better condition. He varies our workouts every session so we are never bored. He challenges us but never beyond our capabilities. He will go to any gym yard a member of to work with you. He is on time, speaks excellent English and helps me with my Spanish. We have and will continue to benefit from his expertise.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: danielhuira93@gmail.com

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos:  lptheodos@gmail.com

Las Cruces, charbroiled burgers and more

This is an unpretentious little restaurant in the plazaleto Semanario San Luis, near the New Cathedral. The entrance to the plaza is easy to miss. It's right beside Raymipampa restaurant. There are several really nice restaurants in the plaza which we have enjoyed, including an Italian, a French and El Confessorio. But if you are just looking for a fast burger and fries, then in our experience, Las Cruces is unbeatable. These are the tastiest and cheapest burgers in El Centro. Two people can have burgers and drinks for under $10. Charbroiled to perfection to your order. Wonderful, friendly owners. We've had a lot of burgers since we moved here three months ago, some in high priced restaurants like Carbon. None beat these. They do takeout too.

Address: Semanario San Luis, Benigno Malo between Boliva and Sucre

Contact information:  099 287 8912

Recommended by John Griffiths:  griffithsj15@yahoo.com

Global Wellness Solutions, alternative healing

I have known and received treatment and advice from Silvana and Patrick for over 3.5 yrs.
I have always found them to be caring, knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of their clients. They are very thorough and use a more holistic, integrative approach to health and wellness than I had ever experienced before. They are not only trained in Alternative Health but in aspects of the Western Medical Model; They integrate these two models consistently and very well. Recovering from significant health issues can be challenging, as I know from personal experience, so having professional coaching and counseling support (including their cutting-edge blood analysis, holistic insights, and the advanced technologies they use) helped me immensely. I am a retired health professional from the conventional Western medicine model, and working with them has expanded my vision about how to regain true health and as importantly to take good preventive care of myself. I started seeing them when they ran the Cuenca Holistic Wellness Center, and I am very pleased to see that they are working in Cuenca once again.

Address: Casa de Bienestar Natural, Cornelio Merchan 7-94 y Padre Sodiro (one block before 10 de Agosto)

Contact information: info@GlobalWellness.Solutions

Recommended by Pamela Storer:  welshgirl@yandex.com

Laura Guaman, house cleaning

For someone you can trust to do excellent work and be there when she says, I recommend Laura. She has been with me and other Gringos I know for over 5 years.

Laura now has openings because a couple of her clients have returned to the States.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: gabrielanaula12@gmail.com 099 335 2819

Recommended by Rae Hughes: 099 859 9554

Gladys Delgado, home care/ personal assistant

My Mother retired in Cuenca in 2014, at the time, she was recovering from breast cancer which unfortunately metastasized to her skull and spine before she realized it. For the first two years she tried to cure herself holistically which slowed the progress of the disease. Gladys came to us as a house keeper and personal assistant shortly after my Mother moved to Cuenca. She was always reliable and performed her duties to the best of her ability. When my Mother's disease started to cause pain and disability Gladys was right there, she took care of everything my Mom wanted (not an easy task) my Mother was getting progressively irritated with life and in a nasty mood much of the time. Gladys tolerated all of it and with loving care. She is trustworthy with money and selflessly motivated by empathy, Gladys is a special person who you can be assured will be there for you or your loved one when you need her. My Mom was always happy to see her and depended on her heavily to feed, bath, change her diapers, pay the bills, do the groceries, cook, do laundry and even wash the dog. It was a great comfort to me because I live in the US and was unable to quickly respond to any of Mom's needs but Gladys was there by her side and to the very bitter end. Gladys is a Saint whom you would be lucky to have in your life. Truly one of the best Cuenca has to offer.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  095 940 7107

Recommended by Carl Revine:  crevine1@gmail.com

Fernanda Guerrero Proano, facilitator/medical and IESS, etc.

I had no idea how to navigate the IESS system and would have been completely lost without Fernanda's guidance. She is a lovely, knowledgeable young woman, fluent in English and Spanish, and will even pick you up and drive you to appointments. If necessary.

She has arranged for me to meet with a primary care physician; arrange for blood tests; even made appoint with a dentist and ophthalmologist for me. Since I do not feel confident of my Spanish when it comes to medical matters, she has accompanied me and translated.

I am sure she could help you in other areas as well.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: ferguerrero_15@hotmail.com

Recommended by Anne Sangine:  annesangine@gmail.com

Wolfram Palacio Baus, lawyer and translator

Just before Christmas I ran into some visa issues. Wolfram reached out to me and helped me with my situation. He translated documents for me over the holidays, met me where it was convenient for me and was extremely helpful over all. He charges a very fair price and I would not hesitate to use him again for any legal advice or translating needs in the future.

Address: He met me in El Vergel but I'm sure he would accommodate most locations.

Contact information: wolframpalacio1@gmail.com 098 477 4062

Recommended by Danielle Drever:  danielledrever1991@gmail.com

Lynn Herkes, marketing for social media

I was looking for someone to help me with marketing for my Mesa pop game and I came across Lynn on GringoPost. She has been very helpful for me. She is so friendly, detailed and knowledgeable about all aspects of social media and details as to how to get the best exposure. Lynn has named her company correctly, WOW success team she definitely has wowed me and I am going to continue to use her in my social media exposure to Mesa pop. Lynn is from Hawaii and she now lives in Ecuador helping out in the international field.

Address: Ecuador

Contact information: lynn@wowsuccessteam.com +593 99 444 4783

Recommended by Kipp Jenson: 098 879 4956

Rough Knuckle Sconery, food

If you want a real treat then you must make a trip to the Cafe in Museo del Sombrero and enjoy the most delicious Scones in Cuenca made by Rough Knuckle Sconery. These scones are large and absolutely the most delicious scones I have ever eaten. I particularly like the fresh blueberry and cranberry-orange scones.

The Cafe is easy to find as it is on Calle Larga 10-41 y Padre Aguirre inside the Panama Hat Museum. You will see a large Panama hat on the door entry to the museum and the Cafe is located at the rear and up one flight of stairs. Once in the Cafe you will enjoy a wonderful relaxed atmosphere with sounds and views of the Tomebamba river.

Rough Knuckle Sconery donates all of its profits to the Cuenca Soup Kitchen.

Address: 10-41 Calle Larga y Padre Aguirre

Contact information: dour224@gmail.com

Recommended by Michelle P:  mtp2525@gmail.com

Osaka Ramen, sushi and ramen restaurant

If you are a sushi fan and have been disappointed by the quality of rice in most of the sushi restaurants, well you are in luck. Osaka Ramen is the real deal. The rice is Japanese, cooked to perfection. And the Ramen dishes are also top of the line.
For Starters we had Lumpia Shanghai, like an egg roll, freshly made and fried perfectly, as were the pot stickers.
Each Sushi is individually prepared. The chef came out and explained all the ingredients in each sushi roll. They also serve Teriyaki Grill if you like more cooked dishes. For Ramen they offer Ramen an a Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup, as well as a noodle stir fry.

The chef and his wife both cook and are very hospitable. Hours 11:30 AM - 9:30 PM.

Address: Located on the East side of the San Sebastian Plaza, between Sucre and Simon Bolivar.

Contact information: raymondhuntley6363@gmail.com 096 881 5465

Recommended by Julia Rux:  juliaecuador260@gmail.com

Sinfonia- coffee shop, restaurant

Finally a place to visit for high quality coffee lovers and enthusiasts. After one sip, I knew this was no ordinary coffee. I've been to all the local spots deemed as favorites and have been reasonably satisfied until my visit to Sinfonia. There they have mastered roasting and extraction of carefully selected coffee beans to perfection. Uniquely added to the menu is the coffee milkshake. Its rich, creamy smooth taste is refreshing on a warm day. Today, I had the homemade cheesecake with my coffee. It was the first one to satisfy my taste since I moved to Cuenca a year ago. Just the right texture, tartness, sweetness on a perfect crust. Diego is a perfect host. Attentive to your every need and always open to new ideas to create a better experience. This place is a true hidden gem directly behind the Parque de la Madre.

Address: Frederico Malo 1-265 y Florencia Astudillo

Contact information: 099 891 9222

Recommended by Rob Lumpkin:  rlumpjr@hotmail.com

Alicia, dog walking

Alicia has been my housekeeper for 2 years. I highly recommend her for housekeeping services and if you need a trustworthy person to walk your dog. *She has a vehicle!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  +593 99 228 5731 (Whatsapp)

Recommended by Karl R.:  karma.karl@gmail.com

R & K Cleaning Service

I found R&K cleaning services on GringoPost. I have never paid for cleaning services because I have extremely high standards about cleanliness and only trust myself to get the job done to satisfaction. However, due to Viral Meningitis I had no choice due to lack of energy. I was very nervous & kept my expectations low. But wow, to my amazement they didn't a remarkable job on our 4bed 4.5bath newly built apartment which left filthy by workers. The apartment was left immaculate, smelling great. I did a thorough inspection! All was to my satisfaction that I've hired them on full time. R & K are a young Venezuelan couple with exquisite attention to detail and hard working. They bring their own supplies. They understand English better than they speak it but their flier details all they offer in their services. I highly recommend them to all you who like me have a fear of hiring help.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: rcanino2018@gmail.com +593 96 081 0363

Recommended by Suheil Lopez:  suheillopez@live.com

Skip Martin, retired architect

Important notice:

The Black Angus is moving into their new restaurant location and will be open on the 26th of December. Below is their notice from their Facebook page.

Our invitation is to visit us in our new place on Wednesday 26th, where we will be offering you a better experience to enjoy the best food at the Grill with your friends and family.

We wait for you on Wednesday at Agustín Cueva and Aurelio Aguilar (one block from the Santa Ines clinic).

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Please, visit the Facebook page.

Address: Agustin Cueva Y Aurello Aguilar (one block from Santa Ines clinic).

Contact information:  099 282 0782

Recommended by Skip Martin:  skipkm16@icloud.com

El Confesionario, international restaurant

Friday evening a group of 9 friends, my wife, and I enjoyed an absolutely awesome dinner at this beautiful international restaurant. I had the 3-mushroom ravioli, my wife had the spaghetti with shrimp, others had filet mignon, and others had other dishes. All were thoroughly impressed. Also, this location is one of the most beautiful settings for a restaurant in Cuenca, in my opinion. BYOB, and no cork charge.

Address: Parque Calderon-Benigno Malo y Simon Bolivar Seminario San Luis

Contact information:  099 579 5891

Recommended by Joe Hill:  jdhillinsurance@gmail.com

Ingeniero Omar Barbosa, electrical problems and installations

Omar, a Venezuelan-trained electrical engineer, solved my problem with a 3-way switch and another circuit that wasn't working properly. He also understands problems with voltage fluctuations and how they can be resolved. He is also glad to do any needed electrical installations. He has part time work teaching electrical engineering to Ecuadorians at a university in Guayaquil, but needs more work. Call him if you have an electrical problem or need an installation. He speaks and understands English.

Address: Cementario de la Ciudad, Cuenca

Contact information: eldeomar1@gmail.com 099 642 3724

Recommended by Craig Adams: (07) 418 7291