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Marianela Cardenas, facilitator

I enthusiastically recommend Marianela Cardanas as a facilitator for all aspects of immigration and helping you acclimate to Cuenca. She is just plain honest, dependable, well connected, dedicated, personable and friendly. She speaks and reads English quite well. She is a complete package: visa processing and issues that may arise, translation of documents, passports, apartment rentals, real estate transactions, housekeepers, home help, shipping containers, and much more. She helped me sail through immigration in seven weeks—from application to c├ędula. In essence, she knows what to do and gets things done in a timely manner. She remains committed to working for you effectively and efficiently. Mutual respect is a hallmark of her demeanor and a goal for her, assuming you hold up your end of the mutual respect bargain. She has a car and will drive you everywhere you need to go once you hire her. Neighborhoods, trips to the malls, grocery shopping; you name it. Marianela is also very affordable. Her services cost me less than $500. I am one of those detail-oriented guys who did my homework when I was in the US prior to my move, arriving with all the required paperwork and complete documentation. Of course, she helped me ensure that my documentation was complete before my arrival. Several of us recent immigrants, and future immigrants, have hired her and have been exceedingly pleased with her acumen and insight as a facilitator. I have names of people who have hired her in the past, or are reaping the benefits of working with her currently as they pursue their move to Cuenca. I am willing to provide names upon request, and, if necessary, discuss specifics with you about her work. You can reach Marianela at manelacardcam@hotmail.com or call her cell phone: 099 330 9682. You will be very happy that you decided to hire her.

Recommended by Herb: hlamb.ecuador13@gmail.com


  1. Recommended by Gary Sisk: gas2335@yahoo.comSeptember 1, 2014 at 3:06 AM

    Marianela Cardenas is a lifetime resident of Cuenca who has lived in the United States and speaks fluent English. She is a solicitor for expats seeking residents, translations, shipping container assistance. Her fees are much less than an attorney at $400-$500. She has lots of experience working with the Immigration office here. The whole process now is about two months. Contact her: cell 099 330 9682 or email manelacardcam@hotmail.com

  2. Recommended by Anthony Cebrian: tcebrian47@icloud.comSeptember 1, 2014 at 3:07 AM

    Marinela is a visa/cedula expert who can cut across the red tape and get the job done fast. In addition, her prices are very reasonable. Her email is manelacardcam@hotmail.com.