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Dr. Giuseppe Miotto, ophthalmologist, eye clinic

Dr. Guisepe Miotto gave me two new eyes recently. With Dr. Miotto's wonderful care and guidance, the surgery went perfectly. Just a week after my second eye surgery, my vision is 20/20. No more glasses and no cataracts for the rest of my life. Dr. Miotto was trained in Colombia and his clinic has the best and latest surgical equipment. His staff are all very well trained, warm and friendly. After Dr. Miotto said "he would recommend the same surgery to his parents,"  I knew I was in the right clinic. Thanks Dr. for helping me make the best "quality of life" decision.

Address: Federico Proano 4-26 y Ave. Remigio Crespo.

Contact: Office Phone # 2811-103 Email: exilaser@outlook.com

Recommended by Neil Palmer: neilp49@gmail.com