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Cuenca Center for Oriental Healing Arts, acupuncture, pain control...

If you have avoided the acupuncture perspective for enhanced well-being and/or pain management for fear of needles, rest assured that John Payne is a master of his craft and able to accommodate even the most sensitive of people. His knowledge base and experience is extraordinary, drawing on decades of ancient wisdom that was/is not available to most. His gentle nature, patience, exquisite touch and inquisitive mind make him a healing practitioner who is capable of both pain control and, for those interested in a more spiritual kind of healing, he is well versed in guiding you toward that goal, as well. His partners, Erin, Henry and Rita, are spoken very highly of by fellow clients as well, and each offers similar and/or complimentary services. Really great energy at this healing center, very much worth exploring for all of your health goals in the new year.

Address: Ricardo Darquea Granda 4-38 y Reginaldo Arizaga.

Contact: Claro: 097 935 7617 / Movistar: 098 780 5452 www.ccoha.org/services/

Recommended by Leanna Palermo: primalgrace@yahoo.com