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Arturo Ramirez, hairdresser

I highly recommend Arturo for all your hair needs. I've been using him for over a year now and have gotten more compliments on my hair than I ever have in my life. The first time I went, I really had no idea what to do with my hair. Seems like I never had found a "style" that really suited me. So I let Arturo have free reign and he cut it in a bob that has served me well ever since. However, Arturo takes direction well if you've got something specific that you want; he's flexible that way. He's also a great colorist. His wife, Maria, runs the shop and she's just a doll. His prices are very reasonable - and I don't have a lot of money to throw around. His phone is 07 281 6708.

Address: Arturo is located on 12 de Abril east before you get to Huayna Capac, kind of across from the Pumapunga ruins.

Contact information: 07 281 6708.

Recommended by Rose: roserichtmeyer@gmail.com