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Yianni, inversion massage therapy

I love Yianni's deep work, pressure point release and extensive knowledge of human anatomy. Working with gravity, rather than against it, Inversion decompresses the spine and stretches out all the muscles in the back. Besides back pain relief, other benefits include improved posture, reduction of muscle tension and stress, increased flexibility and range of motion, maintenance of correct body shape, improved circulation, removal of the body’s toxins, increased mental and physical energy, and natural joint realignment and decompression.
Educated and licensed in CT, USA. Worked for Dr. Scott Gerson's Ayurveda Retreats.

8:30 AM, 10 AM and 4:30 PM
Minute Inversion and one hour massage cost $20

Address: Benigno Malo y Sangurima

Contact information:  098 841 9832

Recommended by Laura Inks Bodine:  laurainksbodine@gmail.com