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Hacienda Chan Chan, farm holiday accommodation

Just stayed at Hacienda Chan Chan. I want to highly recommend Hacienda Chan Chan and also to say a big thank you to GringoPost. This has been our third trip to Cuenca and every time GP has been the conduit for finding great accommodation, food and entertainment. We saw the Hacienda CC on GP offering accommodation and meals on their dairy farm at a very reasonable price, We went as a group of 4 and had a wonderful time. It is in a mountain setting with the River Chan Chan running through. We were greeted by the very tame baby donkey. That was a real highlight for us.

Shortly after our arrival we were given fresh hot bread and their own cheese by Luke and Julie our hosts. We then hiked down to the portable milking station and explored the river. The dairy operation is amazing as the cows run free and graze the lush grasses and the milking stations come to them. We were lucky to get a ride back up with Luke as it was pretty steep. We had 3 choices for dinner, with a beautiful fresh salad to start in our candle-lit setting in the new rustic cabin. Luke had also started a cozy fire for us in the wood stove to take the chill off. We also had visits from their most charming children. Ivan gave us a mini-tour and pointed out the best places to hike and Gwen showed us her art work. The family had run a dairy farm in North Dakota before coming to Ecuador. We had a great breakfast with homemade breads, Greek style yogurt, fruit, cheese and boiled egg. We bought some yogurt to bring back. It is so thick and creamy. After breakfast we set out on a hike up the mountain where you could see Cuenca (2 made it to the top). There are 2 separate bedrooms upstairs and a separate modern bathroom up the hill. If you want a little break in the country and enjoy mountain hiking this is a great place and we can't say enough about the food which was exceptional by any standard. It is about 40 minutes to Cuenca.  www.haciendachanchan.com

Address: Near Cuenca, Chinquitad, Cuenca.

Contact information: haciendachanchan@gmail.com

Recommended by Lynda Kelly:  studioworld@gmail.com