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Dr. Anthony Guillen, medical doctor

I had my first appointment with Dr. Guillen last week and was blown away by the quality of the service he provided.

This was so alien to me to be treated this way, considering I come from Canada. Yes, we have free health care in Canada, but like anything in life, you get what you pay for.

Dr. Guillen genuinely cares about his patients and goes the extra mile to really get to know you and understand your symptoms to properly diagnose your ailment. I spent so much time with him that I was beginning to feel guilty about taking so much of his time.

He did successfully diagnose my problem and gave me appropriate medication which fixed the problem within a week. This was a recurring issue I had been trying to resolve for years with doctors back home, to no avail.

Dr Guillen is also fluent in English, having grown up in the US. So that made things even easier when trying to explain the intricacies of my situation and symptoms.

I highly recommend him as a skilled diagnostician and overall excellent general practitioner.


Address: Dr. Anthony Guillen, Av. Remigio Crespo y Av. Las Americas, Cuenca, corner building, 2nd floor above pharmacy "Las Economicas."

Contact information: dr_aguillen@yahoo.com 099 539 8105

Recommended by Charles:  charles@gmail.com