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Eric Hendrickson, hair stylist

I am recommending Eric Hendrickson as an outstanding stylist. In the '90s, I worked as a recruiter for the most successful cosmetology school in the state of Oregon.  I know the difference between a student who will probably struggle in building a steady clientele or a student with potential for a six-digit income.  Eric is an example of the latter stylist.  Three minutes into my first conversation with him I knew he was very, very special.  Eric knows how to cut along the natural texture of the hair.  He understands how added hair color visually affects the vibrancy of natural skin tone.  And, he accurately assesses the face and physique of his client in advising a new style.  This man is an artist. His prices begin at $8 for women and $6 for men. We are very lucky to have a stylist like Eric here in Cuenca.  Please call him for an appointment.

Address: Benigno Malo 12-27

Contact information: erichendrickson2001@yahoo.com 096 950 2033

Recommended by Jackie Sario:  sario7@hotmail.com