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ServiCuenca, home-cleaning and repair

I had a few issues with my toilet and the shower drain in my bathroom, and I received ServiCuenca's contact info through a close friend that had used their services before. Mr. Richard Totoy and Felix Piltras were the 2 representatives that were on site for the duration of the project. They were very prompt, efficient and completed the work in about 3 hours’ time, which included changing the entire toilet as the old one had reached the peak of its lifespan. I am very happy with the work and they speak perfect English, so communication was never an issue. ServiCuenca is an excellent resource for professional home cleaning and repair. They are still developing the agency site, but you can email them your inquiries and they will respond immediately.

Address: Avenida Gonzales Suarez 8-58

Contact information: info@servicuenca.com

Recommended by Richard Totoy