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Dr. Esteban Vintimilla, neuropediatrician

My wife and arrived in Cuenca on September 14, 2016, along with out 2-year-old granddaughter Hannah. She will be 3 in December. Early on, someone sent us the link to a great medical resource


One of the specialties not covered was Pediatrics. No great surprise since not a lot of expats show up with children or grandchildren, although I suspect more will make it here every day.

We found a great pediatrician and i wanted to share the information for, Dr. Esteban Vintimilla. Lots of phone numbers but no email or website. Dr. Vintimilla is not just a pediatrician. He is a neuropediatrician. In addition to his amazing credentials - he studied in Paris - he spends about 30 to 45 minutes with Hannah even though it's nothing more than a cold. To be honest, I suspect Hannah is getting the best medical treatment of her young life.

Dr. Esteban Vintimilla Jaramillo
Office: 07 283 1461 or 07 283 0541
Citas 07 282 0233
Hospital: 07 282 7888
Home: 07 284 2213
Cell: 099 974 5470

Address: Santa Inez Hospital, Cuenca - Ecuador.

Recommended by Steve Feuerbacher: 095 927 9374