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Marwinth Mata Marcano, custom metal work

This Cuencan is an artisan treasure. I absolutely recommend to everyone the superior metal work of Marwinth Mata Marcano. Welded sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, Marwinth is a superior steel and sheet metal guy who makes custom-designed and welded gates, fences, artwork, avant-garde furniture - and many other special metal items. A true craftsman in Cuenca.

He repaired a defective Ecuadorian swiveling office chair for me with some very intelligent welding work, steel plates, etc., so it works like new. I went to his small shop on upper Borrero to see his other work. His shop is called Konceptos Metal Art & Design.

If you’re a big fan of barbecue and smoked meats (who isn’t?) Marwinth makes larger barrel-type meat smokers/cookers - for well under $200. They look great, are ready for use, just load your firewood, hang or rack your meats and smoke/cook away. Yum. He also makes grills and cookers for propane gas and wood-fired cooking, large, small and in-between.

So I ordered myself a neat custom-designed charcoal grill with a stand for my small deck here. Ready in a couple of days, it looks beautiful and works perfectly. My burgers are hands-down still the best burgers below the equator. Chops, steaks and ribs, too. I am the best least-appreciated chef in Cuenca. And I got a great price on the grill. Marwinth's work is much higher quality than anything available at Kywi or elsewhere. I shopped and compared. Marwinth can make anything - and he works fast, too. No extended waiting for his finished work - and the quality will simply bowl you over.

Give him a call or an email so you can stop by his shop and meet him. He speaks English and Spanish, can handle absolutely any request, and you will especially like his prices compared to mass-produced store-bought.

Don’t miss out on this guy, one of Cuenca’s artisan treasures, and maybe get yourself the grill or cooker of your dreams before the weather gets really warm again. Gorgeous, well-made custom work you can afford.

Contact: Marwinth Mata Marcano, Konceptos Metal Art & Design

Shop: 15-95 Presidente Borrero, Cuenca

Address: Contact: Marwinth Marcano, Konceptos Metal Design email: marwinthmata2@gmail.com 593 99 871 0797

Recommended by Eduardo Rueda:  speccman@outlook.com