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Dr. Santiago Romo, medical doctor, orthopedist

I highly recommend Dr. Santiago Romo to my fellow expats for evaluation and treatment of any orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. The doctor recently established his practice in Cuenca after practicing in Quito where he was employed by the US Government, Peace Corps. After experiencing the sudden onset of disabling hip pain, I emailed Dr. Romo. He responded very quickly by telephone, assessed my symptoms and emailed a prescription for an x-ray. Then he visited my home read the x-ray, conducted an examination and reached a diagnosis. Because I was having difficulty walking, he drove my wife to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and drove her back to our home. Talk about exceeding expectations. Following his advice, I found myself pain-free within 24 hours. I offer my highest recommendation for Dr. Santiago Romo.

He speaks English fluently. 100%.

Contact information: santiagoromo@gmail.com 098 027 2399

Recommended by Jack Paine: 098 422 5933 jackincuenca@outlook.com

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