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Dr. Anthony Guillén, general doctor

I became sick with appendicitis. I wrote at 8:30 AM asking to see him and he gave me an appointment at 9:30. He immediately thought it looked like appendicitis and sent me to the radiologist right away for an ultrasound to confirm. The radiologist confirmed and Dr. Guillén asked what I wanted, the nicest facility or the best surgeon. Of course I replied, the best surgeon. He immediately called the best surgeon he knew and had me scheduled for a surgery. It was my first surgery and I was nervous and do not speak fluent Spanish so Dr. Guillén took me and my family to the clinic. Not only did he talk with everyone for me he stayed with me through the entire surgery telling me what was happening all along the way. It made me feel very safe and cared for. I highly recommend him as a doctor.

Address: Remigio Crespo and Las Americas

Contact information:  099 539 8105

Recommended by Marie Chelya:  enjoylife3@mail.com

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