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Dr. J. Fernando Vega, dentistry

My experience with Dr. Juan Fernando Vega R. was nothing but exceptional in every way.

I had been to multiple dentists in Cuenca, all giving me an extensive (=expensive) treatment plan... until I, by chance, ended up with Dr. Fernando. After a very thorough examination - even calling in a second opinion to make me feel really comfortable - he gave me a completely different diagnosis, than any of the others (including dentists in the US).

According to Dr. Fernando, I did not need as drastic a treatment (and expensive) as had been proposed by many. My own teeth could be saved - at a much lesser cost, as well as with less invasive treatment.

I recommend Dr. Fernando for any dental treatment, without hesitation. He did a fantastic job on me, at the most reasonable price I could find in Cuenca... and I did my research thoroughly.

The same goes for root canal specialist, Dra Daniela Rosales.

Address: Aurelio Aguilar 1-59 y Av. Solano

Contact information:  099 218 0227

Recommended by Eva Charlotte Larsson Ruiz:  evachar@ymail.com

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