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Daniel Mocha, car registrations

Daniel walked me thru this somewhat cumbersome process. Here are the steps: First stop is one of the banks that will accept payment of the transfer tax and then the licensing fee for the upcoming year. You would also pay any outstanding fines accrued to the vehicle (plates stay with the vehicle for life). Daniel then does an assessment of the required materials for the vehicle (includes flashlight, fire extinguisher, tool set, first aid kit, safety triangles, etc.). Anything missing and he goes with you to Corral to obtain them. Now on to EMOV, where the car gets inspected for stuff above and they do a functionality inspection (lights working, brakes, tires, shocks, emissions, etc.) any defects need to be repaired. Simultaneously, you are processing the matricula (title) transfer and paying the local tax (United Cooks association. No, I have no idea why it’s called that). You shuttle back and forth between three different windows. Daniel knows the staff and best times to go. I was glad to let them test his patience and not mine. Highly recommended for your mental well-being and confidence you're not being singled out or taken advantage of. Daniel will price a la carte if you wish to handle some of this on your own. His English is very good as well. We've known him and his family for over a year now.

Address: Avenida Ricardo Duran

Contact information: dimm98@hotmail.com 098 176 7735

Recommended by Doug Cutler:  dcutler@mundaca.com

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