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Segundo Prado, electric appliance repairs

I had three small appliances that I was about to toss out, but I'm thinking there's always the possibility they could be repaired, so when I saw the recommendation for Segundo I called him.

He was very punctual. That was the first pleasant surprise, a lovely guy, speaks good English and very helpful and explicit with his diagnosis of every appliance.

Two of the appliances were not repairable but I expected that and they were easily replaced. The third one however, a grill plate, he did a miracle with. He replaced the burnt out electrical thingy and it's been working ever since.

Another surprise, his charge was so minimal I felt guilty....what a pleasant change.

I can definitely recommend Segundo, don't throw anything away until you ask him first.

Address: Carlos Arizaga Vega

Contact information: cheguprado@gmail.com 098 446 3480

Recommended by Jane Hunt:  laureles108@protonmail.com

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