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Maria Martinez, insurance- medical, auto

I am pleased to give a very positive recommendation for Maria Martinez, sale representative for medical and auto insurance.

We enjoyed working with this professional, caring, young woman. We purchased our medical insurance from her several months ago as we prepared for getting our residency visas. Recently she also helped us with selecting a good policy for insuring our vehicle. She is very patient and knowledgeable in explaining the policies so was an excellent help.

An additional benefit of working with Maria is that she also helped me with some of the steps during the process to obtain my Ecuadorian driver’s license. She was on time for our meetings and helped with translation as needed. Her friendly, gentle manner is a constant as she maneuvers through paperwork and the ever changing requirements that must be followed.

Please consider contacting Maria Martinez for any insurance questions or needs.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: ingmariafmartinez@gmail.com Maria Martinez  097 923 4353

Recommended by Teresa Zalot:  zalot1193@gmail.com

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