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Expat Medical Advocacy, support service

Do you have nagging medical problems that have gone unaddressed? Maybe it because the medical processes in Ecuador can be challenging to navigate. Or maybe your language skills don't include medical terminology? Or maybe you are just plain intimidated by any sort of medical process?

My husband and I did okay getting appointments, etc. with IESS until some of the test results were not as clear as we had hoped. I hired Expat Medical Advocates to help me get the follow-up tests completed on a timely basis and to understand the recommendations of referring doctors. After many appointments/tests/follow-up tasks, I have finally reached healthy outcome.

I could not have done this without the help of Expat Medical Advocates. I would have given up after the first few appointments and then worried constantly if I had a serious illness. Or I would have paid out of pocket in the US and incurred a ridiculous medical debt. Expat Medical Advocates scheduled and attended all appointments and tests with me. They made sure my costs were low yet top quality. And they honestly cared about me.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: services.ema2018@gmail.com 096 951 4723

Recommended by Sarah Turosak: sturosak@gmail.com

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