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Osaka Ramen, sushi and ramen restaurant

If you are a sushi fan and have been disappointed by the quality of rice in most of the sushi restaurants, well you are in luck. Osaka Ramen is the real deal. The rice is Japanese, cooked to perfection. And the Ramen dishes are also top of the line.
For Starters we had Lumpia Shanghai, like an egg roll, freshly made and fried perfectly, as were the pot stickers.
Each Sushi is individually prepared. The chef came out and explained all the ingredients in each sushi roll. They also serve Teriyaki Grill if you like more cooked dishes. For Ramen they offer Ramen an a Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup, as well as a noodle stir fry.

The chef and his wife both cook and are very hospitable. Hours 11:30 AM - 9:30 PM.

Address: Located on the East side of the San Sebastian Plaza, between Sucre and Simon Bolivar.

Contact information: raymondhuntley6363@gmail.com 096 881 5465

Recommended by Julia Rux:  juliaecuador260@gmail.com

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