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Salome Rosales Leon, bilingual facilitator

Need help transitioning into your new life in Cuenca? Do you need a translator, or a date night? Whether it’s Christmas shopping, mindfulness therapy, or clutch babysitting, you should call Salome Rosales. She’s amazing, a native Venezuelan and also speaks/writes fluent English and can help you with pretty much anything you can think of. She’s a licensed psychologist by trade, and makes life in Cuenca so much better. Her rate is $7 per hour, and her services include:

-Home/Elderly Care
-Mindfulness Therapy
-Clutch Babysitting

If you’re new to town, or simply just need help with any of the above or navigating life in Cuenca in general, please reach out to her. She’s quick to get back to you and one of the most patient and kind people we’ve ever met. Salome has helped, and continues to help our family with so much. We moved to Cuenca in August and we would be dead in the water without her. You won’t regret having her help.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: Salome.rl@gmail.com 097 903 6899

Recommended by Larenn Gotfried:  larenn.gotfried@gmail.com

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