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Sinfonia- coffee shop, restaurant

Finally a place to visit for high quality coffee lovers and enthusiasts. After one sip, I knew this was no ordinary coffee. I've been to all the local spots deemed as favorites and have been reasonably satisfied until my visit to Sinfonia. There they have mastered roasting and extraction of carefully selected coffee beans to perfection. Uniquely added to the menu is the coffee milkshake. Its rich, creamy smooth taste is refreshing on a warm day. Today, I had the homemade cheesecake with my coffee. It was the first one to satisfy my taste since I moved to Cuenca a year ago. Just the right texture, tartness, sweetness on a perfect crust. Diego is a perfect host. Attentive to your every need and always open to new ideas to create a better experience. This place is a true hidden gem directly behind the Parque de la Madre.

Address: Frederico Malo 1-265 y Florencia Astudillo

Contact information: 099 891 9222

Recommended by Rob Lumpkin:  rlumpjr@hotmail.com

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