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Ana Loja, cleaning lady

Helllo All: I read a recommendation for Ana Loya on GP from a woman who used her house cleaning services for three years. I am very glad that I contacted her. Ana has been my housekeeper for several months. I recommended her to other friends and they are delighted.

Not only is she a super cleaner, she also assists older people like a nurse’s aid. She is kind, gentle, punctual, reliable, and completely honest. 5 stars.

I know right now she has 2 free days open.

Depending on distance and time she asks $20 for 4 hours and $40 for a whole day with food.

We clean my 3-bedroom condo together and it takes us just 4 hours weekly. She understands some English words and phrases. Native to Cuenca.

Text her on WhatsApp and she can respond in the evenings. You will be delighted when she is dusting the floor boards and cleaning the tiles with a toothbrush unasked.

The other day she made my pearl necklace and earrings a design for a stuffed animal which was extra cute. Last month, as a test, I left cash and coins out and she organized then according to denomination and laid them on my desk so that I found it easily. Nothing missing.

What a find and such a wonderful blessing in my life.

Address: Cuenca and surrounding areas

Contact information:  +593 98 090 2755 WhatsApp

Recommended by Garnett Stewart: +593 96 080 0061 WhatsApp garnettstewart@gmail.com

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