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Gladys Delgado, home care/ personal assistant

My Mother retired in Cuenca in 2014, at the time, she was recovering from breast cancer which unfortunately metastasized to her skull and spine before she realized it. For the first two years she tried to cure herself holistically which slowed the progress of the disease. Gladys came to us as a house keeper and personal assistant shortly after my Mother moved to Cuenca. She was always reliable and performed her duties to the best of her ability. When my Mother's disease started to cause pain and disability Gladys was right there, she took care of everything my Mom wanted (not an easy task) my Mother was getting progressively irritated with life and in a nasty mood much of the time. Gladys tolerated all of it and with loving care. She is trustworthy with money and selflessly motivated by empathy, Gladys is a special person who you can be assured will be there for you or your loved one when you need her. My Mom was always happy to see her and depended on her heavily to feed, bath, change her diapers, pay the bills, do the groceries, cook, do laundry and even wash the dog. It was a great comfort to me because I live in the US and was unable to quickly respond to any of Mom's needs but Gladys was there by her side and to the very bitter end. Gladys is a Saint whom you would be lucky to have in your life. Truly one of the best Cuenca has to offer.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  095 940 7107

Recommended by Carl Revine:  crevine1@gmail.com

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