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Relocation Services of Ecuador

Review for Relocation Servicers of Ecuador. Container service import/exporting your goods.

Let me start by saying that this was a huge move for my wife, my two dogs and me going to Ecuador. I have successfully moved all over the East Coast of the US, but never out of the country and dealing with customs. That being said, I placed my furnishing and trust to Paul Winches and Nathaly of Relocation Services of Ecuador. I will list the reasons below, but first I would like to express how well they commutated and made both Alison and me feel well taken care of and left all the worrying to them on getting my items though safely through customs.

Let me say that this journey was exciting and scary at the same time, but we are very pleased we are here now. From the very beginning, Paul and Nataly ensured me that if I take the inventory list (in an Excel spread sheet) as written by the sample that they supplied, all will go well though customs.

We drove down to the Port to receive and watch Customs do the inventory of our container. The ship that the container was on took a little less than 1 month to arrive. It was an exciting time as our furnishings have been in storage for over 6 months. I have to say that all went well and Customs returned our items in the container that was now scheduled to Cuenca and our new home.

The movers that Paul has are very strong and respectful with our belongings and I was very impressed with the crew. Nothing broken. And they worked extremely hard to unload the 40’ container. I had Ham Radio equipment in the container and had no problem with my gear and assortment of antennas.

Items that impressed me of Paul’s service:

1. Excellent Communications. If Paul couldn’t call me back Nathaly would
2. The price they quoted was the price I paid, no surprising up charges
3. I felt I was the only one they were taking care of. Excellent customer service
4. Service is as good or better that you would expect in the States.
You can call me for more details. You will not be disappointed.
David and Alison Sturm 099 503 0770

Address: Acropolis, 201, Segundo, Avenida Jose Peralta 4-138, Cuenca 010204

Contact information: paulw@relocationservicesofecuador.net 593 98 721 3242 Ecuador 305 647 3237 USA phone

Recommended by David and Alison Sturm: 099 503 0770

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