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7 Bakery, coffee/restaurant/bakery

I am pleased to announce that 7 Bakery is now open at their new location on Benigno Malo 4-64 and I highly recommend a visit next time you find yourself in the vicinity.

Where else in town can you find excellent coffee or a freshly squeezed juice coupled with a doughnut (great variety of flavors), muffin (my favorite is Apple/Cinnamon) or a blueberry scone at 8 in the morning or any time of day. Oh yes, and there are cinnamon rolls.

They also serve breakfast croissants, bagels and pancakes for breakfast, and a variety of sandwiches and burgers throughout the day.

They have a pleasant, bright dining room in the back away from the traffic on the street.
Please welcome 7 Bakery to El Centro.

Address: Benigno Malo 4-64 y Calle Larga, Monday - Saturday, opens at 8 AM

Contact information:  096 772 7777

Recommended by JoAnne Jackson:  joixjac@gmail.com

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