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Carnales Mexican Grill, Mexican restaurant

I just discovered this nice little Mexican restaurant near the cemetery on Gonzalez Suarez. One evening I just didn't feel like cooking anything, and since they are just a few blocks from me, I decided to try them out so I invited my roommate to tag along. The place is still being decorated as it just opened 3 months ago, but the food is amazingly good. They have this pork belly taco that is to die for. They also offer barbacoa and carne asada tacos and burritos. We liked the place so much that we went there the next evening and had the burritos this time. Christopher is the chef, originally from Ohio but of Mexican-Italian descent. They are my go to place now whenever I have an urge for Mexican food, which is almost always.

Address: Gonzalez Suarez and Juan de Velasco

Contact information:  098 434 8665

Recommended by Darlene Meyers:  d.meyers.cali62@gmail.com

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