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Cristian Abad Dental Center, dentist

Nobody likes going to the dentist, right? If you've had dental work like crowns or veneers done in Cuenca you know the drill (no pun intended)--multiple time-consuming visits that make the ordeal even worse.

Forget about all that when you enter the ultra-modern, sparkling clean offices of the Cristian Abad Dental Center. Dr. Abad, who speaks fluent English and is a professor at the University of Cuenca's Department of Dentistry, has on site the technology, equipment, and staff to quickly design and create your finished product. That means you could go in for a morning appointment (easily scheduled on Facebook) to evaluate your needs and do the necessary prep work, then return in the afternoon that same day to complete the procedure. Wow.

You would expect to pay top dollar for this kind of "white glove" service, but because there is no middle man Dr. Abad's fees are extremely reasonable. We have both had work done by him and are extremely pleased with everything about the experience. He and his staff are kind, caring, and gentle. Cristian Abad Dental Center has our highest recommendation.

Address: Monte Sinai Hospital Suite 617

Contact information:  099 272 8358

Recommended by Edd and Cynthia Staton:  eddstaton@gmail.com

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