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Great Mexican food, Carnales Mexican Grill

Yesterday, I ate at a great new Mexican Restaurant called Carnales. Carnales has yummy tacos for $1 and $1.50. I had 2 delicious vegetarian tacos for the grand total of $2.

Carnales Mexican Grill is located near the municipal cemetery on Gonzalez Suarez 8-58 on the same side of the street as the cemetery. They are closed Sunday and Monday and are open 5 to 10 PM Tuesday through Saturday.

At the moment, they serve beer and wine, tacos and burritos with chicken, pork and beef, or veggies.

They tell me they are working on a fish taco, too.

Address: Gonzalez Suarez 8-58

Contact information:  07 280 4493

Recommended by Anna Rayne Levi: 095 901 2329

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