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Hello, Restaurant/Mirador at Turi, Coffee Shop/Mirador

Hello is festive... fun ... friendly - with a view of the entire city spread out below you. We've discovered a shiny new venue (almost) atop the steps at Turi. Great food and super friendly staff - Julio Cesar and Bruno - guaranteed to warm your heart on the chilliest September morning. Jaffe and I have new training routine: a lengthy hike along the Yanuncay to Tres Puentes followed by huffing and puffing up and down the steps a couple of times before delighting in one of the inspiring views and tastiest breakfast experiences in town. There are tigrillo, quimbolitos, super-good chicken or pork sausages, humitas, tamales. Also, great all day/evening snacking, superb coffee and craft beer, too. Neither fancy nor high priced.... it's become the 'high point' of our mornings. Open till 9 PM... Definitely worth a visit any time of day. You don't even have to climb to get there. Drive, cab or catch a bus... descend ten steps and you've arrived. Don't forget: when in Turi, drop by and say "Hello"

Address: Top of the steps at Turi

Contact information: info@helloturi.com

Recommended by Jeff Salz:  jeff@jeffsalz.com

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