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Recommendation for Light Touch, red and infra-red therapy

Recommending Light Touch Therapy. Contending with some of the inconveniences of arthritic challenges can at times be frustrating. Not only is the pain uncomfortable but one adjusts the body to compensate for the pain that often creates stress elsewhere. Red Light Therapy has not eliminated my arthritic issues, but it has contributed to the reduction of inflammation and muscle health that allows for comfortable mobility and reduced pain. A practice of once a week one-hour therapy has benefited me. The Red Light Therapy in Cuenca is “Light Touch”.

Address: Edificio Dali #4, Calle Miguel Morocho y Gran Columbia.
Contact: Martyn Luberti, 096 728 8184. Email: mluberti@yahoo.com

Recommended by Umbero Ballone: 098 757 6234 uballone7@gmail.com

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