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Recommendation for Mr. Smith - interior design

We got Smithed.

Like most expats moving to Cuenca, whether they bring two suit cases or two containers (like us), we hoped to create a new home, one that would surround us with favorite things, arranged to comfort us and welcome guests.

When we left Virginia in 2013, we sold most of our “stuff”. But over the past twenty years we had collected special art, books and custom furniture that became integral to our lives. So, we sucked it up, and shipped them down to this lovely two-story penthouse condo we had purchased in Cuenca.

Goobers that we are, we thought we had done a fine job of artfully arranging said possessions. Until we got Smithed!

It all started when we casually mentioned to this guy Smith that there was one piece of heirloom furniture we just couldn’t seem to place anywhere. He said, “Are you sure? Let me take a look.” Thank goodness we said, “OK.”

Over the next week or so, virtually every piece of our art was moved along with most of the furniture on the first floor. In some cases the moves were major. In others, a matter of inches (governed by his trusty tape measure).

The results were extraordinary. Not only did our heirloom find a perfect featured spot at the top of our stairs, our artwork was beautifully showcased, and the traffic flow through our living/dining area was suddenly free and organic. The study/guest bedroom on our lower floor had been cramped and stuffy. Now it was open, bright and inviting.

So, who is this guy Smith, and where can you find him? He’s a 25-year veteran in the interior design business whose work, known as “functional still life’s”, is delighting clients in Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Palos Verdes, Scottsdale and Milwaukee.

These days he lives in Cuenca and is a team member at Ecuador Interiors (http://ecuadoratyourservice.com/ecuador-interiors/) His phone is 098 961 2032.

He’s amazing. We’ve put some pictures of the results at our place on Facebook http://bit.do/e6oeD Check it out.

Address: Ecuador Interiors

Contact information:  098 961 2032

Recommended by Ray and Linda Lewis: 099 514 8449

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