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VIP Home Health Care, home health care/therapy

I have responded to other posts but have not written my own personal recommendation. I have used Poulin/Pauline and the team at VIP Home Health Care every week for more than a year (Physical Therapy/Balance, Elder Care). The professionalism and care of this home healthcare team is unparalleled. They give our family comfort that in the event of any medical emergency and/or post surgery care, they will work hand in hand with our Dr. so we may be treated in the comfort of our own home. The team has also served as in-house, overnight support for our senior while we travel.
Since working with Pauline every week in physical therapy, the improvement in my knees and mobility (bone on bone) has been dramatic and enabled me to thus far avoid surgery. Likewise, my 84-year old sister has experienced greater mobility and balance.

Our Family depends on VIP Home Health Care. Hope this is helpful to you now or when the medical need arises.

Address: Victor Manuel Albornoz 4-97 y los Cedros.

Contact information: info@vipcuenca.com 098 329 8243

Recommended by Rosemary Rein:  reinrosemary@gmail.com

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